All helmets and their locations | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

All helmets and their locations | Immortals - Fenyx Rising

 Good equipment is essential for the hero of Gold Island. So that you can protect your head against enemy attacks well, there are helmets to collect all over the gold island. Where you can find them in the world of Immortals: Fenyx Rising and what advantages they have, we'll show you here!

So that you can continue to diligently solve puzzles, you should protect your head well. Fortunately, there is a rich selection of helmets that you can find on Gold Island. The chests are mostly hidden behind puzzles or are guarded by the island's mythical opponents.

If you open a chest with a new helmet, this is always the basic helmet of an armor set. Within a set there are several variants of the basic helmet, which usually only differ in color and name. The armor sets match those of the breastplates :

  • Aphrodite's armor
  • Artemis' armor
  • Athena's armor
  • Ares' armor
  • Chimaira armor
  • Gorgon armor
  • Harpy armor
  • Hephaestus' armor
  • Cyclops armor
  • Lion armor
  • Nike's armor
  • Armor of the new Olympian
  • Armor of the unknown visitor
  • Satyr armor
  • Soldiers armor
  • Ultimate armor
  • Boar armor
  • Zeus' armor

Locations of all helmets

We'll show you in our photo gallery where we found the basic helmets. We leave out other locations of different variants of an armor set. If you have already found the basic helmet in a different location, you can still open the chest to find another version of the helmet.



From level four

Soldier's Courage Helmet

+ 10% damage with the sword

+ 20% stamina when hit with the sword

Mane of pride

Damage against unwounded enemies increases by + 170%

Chance of being stunned against unwounded enemies increases by + 150%

Stone luster mask

+ 40% damage for six seconds on a stunned enemy

Refills 200% of your stamina when an enemy is stunned

Helmet of the new Olympian

+ 10% damage with the ax

+ 20% damage with the ax

Raised helmet

Damage with combo completion increases by + 36%

Chance of being stunned by combo completions increases by + 30%

The arrogant helmet of the one-eyed giant

+ 24% more damage against unique opponents

+ 30% chance of being stunned against unique opponents

Vulture's stormy helmet

+ 24% more damage when attacking from the air

+ 30% chance of being stunned when attacked from the air

Shroud of the hunted deer

+ 12% more damage with the bow

+ 26% rate of fire from your bow

Honor wreath of spring

+ 40% more damage for six seconds after using a healing potion

The duration of strengthening potions increases by +10 seconds

Satyr horns of indulgence

Deals 10% more damage with full stamina

+ 20% chance of being stunned at full stamina

Victorious head protection

Deals + 48% more damage for six seconds after performing a killing blow

A stamina field is filled by 200% after you take a killing blow

Brood of Typhon's helmet

Chance of doing three times the damage when hit, increases to + 14%

Chance of causing a triple stun on hit increases to +20

Veil of the unknown visitor

Damage increases by + 7% per combo phase

Chance of being stunned increases by + 5% per combo phase

Warrior's gray jaw

+ 24% damage with the Wrath of Ares ability

+ 30% chance of being stunned with the Wrath of Ares ability

Captivating helmet of wisdom

+ 24% damage with Athena's Boost ability

Gain a stamina ball when hit with Athena's boost

Radiant Divinity Helmet

+ 24% damage with divine powers

+ 30% stun with divine powers


Improve helmets

You can improve your helmets in any forge in Hephaestus. For this you need plenty of purple and blue adamantine shards . You can find these everywhere on the Gold Island in chests, bushes or when killing enemies. In total, you can improve your helmets six times .

With each visit to the forge, the defense value of your equipment increases. From the fourth improvement , a second benefit of the respective helmet will also be unlocked.

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