Assassin's Creed Valhalla is probably the greatest Assassin's Creed that has ever existed - at least in terms of size and playtime. It is impossible to see everything there, especially not the many secrets, Easter eggs, allusions and many a detail that you have to look very carefully at. We promise: Of these 10 things about Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you probably haven't seen all of them.

10: The funny world of animals

Have you ever tried petting a cat in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Then do it, and your heart will do somersaults with delight. You can even recruit a cat for your ship's crew : To do this, you have to complete the world event "Freyja's friend" in East-Engla. The cat then makes itself comfortable on the bow of your boat. You have probably noticed that dogs often relieve their bladders. But have you also noticed that soldiers do the same now and then and shamelessly pee off cliffs or castle walls ? Take a close look at the pig in your settlement and you will notice that it is tattooedis. In rare cases, you will find a wolf in the forest that has fallen victim to a bear trap . If you free him from this, he will become tame and from now on not only follows you, but even supports you in the fight.

9: kill bosses with a hit and story-relevant characters

Speaking of animals: The legendary beasts are one of the bigger challenges in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But did you also know that you can defeat numerous bosses in the game with a single blow ? With the legendary animals, this usually works by approaching from above and then performing a fall attack using a Quicktime event. Even some human bosses can be defeated with a single attack if you use the hidden blade of the assassins.

Also interesting: Some story relevant supporting characters fall into the Open World kill . No key figures, of course, but no nameless NPCs either. The game even reacts to it in the cutscenes: For example, if you kill your dubious Viking ally Tonna prematurely as part of the “Saga of the Kingmaker”, the briefing before the siege of Legracaester will be different: Ivar expresses the concern that Tonna will become Could become a problem. If this is still alive, Sigurd assures him that he will take care of it. If you have already killed her before, he replies instead that you would only meet her again in Helheim.

 8: Present: Corona, The Last of Us and Bloodborne

As is well known, the framework plot of Assassin's Creed Valhalla takes place in the present, and nothing shapes it as emphatically as the corona pandemic. That is why she has also left her mark on the universe of Assassin's Creed: In Layla’s laptop you can read in the email correspondence with her brother Ramy Hassan that he is worried about a possible COVID infection . In the contemporary story of Valhalla there are numerous other hidden allusions: The cans and food adorn various photos and names of developers at Ubisoft. Early art sketches with comments from the game designers hang on a bulletin board, the very first Ubisoft logo hangs on a wall, and even Ellie's guitar from The Last of Us 2stands in a corner. On a table is next to a video cassette from Prince of Persia and one with the inscription "Fear the Old Blood": an iconic quote from the game Bloodborne.

7: The Assassin's Death Leap

Since Eivor is not an assassin at the beginning of the game, he or she has not yet mastered the iconic death leap. If you fall down somewhere from a great height, it looks pretty clumsy and awkward. Only after about ten hours does Eivor learn the Leap of Faith from Haytham by jumping into a haystack. You must have missed the following: If you do not leave the haystack immediately, but stay hidden in it for a while, Haytham begins to worry about Eivorand is getting increasingly nervous that something might have happened to you when you fell. And did you also notice the following? Unfortunately, in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the characteristic whistling through the air can no longer be heard during the Death Leap, as was the case in earlier parts of the series. It's a shame - but listen carefully: Instead, you can now almost imperceptibly hear the croaking of a raven with every jump.

6: Reda tells the story from Assassin's Creed Origins

The little boy Reda in your settlement not only entrusts you with regular assassination assignments, but is also a gifted storyteller, as you have probably noticed. In the form of a fairy tale like from 1001 Nights, he tells the legend of a guard over a temple who lives with his wife in the desert and with her has a son who is murdered. The two then go their separate ways for a long time, each in their own way to take revenge for the son, but the project remains unsuccessful, which is why they get together again many years later to complete the mission with united forces. Connoisseurs of the Assassin's Creed series might have noticed that this is a pretty accurate summary of the story of Bayek and Aya from the predecessor Assassin's Creed Origins.

