Yakuza: Like a Dragon: How to get Eri Kamataki?

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: How to get Eri Kamataki?

Yakuza: Like a Dragon , with this episode, has succeeded perfectly in its JRPG turn. Until offering, like many games of the genre, an optional character that you can easily miss if you do not try to complete all the content offered by the game. As part of our guide to Yakuza: Like a Dragon , we will explain to you how to get Eri Katamaki to join your group


You're going to have to get to chapter 5, to a point where the business management game will be available. Eri Katamaki will be the one who will teach you the ropes, and incidentally the person in charge.

How to  get Eri Kamataki?

To unlock it, you will have to reach the top 100 in the ranking of companies. So you are going to have to understand and play this management mini-game a bit to be able to play with it. We will explain how to get there easily:

  • Start by completing Substories # 18 - Home Run Heroism , available from Chapter 5. As a reward, Hanamaya will then be recruitable by your company, and he will make things easier for you.
  • Then start the management game, and buy the Mahjong Club Ling as soon as possible, and put Hanamaya in it
  • Do a few rounds of activity, until the Shareholders' Meeting . When doing this, use Omelette , Hanamaya and Kamataki to cover the 3 attributes.
  • Use the funds you earn to improve your Ichiban Confections property
  • Repeat the last two steps until you reach top 100.
  • You will then have an appointment with Eri at the Survive Bar . At the end of this meeting, she will join your team.

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