All Cyberpunk 2077 side quests

 Detailed Guide to Completing All Cyberpunk 2077 Side Quests

In Cyberpunk 2077 complete secondary missions that you will receive throughout the storyline. Some are unlocked as you progress, others can only be obtained by pumping a high reputation. There are quests that do not affect anything, but there are also quests that open access to bed scenes or additional endings. In this guide, we'll go over every side mission in Cyberpunk 2077, how to complete them, and the rewards!

Panama Palmer's Quest

Riders of the storm

Panama Palmer's Quest

The first quest from Panam Palmer can be obtained after completing story quests involving the girl and Aldecaldos. Wait a while and Panam will call you herself. Listen to the girl and then head to the meeting point. The task is pretty simple and doesn't need any guidance.

Don't call Saul

After completing the previous quest, you will need to steal a tank. When Panam contacts you, head to the meeting point and then drive to the train station. Look around, enter the control room at the top of the tower and find the punch card. Insert it into the terminal, after which you can linger and chat with Panam. Having done this, go outside with the girl and sit by the fire. You can hug her and admire the stars (all this is available for a character with male genitalia!). In the morning, follow the train, and then destroy several soldiers. After the victory, get into the "Basilisk" and drive it to the indicated place.

Taming the Basilisk

And again Panam will contact V in a few days. If you are playing a male character, you can try to romance with the girl at this moment. To do this, meet with Panam, listen and climb into the "Basilisk". Take her for a test drive of the tank. Go around several obstacles, and then destroy the indicated targets. When done, you can let the Panamas touch you. Again, the bed scene will only be active if you play as a character with male genitals!

This quest chain will end, but it is very important: it turns out, after that, in a conversation on the roof with Johnny Silverhand during the quest "For Whom the Bell Tolls", you can choose to help Panam and Aldecaldos. This will unlock a chain of completely different final quests, and V will be able to leave Night City with the nomads and his girlfriend, or remain in cyberspace, giving the body to Johnny Silverhand.

Judy Alvarez's Quest

Chain reaction

Quests from Judy Alvarez can be obtained during the storyline. At some point, the girl will contact you and ask for help. Visit her by visiting Judy's apartment. Listen, go inside and transfer Evelyn's corpse to the bed. When Judy is done, talk to her again and then head outside to complete the mission.

Judy Alvarez's Quest

Puppet passions

This quest starts some time after the previous quest. Wait for a call from Judy. You will need to infiltrate the club and meet Woodman on the rooftop. If you want to please Judy, you have to kill Woodman. Don't try to compromise.

Conversations about the revolution

This quest starts some time after the previous quest. Wait for a call from Judy. Go to Moira and chat with the girl. In the end, she will agree to your plan. You will have to discuss it in Judy's apartment.

Palace coup

This quest starts some time after the previous quest. Wait for a call from Judy. Now is the time to act. Travel with your allies to the Mega Tower, where the Clouds Club is located. Climb to the roof and jump down to the penthouse. Destroy opponents, and then find the room where Moira will be. Talk to the woman who wants to outwit everyone. Instead, listen to Judy and kill all the Tiger Claws leaders. Then talk to Moira. There is only one way to avoid a fight with her - to choose non-aggressive phrases. The first time, choose “What?”, The second time, say that you did not agree so (upper phrase). All other options lead to the need to fight Moira. And if you kill her, Judy will be very upset, and you can hardly get a romance scene with a girl. Besides, The bed scene is unlocked under one condition - V must be a character with female genitals. The quest chain will end. If you complete all these tasks (and, perhaps, have an affair with Judy), then in the case of the ending through Panama Palmer and Aldecaldos, the girl will call you and decide to leave Night City with the nomads and V.

Let me go, depth

After a while, Judy will call you again. Go to the indicated place, wait for Judy at the railing. Go to the pier and change into a diving suit. Dive to the bottom after Judy. You can study various clues along the way. Eventually, you will need to get into the church. Swim to the right of the entrance and look for a hole in the wall. Once inside, complete the dialogue with Judy. After getting out on land, talk to Judy, then agree to stay. Repair the generator and return to the girl. If you have a female character, then you can spend the night with a girl. Otherwise, the heroes will talk nicely, and V will go to bed. Talk to the girl in the morning. She will hand over the keys to her apartment. You now have an additional home!

Johnny Silverhand Missions

Johnny Silverhand Missions

In the footsteps of the past

It is activated during the course of the game's plot. Go to the Afterlife Club, go downstairs and take a pill to transfer control to Johnny. Next, the quest below will begin. After its completion, the mission will continue. Beast will contact you. Go with her to the indicated place, clear the territory and hack the terminal. When you do this, it remains to climb a huge ship and kill all enemies. Wound the indicated opponent and interrogate him. If you spare, he will give the key to the container. Lower the container and open it to reveal Johnny Silverhand's Porsche.

