Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama Walkthrough Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama Walkthrough Guide


Adachi is back! He'll explain to you why he's stubborn about bringing down the commissioner, who he says is corrupt, and then join the group again. Cross the bridge, to witness a scene worthy of the greatest jrpgs: Adachi will remove a bat stuck in the ground, like King Arthur with Excalibur. The thugs will then come and try to extort money from you, which will allow you to test your new class, the hero . When you arrive in front of Hello Work , you will be taken to task by 3 people who have been put behind bars by Adachi. This fight will be the opportunity for you to have a tutorial on the Auto Combat mode of the game. Then enter Hello Work. The director of the agency will offer you a job. Go to the place indicated on the map

SUBSTORIE # 02 Who’s That Sujimon

Arriving at the place indicated on the map, you will meet a rather bizarre man named "Degenerate". He is almost naked under his coat, and you will have no choice but to fight him. Once the fight is over, a mysterious man, Master Sujimon will come to you and "analyze" the degenerate. He invites you to follow him to his laboratory. He will then explain to you that he wishes to analyze the "humanoid monsters", the Sujimon, who do evil around them. He will then add an application on your smartphone, the Sujidex , then to test it, you will offer to choose between a Sujimonred, blue, or green (We begin to understand the nod to a certain series of games ...). Choose the one you want, you will have to take care of all 3 at the same time in all cases. Once finished, you will then be able to access the Sujidex , which will allow you to see weak points, items, and the location of Sujimon already faced.


Go to the location marked on your map. Speak with the director, and, despite the reluctance of your teammates, Ichiban will accept the post. However, you are quickly interrupted by the anti-prostitution protesters from Bleach Japan. After a discussion with them, the director of Otohime Land asks you to investigate his best daughter, Nanoha, who is increasingly absent.


Set off for Café Pocket , to try and find Nanoha. You will see her sitting at a table with a man through the window. You can then listen to their conversation. Including an amount of 2,000,000 yen that the latter must pay. After she leaves, you will be taken to task by menacing men . Once defeated, you will unfortunately have lost sight of Nanoha, so Ichiban will decide to follow the man she was chatting with. He will go to the nursing home where Nanoha's father is, but you will not be able to enter. Go back to Otohime Land


A SUBSTORIE can be found not far from where you are, and it allows you to unlock an in-game activity that improves your stats

SUBSTORIE # 05 -A Trip to Pound Town

This mandatory SUBSTORIES will start when you return near Otohime Land . A man will give you a flyer, which talks about a free session with what Adachi thinks is a girl who charges for certain things. So he calls the number on the flyer, and... that's not really it. A muscular man arrives, and offers his services for free. A fight begins against passers-by who came to confuse you. And you will then discover, and be able to use, the game's Acolyte invocation system . For a fee, they will come to help you by doing damage, by healing you, etc... There are several to unlock in the game. game, most can be found in some SUBSTORIES.


A SUBSTORIE can be found right next to Otohime Land . This will allow you to add an acolyte to your list, in addition to earning 20,000 yen at the end of the fight.


After a chat at L'Otohime Land , you'll realize that Nanoha is probably getting ripped off by Sunlight Castle , who is taking care of her father, and that she is arguably the target of blackmail. So you are going to try to infiltrate there by asking for a job. Go back to Hello Work , the manager will do the necessary to find you jobs there. Once infiltrated, Ichiban will begin to understand that the famous "room of excellence" of this retirement establishment may not be so rosy ...

The next morning, you will learn from Nanba that the woman Ichiban saw entering the Hall of Excellence is dead. And the manager will recognize 2 Yakuza on one of the photos of "Sunlight Castle". It becomes clear to the team that this establishment is killing the elderly and continues to pocket pensions / payments by not reporting deaths.


When you leave, Adachi offers you a little karaoke evening to unwind. It is located in the far north-west, in the bar district . You can then access it whenever you want, and listen to CDs that you will find everywhere. A CD of Koi no DISCO QUEEN is also near the piano.

