13 co-op and board games on Steam for the family to play

13 co-op and board games on Steam for the family to play

 Due to the tough lockdown, many of us will not be able to visit our families over the holidays. Thanks to online games, you can still have a lot of fun with them. Here are 13 simple and fun games on Steam that you can play with your families.

What kind of games are they? Online games offer us the opportunity to spend time with our family and have fun with them while being far away from each other.

We have created a list of Steam games for you, with which you can play quiet or funny games with the family. The games on this list were compiled according to the following criteria:

  • They should be simple and easy to understand so that family members who otherwise have little contact with gaming can play them
  • They should also be able to be played on weaker PCs and laptops
  • You must have all positive ratings on Steam
  • It's a mix of well-known board game classics and cool co-op games on Steam

In the list you will find trailers for the games, a description of what it is about and other useful information. They will help you choose the perfect game for your family gaming session.

The most important information about Steam at a glance

What is steam

Steam is a cloud-based gaming platform where you can buy games, play with other people or give them away. The games are mostly played via the Steam client.

How does Steam work?

Steam is primarily a gaming platform where you can buy games digitally. For this you need a Steam account, which is free. When you buy a game on Steam, you receive the license for the game. This game can then be downloaded to your PC, installed and then simply played.

How can I install Steam?

The Steam client, in which the games can be played and managed, is available on the official Steam website. The download button is marked green in the top right.

How can I create a Steam account?

On the official site of Steam there is the option "Login" in the upper right corner. Click on it and then on "Register". Then follow the instructions on the page.

Is there a fee to join Steam?

No, Steam itself is free. However, you have to pay for individual games within Steam unless they are marked as free.

How can you pay for games on Steam?

Steam supports various payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, Giropay, Sofort├╝berweisung or Paysafe. You can also top up your account with credit cards that can be found in normal shops.

How can I add credit to my Steam account?

If you are logged in with your Steam account, click on your account name in the upper right corner of the official page. Go to "Account Details" in the menu. Go there next to the credit display on "Top up steam credit" and you will get a choice of different amounts. Pick one, choose the payment method and the money will be added to your account.

What is this family library on Steam?

With the feature you can share the games from your account with friends or family. These games can then be played on authorized devices both online and offline. 

How can you talk to each other while playing?

There are several services that offer voice chatting to groups of people. These include Discord, Zoom or Steam's internal voice chat. For that you have to open a group chat with your fellow players in your Steam client and click the microphone icon in the chat window in the lower right corner to start the call.

Do you still have any questions? Then please put them in the comments below the article. Otherwise you can find the Steam Games here.



  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Steam rating: 72% of 19,913 reviews are positive

What is UNO? There is hardly anyone who has never played UNO in their childhood or later as an adult. The classic card game has been around for almost 50 years and has been a lot of fun, but also frustration, for countless generations.

Your goal is to discard all of your cards as quickly as possible. You can set your fellow players really nasty traps with special cards, for example by letting them draw more cards or changing the color of the cards on the field.

Who is the UNO suitable for? The classic card game is suitable for all age groups and is so simple to use that even people without much PC or gaming knowledge can play the game without any problems.

In addition to the classic all-against-all mode, the Steam version of UNO also offers the option of competing in pairs. There are also some special features such as the definition of house rules that adapt the gaming experience to your wishes.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

  • Developer: Steel Crate Games
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Steam rating: 98% of 7,096 reviews are positive

What is "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes"? Imagine: you are locked in a room and there is a bomb in front of you. The timer is slowly ticking down and the only thing that can save you is your fellow players. Because they have instructions on how to defuse the bomb.

Unfortunately, other players cannot see your bomb and you have to explain to them exactly what it looks like so that they can give you the correct instructions. That is exactly the gameplay of "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes".

Who is the game for? The co-op game with bomb fun is just right for you if you like to play social games. To defuse a bomb, a lot of teamwork is required and you have to be able to communicate well with your fellow players.

The puzzles can be crisp, but the operation of the game is very easy. The defusing team receives a manual that is also available in German and nothing more is required for it. The game can therefore also be played by family members who have little gaming experience.

Overcooked and Overcooked 2

Overcooked and Overcooked 2

  • Developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd.
  • Number of players: up to 4
  • Steam rating: 91% of 8,700 reviews of Overcooked are positive, 95% of 17,552 reviews of Overcooked 2 are positive

What are the overcooked games? Cooking with the family takes on a completely new meaning when everything feels like it is on fire. In Overcooked you have to prepare delicious dishes in collaboration with your fellow players in order to save the onion kingdom.