Silverhand cocktail

Have a lot of fun as Johnny until the accident happens. Then the task will be completed, and V will come to himself.

Old drama

Call Bestia and ask the girl out on a date. Having done this, go to the Postmortem Club and talk to her. Drive together to the car cinema, open it and examine the computer on the left. The password is hidden in text files. Enter it at the terminal by the door and walk forward. Go upstairs, plug in the movie projector and give Johnny control. Talk to the Beast. You can kiss her, but the bed scene never takes place.

New turn

Travel to the indicated location to discover the mansion of Kerry, Johnny Silverhand's comrade. Call the intercom, but no one will open the door. Head left along the fence and look for stones with which you can jump up. Having done this, carefully enter the mansion and look for an open double door: Kerry is taking a shower. Give him control and then play the guitar. Follow Kerry and talk about all topics.

Call Nancy and drive to the club. Chat with Maelstorm, follow Patricia and kill all opponents. Listen to Nancy, escort her to the elevator and go to the marked place. Nancy will agree to the concert, and you will have to inform Kerry about it.

Now move to Denny's mansion, not far from Kerry's mansion. Chat with Kerry and then get involved in the conflict between Danny and Henry. Unfortunately, you have to choose one of the artists, and Johnny will not help with this. Make your choice, after which the task will be completed. The quest will begin below.

Sounds of music

We need to wait for Nancy's call in a day. When Nancy calls, rewind the time for the evening (sleep at home) and go to the Red Dirt Bar. Talk to Nancy, then go to the toilet and take the pills to transfer control to Johnny. Go out for the guitar and rock up at the concert. Talk to Kerry after the concert. As a reward you will receive a rare cult revolver "Archangel". This will be Johnny's last assignment.

Other side quests

See you in Afterlife

See you in Afterlife

The task will become available after the death of Jackie Wells, which will happen according to the plot of the game. Call his mother, then meet her at the coyotes bar. Listen to the woman, take the key and go outside. Talk to Misty near the garage and go inside. You can scan different items and then choose one of them in order to honor Jackie's memory. To go to the room to the right, you need to pick up another key from the table. It could be a book, a belt, or a signed ball. After taking the thing, talk to Misty and go to the ceremony together. Listen to all people, have your say, have a drink, and then chat with whoever you want. The task will be completed as soon as you leave the bar.

Reintegration: North Oak

The Reintegration quest series includes the search for seven missing Delamane taxi cars. In the North Oak region you will find the sad "Delamein". He drives in a circle on the right side of the location (look for this circle on the map). Listen to him and then take control. Drive to the marked location without overdoing it. The lower the speed, the less likely Delamaine will panic and stop. You will receive your reward upon arrival. There are seven more Delameins to be found.

Aim, fire!

At some point, Robert Wilson should call you. Head to the competition site, talk to Wilson and enter three. Listen to directions, equip a regular pistol and wait for the start. After that, shoot at the targets. I managed to hit 30 targets, and this was not enough for the first place. But the task will be completed anyway.

Secret materials

When Sandra contacts you, go to the indicated location and clear the Scavenger workshop. In the back room, to the left behind the entrance, there will be a memory module. Take it and call Sandra. Go to the girl's apartment. Give the girl the module to complete the quest. If you haven't hacked it, you will receive 880 Eurodollars.

Street justice

Meet with Billy by waiting on the bench. Chat, get behind the wheel and chase the cop's car. In the end, Billy will die at his hands. Kill the cop. He will have time to call for reinforcements. Deal with him. I would recommend running up the street to a safe distance and using a sniper rifle. Do not forget to periodically heal, otherwise the chase process will have to be repeated again. After that, finish off the culprit and call Wakako. The task will be completed, and you will receive a reward - 5000 Eurobucks.

Role played

Open your phone to T, go to messages by pressing TAB and find "Unknown number". Read the motel meeting message. Answer, but you won't get anything else. Drive to the specified motel, go to your room and chat with the customer - Lizzie Wizzy. After that follow to the Raiot club. This should be done in the evening.

Enter the club by interrogating the bouncer at the entrance along the way. Go to the back room and call the elevator on your right hand. The door to the corridor with an elevator is opened using the control panel on the right. Take the elevator to the first floor, immediately go to the elevator on the right and go to the VIP zone. Go to the balcony and tell Liam you were just wrong. Exit back, talk to Johnny and go downstairs. use the computer and then call Lizzie. It is not necessary to connect to CCTV cameras. After talking with Lizzie Wizzy, the task will be completed. You will receive 810 Eurobucks.

