5 things the NextGen upgrade will change in FIFA 21

5 things the NextGen upgrade will change in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 has now received independent NextGen versions and we at MeinMMO tell you what the upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series have to offer.

What kind of upgrade is that? For the newly released PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles, EA Sports has now provided its own NextGen versions of FIFA 21 .

We show you the 5 biggest innovations of the NextGen versions of FIFA 21.

These innovations bring the NextGen versions of FIFA 21

Now that's new: With the NextGen versions of FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series, you get revised versions of the football simulations with improvements in the areas of graphics, presentation and loading times. However, there are no new modes or content.

1. New intro with PSG and Liverpool

This is new: When you start the game for the first time, you will be served a stylish new intro sequence that presents the graphical innovations of the NextGen versions. Here you can see how Liverpool and Paris meet and step onto the lawn with children who run in.

You can then take control and play this match, as long as the remaining modes are installed.

You can watch the intro here:

2. Improved graphic details

This is new: As you could already admire in the new intro, there are some graphical improvements in the NextGen versions of FIFA 21. Especially the face models of well-known players are now much more detailed.

But especially the hair of some superstars has been revised. EA strongly promotes the beach hair technology here, which can display the hairstyles of the kickers even more precisely and finely.

This video from EA offers a good overview of the graphical innovations:

3. Faster loading times

This is new: As was to be expected, FIFA 21 also uses the capacities of the new consoles and accordingly has significantly shorter loading times. It now only takes a few seconds from the menu to the playing field. 

That makes the classic training mini-games that appear during loading times as good as superfluous.

4. New cheers

This is new: On reddit , players have already discovered a new cheer for the NextGen versions. This is played when a winning goal is scored in the final minutes of a match.

The whole thing looks heavy and you can check it out here: 

Next Gen - New Late Winner Celebration from r/FIFA

5. New camera perspective

What's new: Right at the start, the NextGen version surprises with an unfamiliar, new camera perspective called "Gamecam". This is much closer to the action and moves dynamically. However, it remains to be seen whether every player will like it.

As usual, you can select your favorite camera perspective in the menu. In this gameplay video you can take a look at the new "Gamecam": 

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