You go on a journey through different kitchens, which are either on a pirate ship or in the fiery underworld. The successor Overcooked 2 provides new levels and features with the same gameplay for more chaotic cooking fun.

Who are the games for? Overcooked games are fun party games that you can play with friends or family. So if you want to be in a good mood and have a lot of laughs while playing, then these are the right games for you.

However, you should take into account that your fellow players should already have had their own gaming experience with video games. Total gaming newbies could be overwhelmed with the controls with Overcooked and have difficulty keeping track of what is happening on the screen.

Download “ Overcooked ” and “ Overcooked 2 ” here on Steam.



  • Developer: Marmelade Game Studio Ltd.
  • Number of players: up to 6
  • Steam rating: 87% of 969 reviews are positive

What is Cluedo? Oh no! A body was found in the old Tudor mansion and it is up to you to solve the tricky case. The classic board game Cluedo has given many of us exciting evenings with friends and family and can also be played online via Steam.

You slip into the role of a detective and have to look for clues and question witnesses. The Cluedo DLC also offers new locations such as the snow hut in the mountains or the Hollywood film studio that you can visit.

Who is Cluedo for? The classic is perfect for friends and families who usually like to gather for board game nights and unfortunately can't do it this year. You can still solve the murder puzzles together via Steam and voice chat.

The principle of the game is either already known or easy to understand since it is based on the board game. The controls are simple and are explained before the game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

  • Developer: ConcernedApe
  • Number of players: up to 4
  • Steam rating: 98% of 243,353 reviews are positive

What is Stardew Valley? Your grandfather left you a piece of land in the distant Stardew Valley on which you can build a farm. Armed with pickaxes and watering cans, it is up to you to turn the overgrown patch into a beautiful farm.

All options are open to you: You can grow fruit and vegetables, raise farm animals such as cows and chickens or even mine and process metals. The relaxed, beautiful co-op game provides a lot of content with which you can design your farm the way it suits you best.

Who is Stardew Valley for? Do you have friends or relatives who have only played games like FarmVille on their smartphones until now? Then Stardew Valley is the perfect opportunity to play with them on the PC.

The game is easy to understand, the controls are intuitive and offer a very relaxed atmosphere, which can mean a lot , especially in the stressful Corona period . With the abundance of options and content, every player on the farm can devote himself to the task that suits him or her most.

Tricky Towers

  • Developer: WeirdBeard
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Steam rating: 90% of 5,871 reviews are positive

What is Tricky Towers? Tricky Towers is giving the most famous video game in the world, Tetris, a new spin. You take on the role of a powerful magician who has to build a tall tower with the help of magic and Tetris blocks.

You compete with other wizards who also build towers and have the audacity to use magic to interfere with your construction. But what they can do, you've been able to do for a long time. This includes your own spells that attack the opponents' towers, strengthen your own tower or just make funny nonsense.

Who is Tricky Towers for? Since the game principle of Tetris should be known to everyone, Tricky Towers is also suitable for groups of players who are completely new to gaming.

The chaotic stacking game, similar to Overcooked, is well suited as a party game, but is a bit simpler and easier to understand. The spin with magic gives the old Tetris gameplay new, funny possibilities.



  • Developer: SMG Studio
  • Number of players: up to 6 players
  • Steam rating: 85% of 15,349 reviews are positive

What is risk? Another board game classic that is also available as a PC game. The Steam version of Risk brings the authentic experience of the strategy game, just online. Here, too, it is about nothing more and nothing less than world domination!

You play against other players and take turns trying to take control of different areas and continents during your rounds. Depending on the specifications, your goal can be the total annihilation of your enemies or "just" dominance over most areas.

Who is risk for? Here we have another good old classic board game that the whole family can play. Even people who normally have nothing to do with PC gaming will certainly know risk “from the past”.

With other modes you can also give your risk game new flavor and unexpected spins. These include, for example, the fog of war, 5-lap speed match or even the zombie apocalypse.

Untitled Goose Game

  • Developer: House House
  • Number of players: up to 2 players
  • Steam rating: 96% of 3,569 reviews are positive

What is Untitled Goose Game? It's a beautiful morning in a village and you're a terrible goose. Or two geese. In the popular indie game , everything revolves around creating chaos in a small village and keeping the inhabitants on the clock.

To do this, you can steal various objects from them and sink them in the pond, lock them in buildings or just disturb them at work. The game gives you a funny list of tasks that you have to work through in order to get to the next areas.