Knight City Jester

While exploring the city, you may stumble upon strange graffiti that are scattered around Knight City. You will find the first such image at the entrance to your own apartment. Use the scanner to study it and get the assignment. Talk to Misty about these graffiti, find and scan 20 similar drawings. The location of all pictures can be tracked on your map. They will be marked with a special icon.

Two comrades

This task can be taken in the house of the protagonist, one floor below your apartment. You will see how two cops break into Bari's door. Find out from the police what is happening, then knock on the man's door. It won't work the first time, so skip a few hours and come back again. Tell Bari that you know what it is like to lose friends. Then he will allow you to enter the apartment.

Ask Bari about Andrew and his police work. On the Bari terminal, you can read several messages and examine the files. Travel to Westbrook and find the niche with Andrew's remains. Talk to Johnny and return to the police officers who are waiting for you near Barry's apartment.


  • 1020 euro bucks
  • 228 experience points

Network magic

Follow to the place marked on the map and find Nyx in the "Post-Death" club. He will offer to purchase a "book of spells". After the dialogue, you will have a contact of a certain R3NO. Call the girl and talk about the product. She's making an appointment at a cafe in downtown Westbrook. In a dialogue with her, do not try to get a weapon, as it may end badly.

Sometimes during a conversation a man may call you and invite you to the shooting range. Don't turn the mouse wheel as V will pull out a weapon and ruin the deal!

Check out R3NO, go down to the underground level of the mall, and pick up your tablet from the suitcase to the right of the vending machine. Before returning the tablet to Niks, open the menu, hover the mouse cursor over the far right section of the " Journal " and select the " Chips " sub-item . Find the " Book of Spells " and decipher it. When you return to Nyx, you can ask to teach you several techniques (the sixth level of Intelligence is required). If you choose this option, it will give you the modification for the " Request " cyberdeck for free.

By returning the tablet to Nyx, you can also get more money if you have the ninth level of intelligence. To do this, select the [ The tablet costs much more. And we both know it ]. If you do not have enough skill level, then you will receive 11,200 Eurobucks as a reward for the task .

Explosive nature

When you receive this task, Ozob Bozo's number will appear in V's contacts. Call the man and make an appointment. Go to Japantown, call your transport and park in the right place. Be sure to have a car at your disposal. Follow to the place where Ozoba says and help him eliminate several enemies. During a shootout, the cops may come to your "party". If this happens, you need to get into the car and drive off to a safe distance. When everything calms down, return to Ozoba and take the reward.

Guards of disorder

Elizabeth Parales will contact you by phone and offer to "play" detective. Proceed to the indicated marker on the map, sit in the back seat of the car and talk to the Pales. In a conversation with them, you can use one of the skills (if you go along the path "Child of the streets", then say that recently an attempt was made on the deceased mayor). Jefferson will give you a flashback chip for you to use in Braindance. While viewing the recording, note the conversation between the mayor , the guard's monitor, and the killer .

When all the evidence has been found, Jefferson will give you Detective River Ward's contact. Call him and go to a meeting at the Mordaty Bison. After a short dialogue, sit in the passenger seat of his car and ask a few questions. You can also decide whether to visit Rivera's informant or the attacker's boss. If you go to the informant, enter the store and say the phrase " Hello from Igor ." The store owner will start running away through the back door. You can use force to open the door or bypass the store from the main entrance. In any case, River will be waiting for him at the gate.

After the dialogue, River will offer to visit Horvath's boss. Agree and follow the market. Ask people to find out that Christina has her own electronics store. Returning to the car, deal with the two bandits and go to the meeting point. Kill the warehouse guard and examine the containers in the center of the room. Find the elevator leading to the lower floors. Deal with another group of enemies, talk to the leader of the gang and examine the second floor. In the VIP-box, find a device for braindance, and in the security office, there is a video recording on the terminal. Return to the "Mordatom Bison", help River make a decision and inform the customer about everything (or hide the information from them - it's up to you).


  • 11 580 euro bucks;
  • 700 experience points.

Hunter hunt

This quest will become available some time after the completion of the previous quest. Detective River will contact you and send you the coordinates for a meeting. Get in the car and talk to him. Go to the other side of the street, open the door to the laboratory and look around (you need 12 level of technical skill to open it). Examine the central part of the laboratory and scan the boxes with documents near the slot machines in the back room. At this point, Dr. Packard will appear. Persuade her to help you and leave the laboratory.

Go to the mother of the missing boy and inspect the house. Find drugs in the closet, a locked safe, and an expensive laptop under the bed. If your intelligence level is pumped to the ninth level, then you can hack it. Otherwise, you will have to guess the password. Turn on the gramophone and give Rivera the name of the song as a password. Read all email and inspect the files on the terminal. Go to the site, click on the red picture and click on the "Files" tab. Here you will see the deleted file that Randy has on his computer (toon). If your IQ is at least level 12, you can immediately find out the IP address of the kidnapper.

