Alba: A Wildlife Adventure-Walkthrough

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure-Walkthrough

 "Alba  Wildlife Adventure" is a cute adventure game in which a little girl is engaged in ... saving nature. In this guide, we'll show you how to collect all signatures for a petition.

At the beginning of the game, go to the grandmother and talk to her. Wait for grandpa to appear, then, at his request, take the phone, take it out with the "2" key and take a picture of grandfather and grandmother. Explore photography and the Iberian lynx in the background.

10 years later

Talk to your grandparents. To nod, hold down the LMB and move it up and down. Arriving on the island, go up to meet Agnes. Follow the girl to the restaurant and talk to Pepe. Follow Agnes to the ruins and talk locally. Go downstairs and inspect the dolphin that flew ashore. Agnes will ask you to find help. Go right and up to the restaurant. Call the chef, the girl on the side of the restaurant, Pepe, the grandparents and the guy standing nearby. A total of 6 people are needed. There is also a pile of rubbish and washed linen to the side of the restaurant. You can collect both to get 2 Likes. After saving the dolphin, the quest will end.

Tuesday. Wind of change

Press E to start the day. Fill the feeder, then take out your phone and zoom in on the camera (get closer) to capture the birds at the feeder. The camera should be highlighted in orange. Take a photo and click on LMB again to identify the bird. Photograph any 6 animals. In fact, there are many more of them, and each time the quest will be updated: up to 12, 20, 30 and so on animals. Complete these tasks in parallel with other activities. After photographing six animals (there are much more birds than animals), go to the reserve (open the map to "3") to listen to the mayor's announcement. He wants to turn the reserve into a hotel.


Go to the nature reserve, fill the feeder and collect trash around two waste bins. After that, you will need to photograph four different ducks swimming in the lake. And then go to the stand and place all four photos on it (replace the old ones). By doing this, you will receive a signature on the petition (2/50).

Follow Agnes and study the slime. Follow the trail to find a sick squirrel. Examine it, go into the city and turn into the alley on the right. There is a veterinary pharmacy near the horse. Talk to the man in the white coat and follow together to the squirrel. Cure her. You will receive a first aid kit. Look for a few more squirrels in the forest (white markers will appear with a cry for help). Cure four squirrels and talk to your veterinarian. You will receive the Petition Signatures (5/50).

Continue exploring the forest. You will find a table with photos that need to be replaced. All these birds and animals are in this forest. To the right of the table, there will be a hawk nest on the tree. Take a photo of it to receive the Petition Signature (6/50) . Grandma will write to you. Return home and agree to have dinner. You will receive their Petition Signatures (8/50) .

Wednesday. Echoes of the past

When you wake up, leave the house. Your veterinarian will write to you shortly. Meet him in the city where you were yesterday and talk. Go to the orange orchards, cure the animals stuck in a mysterious slurry in a circle. Find the boarded-up hole to enter the garden. Remove the planks and heal all the animals in the garden, including the gardener's cat. He will be grateful and you will receive Signatures for the petition (11/50) .

Agnes will call you shortly. But first, leave the orange orchard and go down to the nearby coast, between the hills, to meet Juanito. He will sign if his father allows him to have a cat. Go to the city and in the city square look for Agnes with the carpenter. You will receive the tools. Birdhouses and other wooden objects can now be repaired. For example, a bridge in a nature reserve! Follow Alba. There will be a trash can at the pier with the boat. Collect the trash scattered around. The ice cream vendor will thank you and you will receive a Petition Signature (12/50) . And do not refuse free ice cream!

Go to the nature reserve, repair the table and bridge. In the middle of the bridge, look to the right and take a photo of the gray heron. For all this you will receive a Petition Signature (17/50) . Go ahead and repair the tower and the photo booth. Place a gray heron on it. The girl will leave. Stand on the tower, take a picture of the marsh moon in the sky, and then the moorhen (these birds are on the island in the middle). Place the moorhen on the stand. If there is already a gray heron in there, you will receive a Petition Signature (18/50).

