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All Cyberpunk 2077 Special Costumes - How to Get Them and Where to Find Them


All Cyberpunk 2077 Special Costumes

We give you the location of all the special costumes in Cyberpunk 2077, so you can change your character's fashion at any time.

Unlike the individual pieces of clothing that you can get in the game and that give us certain additions such as greater armor, there are also a series of special outfits that are dedicated to changing the appearance of our character.

There are special outfits that will give us a totally personal and unique touch throughout the game, and we have already found them for you, and we tell you where they are so that you can go directly to them.

Note that these special suits are like skins and that you can place over any armor you have equipped, thus giving a different appearance to the character.

All Cyberpunk 2077 Special Costumes - How to Get Them and Where to Find Them

All special suits and where to find them

These are all the special suits we have found:

  • Militech aramid fabric hazmat suit: you can buy it from the clothing vendor located in the Santo Domingo, Arroyo area.
  • Arasaka Hazmat Suit: You can get this outfit by looting the BC club in Japan Town, during the Greed Never Pays gig
  • Virtual Pilot Suit - You get it by playing through the main story and looting the Voodoo Boys.
  • Bandage Wrapping - You unlock it by playing through the main story, and you won't lose it
  • Chemical Resistant NCPD Hazmat Suit - Can be looted from NCPD officers on the ground, although they don't always come out Look at the blue star icons on the map.

Once you have them, they are very easy to equip, since you simply have to go to the character menu and then to the inventory.

Well, next to the usual clothing options, you should see the special costumes section where you can select the ones you have found so far. Note that these suits do not have bonuses nor will you be able to modify them, they are only cosmetic.