In the morning, River will give you a recording of the abductor's visions. Use brandance to view them. In the first entry, examine the teacher , the two posters at the exit from the dining room, and the school cup on the shelf in the hallway. In the second flashback, use the scanner on the cow , the control panel , scan Anthony's father , the injection system (injector on the table), food additives and move on to the next entry. In the last memory, you need to find a solar panel on the wall near the office, a workbench , barrels of fuel , the sound of a garbage truck from a window from the roof,the bodies of the victims , a fire certificate on the wall to the left, and a computer nearby . At the end of the recording, examine the boy who is trying to escape, the sign to the left of the hangar entrance and the light towers on the street.

When River has a big picture of the location of the farm, head there. We do not recommend running headlong, as anti-personnel mines are scattered throughout the farm, and security turrets are installed. Walk along the left side to the barn, climb onto the roof and jump into the hangar.


  • 643 experience points;
  • 1447 reputation points.


  • 8960 euro bucks;
  • 817 experience points;
  • 1837 reputation points.

Boy with a pistol

If you have completed Rivera's previous quest " Hunt with a Pistol ", then the former detective will contact you again and invite you to a family dinner. Talk to River, then Joss. Take rice from the kitchen and return to your friend. Hear a story from his childhood, then play a video game with the guys. Let them win and sit down to dinner. Climb the water tower with the River and choose how to proceed.

If you are playing a female character, you can open a love scene with that character. To do this, select [ Kiss ].


  • 1225 experience points;
  • 2755 reputation points.

Good is Rewarded (Ryder Clinic)

The quest will become available as soon as you reach reputation level 20. Each subsequent 10 levels of reputation will be available to you one free improvement. Head to the Cassius Ryder Clinic in downtown Watson, south of Knight City, and view his merchandise. You will see the price "0 Eurobucks" on the free products.

So far we have unlocked the following improvements:

  • Ballistic coprocessor;
  • Tattoo: mark "Tiger's Claws".

Red prophet

This quest can be taken simply by traveling through the open world of the game. At some point, V will receive a message on V's phone with a call to enter the website of the Bartmoss society from the home terminal. Go back home and do it. You need to read the first post on the site (just below the main menu). The task will be updated. You will have a contact with Isis Bess. Dial her number to find out that she is temporarily unavailable.

Continue following the story or completing other tasks until you have completed the Johnny Silverhand side quest " A New Turn ." Now that you release Nancy from Maelstrom's captivity, you can talk to her on the phone. It will send you the coordinates of the terminal you need to check.

When you get to the location indicated on the map, examine the only electronic device in the yard. Follow the wire from the device along the metal ladder to find the pirate router. Hack your device and read the message.

Next, you will need to visit a few more places:

  • The second router can be found in the desert. Upon arrival at the marker, you will see that the wires follow from the tower to the trailer. Kill all the enemies and hack the second router on the roof of the van.
  • The third router is located on the upper level of the metal structure. Use the stairs to go upstairs and use the scanner to determine the location of the router (follow the stairs straight, the device will be on the wall to your left).
  • The latter is located in a fortune-telling machine in an amusement park. Hack it as well as the previous ones and inform Nancy about the find.


  • 3960 euro Dollor;
  • 570 experience points;
  • 1282 reputation points.

Sturm und Drang

After completing the quest "The Sound of Music" Kerry will contact you and offer to meet at the coffee shop on Mallagra Street. Get into his car and listen to Kerry's proposal. Upon arrival, take the equipment from the trunk and lay it out on the road. Wait for the van to arrive, then follow Kerry's directions. Blow up the car and get away from the cops. To complete the task, take Kerry to the cafe and chat on various topics.


  • 13,900 euro dollor;
  • 436 experience points;
  • 981 reputation points.

Gifts of the Cosmos

This quest can be obtained by driving past the vagrants in the western part of Santo Dominigo. Three homeless people cannot share the found case. You can help them solve this problem by taking it by force or purchasing it for a good amount. In any case, you have to break open the suitcase. This will require the ninth level of intelligence. If you don't have enough intelligence to hack, then you can simply go on other quests and come back here as soon as you level up this skill. Go to the place where the space cargo fell, get rid of the enemies and take the picture from the capsule.


  • 346 experience points;
  • 1243 reputation points.

Transcendental experience

One of the "thrill" merchants will suggest you try out a new braindance. Pay him 16,000 Euro bucks and agree to watch the recording on his player. At this point, the scavengers will take you prisoner. It would be nice at this moment to have modernized hand implants, since you will be completely without weapons and clothes. In any case, you can steal your way out of the scavenger lair by grabbing your belongings from the locker in the back room. Visit Stefan to collect your money and complete the quest.

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