Then talk to Adachi, who has a heart-shaped icon above his head. By dint of eating and fighting with your companions, your friendship gauge with the latter increases. Once she reaches a certain level, you'll need to talk to her here at Survive Bar to start a special side quest called Glass of Friendship. This is in fact a discussion with the companion in question, who will ask you for advice. Depending on your answer, you will improve a particular statistic.

Here are the answers and improved stats as per your choice on this Glass of Friendship with Adachi :

  • I prefer to do this myself-Passion +20
  • Yeah, but I would be frank, if you were-Self-confidence +20
  • A good drink is worth a small debt.-Kindness +20


The next day, set off for Sunlight Castle . You will save Nanoha's father , who was about to be killed, at the last minute. Eliminate the guards who come to try to stop you, then Yamato Totsuka and his men. The fight against him is nothing too complicated, kill his sidekicks, then focus on him. After the fight, Ichiban will decide to meet the president of the Seiryu clan to deal with the situation. We advise you to stock up on care, and equipment if necessary. For equipment, a store is a block from here. Once ready, enter the Clan HQ.


After eliminating those who were waiting for you, the electricity will be cut and the doors closed ... except the one at the bottom left. By trying to open it, henchmen will come and try to finish you off. Luckily, Ichiban has more than one trick up his sleeve, and you'll get away with not hitting a single blow. Once in the courtyard, exit through the door to face other henchmen again. Remember to open the chest in the room to get a Helmet.

Exit this room, and open the door on the left to retrieve a first aid kit on the shelves. Exit and continue straight on to take the stairs. Once at the top of the steps, go through the door and fight the henchmen who are waiting for you. Then pick up the briefcase in the corner containing a Tauriner , and exit the room through the other door. Once you reach the next room, you will have to fight against Kasayama . Nothing exceptional in this fight, except that it will be necessary to either kill him in one turn or to parry when he uses his Superhuman Effort . Once dead, pick up the Toughness Light from the shelves, and open the chest for a Work Suit.

Leave the room to witness an incredible proof of friendship. Use the recovery point and open the door to start another fight. Don't forget the restorative medicine on the right then exit the room. Enter the place indicated on your map, noting the location of the closed door in front of which you have just passed to fight against Kikugawa , who will drop you the key of the Seiryu clan at the end of the fight. Take the other door to get into a room with a Mysterious Stone on the floor , and a Rusty Chain Mailin the silver chest. Then go back and return to the hallway with the door closed. Open it with the key.

Pick up the Grenade on the shelf, open the Chest to collect Safety Shoes, and examine the Map on the table. Return to the location indicated on the map to find a secret passage. Don't go up the ladder, instead use the one that goes down, to pick up a Staminan Light and a Jacket from the silver chest. Go up and take the other ladder. In the new room, pick up the Tauriner on the desk, then open the silver chest to get a Ring of Vitality.

Exit through the door to the north and continue. You will then arrive in a rest room. Recover your life points, don't forget to pick up the objects between the beds, and get out. Before going into the middle corridor, go left to pick up a Mysterious Carrot . Go through the big door in the center to start a boss fight.


You are now facing the bosses of chapter 4. Start by targeting Aida , because he can heal his teammates, but also because he is sensitive to physical damage, which means that you will finish him off rather quickly.

Then go to Kikugawa , on which you will use Nanba's Flame Vomit to finish it off quickly, as well as his Putrid Breath to lower his defense.

Finally, kill Kasayama with the Putrid Breath and your strongest attacks.

Once the fight is over, a chat with Ryuhei Hoshino , the patriarch of the Seiryu clan, will let you understand that he himself was not aware of what was going on there. Once out, chat with Nanoha in front of the retirement home. You will then have confirmation that she was being ripped off. Luckily, the Patriarch of the Seiryu clan ordered his lieutenant to return his money, and to accommodate his father as long as possible. Return to Otohime Land , and that will be the end of the chapter.

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