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In Immortals: Fenyx Rising you have the opportunity to rely on your wings, but then you are quickly out of breath. Mounts bring you safely to your destination and do not use up your own stamina. We'll show you what the legendary mounts are and where to find them!

Between the normal mounts, you'll also find legendary ones!

You can find mounts in every region. Some you will only find in some regions, others in each. In total you have a choice of 13 mounts . With the purchase of the Season Pass before the release, even 14. Six of the 13 are legendary mounts that have a special appearance and a significantly higher endurance compared to their normal counterparts.

If you have sighted a herd or a single mount, you have to duck with [C] and carefully move towards the animal . If you move too fast, it will be shy and run away. Before that happens, a red exclamation mark appears over the mount. So don't be too stormy and feel your way carefully.

If you are close enough to the mount, you can tame it with [E] . Your new steed is now in your inventory and can be called at almost any point with [T].

Caution: Mounts cannot be called into deep water, caves, in combat or indoors

Should you come across a herd of the kind that you have already tamed on your explorations, you can go straight to one of the mounts and swing into the (nonexistent) saddle.


We have found all normal mounts for you and listed them in an overview. As mentioned, you can find these in several places . So it is quite possible that you will find the mounts in different places than the ones we show you here. The locations listed are where we found the respective mounts for the first time.






• Deer
• Moves silently


Valley of Eternal Spring : East of the Hall of the Gods, behind the river


• Horse
• High defense against harm


Valley of Eternal Spring and Cave of the Warrior : At the point where the territories of Ares and Aphrodite border at the gates of Tartarus


• Horse
• Very fast


Eternal Spring Valley : North of the great lyre near a large statue




Warrior's Cave : North-west of the Ismenian Dragon, halfway to the vault of Tartarus


• Deer
• Silver fur


Grove of Cleos : Go from the springs at Gaia's soul in the valley of eternal spring into the grove of Cleos. There is a herd just behind the springs


• Deer
• Is less likely to be attacked by opponents


Grove of Cleos : North of the statue of Athena at a small water hole halfway to a night chest




Valley of Eternal Spring : To the east of the Hall of the Gods, next to the vault of Tartarus called Help for Anemoi




Forge Lands : North of the statue of Hephaestus in a field before the gorge begins


Legendary mounts

Legendary mounts

The situation is different with the legendary mounts: They are unique specimens that you can only find in one place in the game. After that, no more mounts will appear there.

Particular caution is required with the legendary mounts: They are a lot more shy than their other conspecifics . Approach them as slowly as possible to tame them. All legendary mounts have a stamina of at least three .


Indika is a shining blue unicorn that you can find in Aphrodite's area Valley of Eternal Spring .

Go to the southern river area of ​​Gaia's soul to find Indica.

Where exactly you can find indica, we show you on the map:

Blue like Gaia's soul, Indica is in a river.


If indica is not enough for you as a unicorn, you can call a second your own with purple. The mount, which shares the name with its coat color, can also be found in the Valley of Eternal Spring . This time you go to the southernmost point of the island . Walking along the beach you will find purple.

Where exactly you can find indica, we show you on the map:

Not a two-horn but the second unicorn: purple!


Guardian is a golden Pegasus, which you can only find in Athens' Grove of Cleos . According to legend, Guardian is the protector of peace in the Golden Age.

Wachter's wings, however, are not functional. It is not possible for you to slide over abysses with him or jump into the air.

We show you exactly where you can find guards on the map:

Wachter's wings is located by the destroyed bridge at the northernmost point of the Grove of Cleos.


Like his golden brother, Laurein is a Pegasus. You can find this legendary mount at the two southernmost islands of the Butterfly Rock . Go to the smaller island from the right. Near the beach and among shipwrecks, the silver Laureion grazes.

Laureion Map


A horse with which you can go to war. Covered in armor, it is no wonder that this legendary mount can be found in the warrior's cave .

Go to the northeasternmost point of the region where Ares rules. Near one of the vaults of Tartaros you will find two small red lakes . Between these you will find a gem.

A horse for a god of war


Spring is only available if you purchased the Season Pass before the game was released!

Spring you get at the end of a side quest series that revolves around Apollon . Speak to Hermes as soon as you get to the house of the gods. He will ask you to find the three stones of Apollo so you can talk to him. In the course of this quest series you complete tasks such as happiness is a laurel wreath or the future lies in music . With the latter you also get access to the last little lyre from the Butterfly Rock.

When the quest series is over, Apollon will reward you with a Pegasus, which has wings in rainbow optics.

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