All access points, vanishing points, and secondary objectives - GTA Online

 In order to be able to complete the Cayo Perico Heist , there are different entry and escape points in GTA Online . The secondary targets are also not in the same place. In this guide we give you information about the positions of all secondary targets as well as the access points and the vanishing points. 

All access points, vanishing points, and secondary objectives - GTA Online map

What access points are there?

You have a total of eight access points available. You unlock the first point immediately after arriving on the island, the second access point is available to you after attending the party on the west beach. The last infiltration point is not a direct one, but describes the parachute jump from the air. It is also automatically activated when entering the island. You have to unlock the remaining five access points by exploring. Thats how it works:

  • Access points 3: As part of the tutorial, Pavel instructs you to investigate the sixth access point at the northern port.
  • Access Points 4: Photograph the shipwreck to get the sixth access point.
  • Access points 5: Photograph the crane at the main port to unlock the third access point.
  • Access points 6: Dive along the canal to get it as an access point.
  • Access points 7: To unlock the seventh access point, take photos of the storage area for rubble and wood.

What vanishing points are there in GTA Online?

There are four vanishing points for you . Access points 1, 3 and 5 also serve as vanishing points and are unlocked as soon as you receive the access points. You can recognize them on our map by the numbers that contain the color green. The x is the position of the Kosatka, your submarine. This also serves as a vanishing point.

Where can I find the secondary goals?

Collecting the secondary goals in Cayo Perico-Heist brings you the maximum return . These include grass, paintings, gold, and cash. Which secondary targets are active during a heist is determined by chance. The locations of the secondary targets are the basement, the storage in the basement, the office, and the western, northern and southern storage. The secondary goals in the open world are always at the marked red points. You are always denied access to them by wire mesh gates or large lattice gates.

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