All information and labyrinth solutions at a glance | Twin mirrors

The past always catches up with you. In the adventure game Twin Mirror , Samuel Higgs has to experience this first hand when he returns to his hometown Basswood. The occasion for this is the funeral of his former best friend Nick. But not everyone believes that it was actually an accident. Now you have to help Samuel gather clues, reconstruct events and find out whether it was an accident or a murder. To make the detective game easier for you, we will show you here where you can find all the hints, passwords and lock combinations and the fastest way out of the palace of thought.

All information and labyrinth solutions at a glance | Twin mirrors

Notes in Coal Miners Haven

After you and Samuel sneaked into the back room of the bar, you have to go to the front part, which you got to know the evening before. To be able to reconstruct the evening, you have to complete several laps.

Clue Search - Round One



Spilled glasses

You can find it directly on the counter in front of you

Scratched seat

On the right side next to the front door

Broken bottle

On the floor in front of the front door

Nick's keepsake

On the stage platform

Overturned furniture

In the middle of the room

Broken clock

At the foot of the red column


Clue Search - Round Two

Hugh's business cardIn the mess at the right Bareck
Joel's hatNext to the jukebox
DG bangleNext to the flower pot by the memorial plaque

Question round



Where does it start

At the bar

Where did the argument go?

Towards the pillar

Where did it end?

On stage

Who was involved?

Dennis (bangle)


Notes in the Basswood Jungle

After the morning question and answer session, make your way to the Basswood Jungle. However, there you will find something that will throw your plans upside down. Now you have to help Samuel to reconstruct what happened before and to collect as much information as possible.


  • Chest injury
  • Bullet on the back
  • Bullet impact on the desk wall
  • Position of the shooter
  • Holster on the desk
  • Dennis gun

Clue search



AW: curiosity email

Inbox in Dennis Computer

Urgent email

Inbox in Dennis Computer

Dennis draft

Draft folder in Dennis Computer

First email

Inbox on Walter's computer

Second email

Inbox on Walter's computer


Anna is not only Samuel's ex-girlfriend, but also a valuable companion on your hunt for the murderer.

Safe combination and password in the Basswood Jungle

Besides, you have to solve two more puzzles. In order for you to be able to snoop around Walter's computer, you first have to find out his password. Since you cannot use the keyboard independently, you have to trigger certain objects in the room in order to get a password.

The correct password is "Basswood" and you can find it when looking at the pictures behind the desk.

Then you have to get to Nick's notes. To do this, however, you need a safe combination. This is not, as you might first guess, on the pin board, but a corner down in the diary next to the brown couch.

The correct safe combination is "3121" .

Nick's accident scene in the forest

As the game progresses, Samuel remembers that it would be helpful to take a look at Nick's accident site in Basswood. The way is limited and you can only move on a certain part of the road and go down towards the abyss.

Clue search



Scorch marks

On the ground in front of the burned tree

Charred tree

The charred tree in front of the river

Curve signs

At the beginning of the accident route at the curve in the left area

car tracks

At the beginning of the accident route at the curve in the right area

No skid marks

At the beginning of the accident route at the front of the curve

Tree trunk

Across from Samuel's car

Street sign

At the end of the upper street is a yellow sign with a black arrow

Petrol stain

At the end of the upper street, a rainbow-colored stain shimmers on the ground



After you have collected all the clues, you have to reconstruct the process of the accident. You have several options to choose from, but only one variant is correct. The correct solution is:

  • Nick was passed out
  • The car was on fire
  • There was no obstacle in the way

Notes and lock combination in the fishing hut

After the successful reconstruction of Nick's accident, you visit his favorite spot by the lake. Because he was not only fishing there, but also set up a third office there. Your job now is to find Nick's notes and clues.

Clue search



Locker key

On the fish picture on the wall


In the middle locker part


In the upper locker part

Magazine articles

In the lower locker part


Pocket lock combination

In order to get to the contents of Nick's fishing bag, you have to choose the right pattern. Look at the caterpillar picture on the wall. The body of the caterpillar together with the note show you the correct order.

The right combination for a fishing bag is therefore: right, down, left, right, up

Then you have to find out who "D" is with the help of the notes. Apparently "D" was selling drugs. Therefore Richard is the man we are looking for.

Notes and reconstruction in "The Bay"

On the campsite, Anna lets you wander around on your own so you can find Dickie. Only when you have interviewed everyone can you start looking for the caravan. The right caravan is above the fireplace.

Clue search



Bear statue

Next to Kayla's tent

Lacquer and glaze

At Kayla's wood workshop on a log


At Kayla's wood workshop on a stool

Water hose

Next to Lynette's hut


On the hut platform in the middle of the square


On the hut platform in the middle of the square


On the hut platform in the middle of the square

Van key

At the gray van next to the bear


question round

As soon as you have found all the clues, you can plan your way to the caravan. However, many people are involved, and none of them should catch you. Therefore, you can take the following route to sneak past:

What should Anna do?Sabotage the water hose
Where are you hiding?Behind the curtain
When to come outOnce alone

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