Move deeper into the reserve. Walk around the lake to restore a couple of bridges. Repair two tables and the birdhouse next to the girl. Remove the trash and renovate the photo booth. All four birds for the stand are here (perhaps you could have photographed some earlier). Chernogolovka will sit at the stand, other birds run along the beach, and two more will fly in the sky. When you set all four photos, and provided that you have done all the previous steps, the reserve will be restored. You will receive a Petition Signature (20/50) . Apparently, these signatures are given to you for photographs for the stand.

Now go to the north beach on the map. There is a tree with a hoopoe on it. Take a photo of it to receive the Petition Signature (21/50) . You can also climb the ruins on the mountain. Remove the boards on the left, clear away the debris, and rescue the squirrel stuck in the bag. You can fix the photo stand. I found three birds without any problems (an owl sits on a tree, and an ordinary turtledove will be in one of the destroyed rooms), but I never managed to find a swift. Perhaps he is hiding in another part of the ruins, but you cannot get there now. Let's continue tomorrow, but for now, go home and agree to dinner.

Thursday. About castles, chickens and kings

Exit the house and go right and up. There will be a photo stand here. Fix it and install all the photos. You've probably already photographed these animals. Look for others nearby anyway. Nearby there will be an urn with scattered rubbish and a stuck hare. Help the hare. Go down a little lower to the water near the sheep pens. There will be a woman standing there. There is an urn next to the bridge. Collect trash and help the stuck bird. When you have helped all three animals (the third is in the castle, behind a fence with boards), you will receive the Signature for the petition (22/50) .

Go up to the castle and collect trash along the way. Talk to Grandpa and fix the stand to the right of the entrance. The archaeologist will thank you and give you a Signature for the petition (23/50) . Help archaeologists in the castle. First, fix the table and then collect three relics from the pit. You will receive the Petition Signatures (25/50) .

Continue to restore the castle. Repair the birdhouse for a black swift to appear. Take a picture of it. This is the last bird for the photo stand behind the castle fence. Next, an eagle will appear. Repair the stairs, walk around the castle walls, help the stuck birds and collect trash. Repair bridges and other items. You will be able to get to the eagle and take a picture of it, for which you will receive Signatures for the petition (30/50) . When you complete the complete restoration of the castle, receive two more Signatures for the petition (32/50) .

Agnes will contact you. Go to the chicken coop, talk to the owner, and poke up two holes with boards. Then follow the lynx trail with Agnes and explore the burrow. Talk to the girl, and then take a picture of the red fox. You will receive the Petition Signatures (37/50) . Next, you will learn about the loaf of bread in the rice fields. Go there and look for this red-headed bird in the far rice field. You will receive the Petition Signature (38/50) . Walk to the right of the rice paddies and come ashore to find three seagulls soaked in oil. Heal them to get the Petition Signature (39/50) . You can move on to the next day by talking to your grandparents.

Friday. We can do this!

Head to the pier and talk to Pere to sail towards La Roquete. On the island, climb the mountain and collect all the trash on your way down to the beach. On the beach where the dolphin was, you can take a picture of it. He will swim in the water and occasionally jump out of it. There will be special cormorants on the stones on the left. Also take pictures of them if you want to collect a complete collection of animals. You will receive the Petition Signatures for the Dolphin (44/50) .

Return to the island, go right and collect trash on this embankment. There is also rubbish on the beach a little further than the embankment, among the sun loungers. Juanito will contact you and ask for help with cleaning the northern beach. Go there. Remove the trash and help all the birds. You will receive the latest Petition Signatures (50/50) . Keep an eye on the mayor and take pictures of him. To get a photo of the church with the mayor, hotel owner and money, stand on the side, on the right.

Saturday. Beware of your desires

Follow Alba to your house, walk to the side of it and inspect things. When you pick up the phone, you will find your granddaughter. Take pictures of the lynx. It remains to have some fun at the holiday.

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