Yakuza: Like a Dragon - company management guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - company management guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon introduces players to a challenging but rewarding money-making mini-game. In this guide, we'll show you how to use your assets to maximize your income.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon "Running a company like a dragon"

During Chapter 5, you will meet Kamataki Eri outside Otohime Land. Ichiban always seems to be in the red. Ichiban decides to help Eri and hopes to one day be at the top of the corporate world.

Company management mini-game

You can find Ichiban Patisserie at the southern end of the diner overlooking the main road. This is a senbei shop and will be empty until you meet Eri. You will then gain access to the second floor where the office is located.

Just talk to Eri to get started.

How do I play?

The concept is pretty simple, but the game isn't as straightforward as one might expect. You will have to buy real estate, improve it and sell it at a profit.

You can find employees in a variety of ways.

  • Find potential employees on the street;
  • Purchase from sub-parts;
  • Eri can also find them during her cycle.

Place them on real estate objects to match the required parameters and get a high profit.

Ichiban will profit from the manager if he wins the AGM, and this amount will be added to your kopeck of money outside the game.

What is a cycle?

Make sure you review the sales report four times before meeting.

It is unmissable and you will have to spend a few minutes to complete them all. Speed ​​up any unnecessary scenes by pressing L2.

Use the traits of your employees to defend your position at the General Meeting of Shareholders and make complaints about the current state of the company.

If you end the meeting with high approval, Ichiban will increase his management earnings and boost the company's rating.

Managing your employees

Try not to buy more employees than you can handle at your current level. The amount of money you can borrow depends on your current rank.

You will be offered many opportunities to invest in real estate or to host a commercial listing.

However, you don't have to accept every offer, CM offers will increase your sales throughout the cycle.

Employee information

  • Rarity is determined by the fact that N is the lowest and R, SR, SSR and UR are the highest;
  • 5 is the initial level limit, which can be increased to 30;
  • Management counters include goods (gift box), services (heart), popularity (medal);
  • General meeting statistics include “Persuasiveness”, “Will to Fight”, “Speech Cost”;
  • Employee happiness is determined by green (the happiest), followed by orange, white, red and purple - the worst mood;
  • Each worker has a different salary depending on his skills.

Caring for employees

  • Check your employees by going to Human Resources and then to the Employee List;
  • You will find it under the employee's information card; Nursing, training, promotion and termination;
  • An employee's happiness can be influenced by training, promotions and firing.

General Meeting of Shareholders

After 4 rounds of sales reports, you will need to hold a general meeting. At this meeting, different shareholders face each other.

When building your deck of four, make sure you have high persuasiveness and low speech cost.

After initially explaining the meeting, you will have three menu options. You can start, change deck, or exit.

  • There are several things to keep in mind during the meeting :;
  • Red is better than green, green is better than blue, and blue is better than red;
  • Your approval will start at 50%. Victory over shareholders will bring it to 100%;
  • For employees: the hexagon is the cost of speech, the scale is the will to fight (health), and below you can find Persuasiveness (attack power);
  • The low cost of speaking is useful as it will help you refute the shareholder multiple times. You will have a total of 100 points available, which will also slowly replenish;
  • Watch the timer;
  • You can use Ichibana's three levels of apology to restore your will to fight and your speech scale. The only setback is that your shareholder will have to do a little damage.

Fight against shareholder

Select a shareholder from the composition. There is a possibility that their complaint may differ from the color of the symbol.

Pick an employee of the color that trumps the complaint before the bubble fills.

You have a choice: choose the color that beats their bubble, or the one that matches their symbol.

Once you satisfy them, they will sit down and hearts will jump out of their heads.

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