5: Allusions to The Lord of the Rings

Assassin's Creed Valhalla contains several allusions to The Lord of the Rings. The first one should have escaped you if you play the game in German, because our quest is called "Scitwald der Schöne": In it, an archer prides himself on being invincible because he stinks so much that his enemies faint in rows. In the English original, the name " Degolas " clearly alludes to the famous Elvish master marksman . The second allusion only works in the English original: In a side quest, the crazy self-proclaimed “Lord of the North Sea” asks you to get his arm ring back, which is his “ Precious"(His" treasure "). 

Fortunately, the third and most beautiful Lord of the Rings allusion does not depend on the translation: in the Glowecester region you will find a village that is strikingly reminiscent of Hobbiton with its grass-covered huts . There you will also find a letter from a mother who misses her son Sam and promises to make him happy with his favorite dumplings when he returns. You can even go to Bilbo's house , where the manuscript for his memoirs is on a desk with the One Ring next to it. Last but not least: the blacksmith in Asgard quotes the names of the dwarves from the Hobbit in one scene.

4: The Death Stranding Easter Egg

In last year's hit Death Stranding, you play the role of Sam Porter Bridges, played by Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, as a post-apocalyptic postman. You spend most of the game wandering the game world and transporting supplies from one place to another. The game is therefore often ironically reviled as a “walking simulator” by its haters. Assassin's Creed Valhalla pays homage to its unusual gameplay with a hidden side quest: next to the merchant's hut in your settlement, four objects are lying on a blanket waiting to be delivered. Just like in Death Stranding, this is quite a drudgery, because you sometimes have to cross half the game world and are not allowed to use the fast travel.

3: Lots of Easter eggs and allusions

A couple of Easter eggs in a fast run: In Legracaestercir you will find a beacon from Dark Souls . On a tower in Wessex, a couple of guards apparently played Dungeons & Dragons during their shift and left their character sheet lying around. In an early side quest, you save a lovely maiden like Rapunzel from her tower - until it turns out that she was not trapped there, but only pursued an erotic role-playing game. In the competition with the “riddle writer” in the side quest of the same name, the cake promised as a prize turns out to be a lie, as in the game “Portal”. In the side quest "The Scheller" a sprightly pensioner challenges you to a duel, the one with the One Punch Manfrom the anime not only shares the hairstyle, but also shares the superpower to defeat any opponent with a single blow. In the forest of Caent you meet a boy who lives there alone with a honey-loving bear. At least the name of the bear, Winifred, makes it clear that this is a homage to Winnie the Pooh . The Harry Potter -Anspielung "and where to find Fantastic fish they are" giving it to buy the retailer, you have certainly understood without our help. But did you also find the house in Lunden where the Horcruxes areare on a table? The four banners on the wall also represent the four houses of Hogwarts. But we still have a few allusions and Easter Eggs that are so special that we have dedicated their own space to them.

2: The Prodigy: Smack my bishop

Catchy tune? With the side quest "We only want your soul", the developers at Ubisoft of the 90s cult band The Prodigy and their singer Keith Flint, who died in 2019, are erecting a memorial: In it you meet the bard Keith, who not only has his first name with the Prodigy- Frontman shares, but also his iconic devil hairstyle. No wonder, then, that the self-proclaimed bishop forbids the “musical prodigies” from making music because of blasphemy - which moves Eivor to pound his head with some clear mind. With your fists. The bystanders cheer him on with shouts: "Smack my bishop", based on The Prodigy's biggest hit: Smack My Bitch Up. Catchy eye arrived? You are welcome.

1: Allusions to Game of Thrones, Zelda and Cthulhu

In a fortress in the very east of East-Engla there is a place that literally sprays fireworks of Easter eggs. First: The room is an alcove carved into the rock, strikingly like the airy prison in which Tyrion is imprisoned in the first season of Game of Thrones . Second, there are, strangely enough, numerous chickens in the same room that just seem to be waiting for you to accidentally attack them because they'll all attack you together. This homage to The Legend of Zeldahas now established itself as a running gag in the Assassin's Creed series. And third: There is also a note there that at first sounds like the senseless stammering of a madman: It reports that the cell is the gateway to another world beyond human imagination and that the author spins in one to whisper an unknown language. At the latest when you realize that we are in Dunwic in the game, it should be clear that this is a quote from HP Lovecraft's "The Horror of Dunwich" from the Cthulhu myth.

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