All armor and its locations | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

All armor and its locations | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

 Between wild animals, mythical opponents and shadows of past heroes in Immortals: Fenyx Rising , it goes without saying to have good armor with you. We looked for all armor for you and wore it together!

While you are helping the gods or exploring the Gold Island, you will repeatedly stumble upon epic chests. Many of them are hidden behind puzzles or are closely guarded by opponents. But the content is worth it: In each of these chests you will find armor or a helmet.

Each armor belongs to a set. These sets consist of the basic armor, which you will always find first, and several variants that have different colors and names. So there are several chests for an armor set, but the first of these chests you find will always contain the basic armor. There are a total of 18 armor sets:

  • Aphrodite's armor
  • Artemis' armor
  • Athena's armor
  • Ares' armor
  • Chimaira armor
  • Gorgon armor
  • Harpy armor
  • Hephaestus' armor
  • Cyclops armor
  • Lion armor
  • Nike's armor
  • Armor of the new Olympian
  • Armor of the unknown visitor
  • Satyr armor
  • Soldiers armor
  • Ultimate armor
  • Boar armor
  • Zeus' armor

All armor locations

In our photo gallery we show you where we found the first armor of a set. Do you already have the basic armor? Then take a look in the chest anyway to find a new version of it!



From level four

Eagle breastplate

Health is refilled with 4% each time it is hit

Each hit with full health brings +2 to your combo meter

Soldier's Breastplate

+1 stamina field

Consumes -10% stamina

Satyr fur of pride

Defense increases + 275% when at full health

Each hit on an unwounded enemy brings +3 to your combo meter

Stone luster breastplate

Refills 120% of your health when you stun an enemy

+4 to your combo meter when you stun an enemy

Armor of the new Olympian

+1 health field

+ 40% stun duration

Enduring wisdom

+ 39% chance to hit three enemies with lightning after a headshot

Lightning strikes three additional enemies

Breastplate of Typhon's brood

+ 24% chance of gaining triple stamina when hit

+ 10% chance to get +12 on your combo ad

Hunted deer fur

Your bow charges + 22% faster

+3 to your combo meter on hits with a charged shot

Raised fur

Hits completed with a combo replenish 9% of your health

Hits that are completed with a combo give +2 to your combo meter

Satyr pelt of indulgence

Fills 8% of a stamina space with each hit

Hits at full stamina give you +2 on your combo meter

Vulture's Stormy Breastplate

Endurance regenerates + 120% when you are in the air

+2 to your combo meter on hits from the air

Hug of love

Increases the chance of finding an extra ingredient by 24%

+3 to your combo meter after using a healing potion

Arrogance of the one-eyed giant

Defense against unique opponents increases by + 39%

+2 to your combo meter for hits against unique opponents

Armor of the unknown visitor

If you reach a new combo phase, 60% of your health is replenished

If you reach a new combo phase, 80% of your stamina is replenished

Breastplate of the essential automaton

+ 22% defense

If an enemy attacks you, they will suffer 670 damage

Brushed war fur

+ 13% stamina increase per hit in each combo phase

+1 to your combo ad per hit

Victorious robe

Refills a health space by 120% on a death blow

+4 to your combo meter after a fatal blow

Armor of the radiant divinity

Divine powers charge + 80% faster

Hits with divine powers give +4 to your combo meter


Upgrade armor

A Cyclops like that can do a lot. In order to be armed against the strongest blows, you should look for blue and purple adamantine shards . These are particularly important to improve your equipment in the Hall of the Gods at Hephaestus Forge.

Your armor can be crafted up to six times . Your defense values ​​and the values ​​of the advantages of your respective armor increase with each improvement. You should also upgrade your armor in order to gain access to the advantages that are only available from the fourth armor level. In most cases, these complement the basic advantages of the armor.

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