Who is the game for? Have you always wanted to live out your meanest side with your friend or someone in the family and be really mean? Then Untitled Goose Game is a game for you. In a team with your partner goose, you can bring the villagers to a collective boil.

The game's harmless slapstick humor is suitable for all age groups. The controls of the game are also simple and easy to understand. You can easily start co-op via Steam by going to the friends list and sending your fellow player an invitation.

Game of life

  • Developer: Marmelade Game Studio Ltd.
  • Number of players: up to 4 players
  • Steam rating: 73% of 1,092 reviews are positive

What is the game of life? Another board game classic that made it to Steam. In the game of life, the name is also the program. You play a high school graduate who has to decide how his life will look from now on.

The game offers you the choice of different professions that you can tackle and different life paths with house, family and car. The paths that you can go are sometimes more and sometimes less risky.

Who is the game for? Do you want to play some casual board games online with your friends or family? With the game of life that's not a problem. The well-known board game is suitable for all ages and brings a lot of fun to the group with its absurd decision-making options.

You can not only become a rock star on the side, but also father 9 children and then sell them all. But what do you not do for money in the game of life?

Heave Ho

Heave Ho

  • Developer: Le Cartel Studio
  • Number of players: up to 4 players
  • Steam rating: 94% of 939 reviews are positive

What is Heave Ho? The goal of Heave Ho is very simple: try not to die if possible. But that's not that easy when you're just a head with 2 arms. With these arms you can hold onto ledges, edges or other players and swing to reach the checkered flag.

There are deep abysses, dangerous spikes and high-voltage wires in your way, which you should avoid if possible. But that's not exactly easy when you have 3 other characters attached to it.

Who is the game for? If you're in the mood for some fun dying fun with your friends, then you should check out Heave Ho. Even if the game principle is very simple, you need good cooperation and a lot of patience to get from the start to the finish line of a level.

The absurd animations of the characters and unintentional deaths will cause a lot of laughs. Complete newcomers to gaming would have to get used to the Heave Ho controls and get used to it.

Tabletop simulator

  • Developer: Berserk Games
  • Number of players: depending on the game up to 10
  • Steam rating: 95% of 22,455 reviews are positive

What is the tabletop simulator? Do you remember the big game boxes that contained all kinds of board and card games? The tabletop simulator is basically the digital version of such a box.

You can choose from many games, ranging from classic card games, chess, dominoes, go and majong to poker, solitaire and even billiards. There is something for every taste.

Who is the game for? If you don't feel like playing a lot of bells and whistles and all these modern games, but just want to play different classics, then the simulator is perfect for you.

For this price, the game offers many different card and board games that almost everyone knows and that up to 10 players can play together. Other content is also available for download by other users.

Among Us

13 co-op and board games on Steam for the family to play

  • Developer: Innersloth
  • Number of players: 4 to 10
  • Steam rating: 95% of 395,075 reviews are positive

What is Among Us? The exciting "psychological thriller" Among Us puts you on a space station where you fight for survival with other players. But be careful: not all players are friendly. There are also dangerous aliens among you who sabotage the ship and ambush you in dark corridors.

In Among Us you have to act carefully, either to throw the aliens out of the airlock by the end of the game or to slaughter the entire crew. It's entirely up to your role in the game.

Who is the game for? If you used to like to play werewolf with your friends or family, you will also have a lot of fun with Among Us. The gameplay is very similar, except that there is additional gameplay on the screen in addition to the social aspect.

There is also crossplay with mobile devices, so not everyone has to have a PC or laptop, even if even the oldest devices should not have any problems with the small 2D game.

Scribble It!

Scribble It!

  • Developer: Detach Entertainment
  • Number of players: 4 to 16
  • Steam rating: 85% of 1,632 reviews are positive

What is Cribble it !? The free game is all about drawing and guessing. You are presented with three words from which you have to choose one. This then has to be drawn and your fellow players have to guess what your work of art is.

But no matter whether you draw or guess, you have to be quick: You only have 80 seconds to draw a picture. But if you answer, the quick correct answers get more points. Different modes of the game bring more variety to your drawing sessions.

Who is the game for? Cribble It! is the simplest party game on our list that requires the least amount of gaming knowledge. All you need is a mouse to draw. This makes the game perfect for fun rounds with the family, in which everyone can participate, whether gamer or nothing.

In addition, the game is almost completely free with a few exceptions. So you don't have to give the game to everyone else or explain to them how to top up Steam credits.

Do you know any other cool Steam games that are good for game nights with the family? Write them to us in the comments.

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