All music and songs from Cyberpunk 2077

All music and songs from Cyberpunk 2077

 In this small guide, I have compiled a list of all the musical compositions that you can hear during the game. If you liked something, you will surely find it here!

To begin with, a complete list of artists whose compositions were included in the soundtrack:

  • A $ AP Rocky
  • COS and CONWAY
  • Deadly hunta
  • Gazelle Twin
  • Grimes
  • Ilan Rubin
  • Nina kraviz
  • Rat boy
  • Raney Shockne
  • Refused
  • Richard Devine
  • Run the jewels
  • Tina guo

And now the list of music tracks:

  • Aligns (Rubicones): Friday Night Fire Fight
  • Converge (Shattered Void): I Won't Let You Go
  • Deadly Hunta / Maro Music (Footage Missing): When It's War
  • Deafkids (Tainted Overlord): Selva Puls├ítil
  • Gazelle Twin (Trash Generation): History
  • Grimes (Lizzy Wizzy): Delicate Weapon
  • HEALTH (Window Weather): Major Crimes
  • Konrad Oldmoney: Dinero (ft. Cerbeus)
  • Le Destroy (The Bait): Kill Kill
  • Namakopuri (Us Cracks): PonPon Shit
  • Nina Kraviz (Bara Nova): Surprise Me, I'm Surprised Today
  • Poloz (Tinnitus): On My Way to Hell
  • Raney Shockne (Point Break Candy): Hole in the Sun (ft. COS and Conway)
  • Rat Boy (IBDY): Who's Ready for Tomorrow
  • Rosa Walton (Hallie Coggins): I Really Want to Stay at Your House
  • Run the Jewels (Yankee and the Brave): No Save Point
  • SOPHIE / Shygirl (Clockwork Venus): BM
  • The Armed (Homeschool Dropouts): Night City Aliens
  • Tomb Mold (Bascillus): Adaptive Manipulator
  • Yugen Blakrok (Gorgon Madonna): Metamorphosis

You can also listen to the following radio stations:

  • 88.3 Pacific Dreams
  • 89.3 Radio Vexelstrom
  • 91.9 Royal Blue Radio
  • 92.9 Night FM
  • 96.1 Ritual FM
  • 98.7 Body Heat Radio
  • 101.0 The Dirge
  • 103.5 Radio Pebkac
  • 106.9 30 Principales
  • 107.3 Morro Rock Radio
  • Samizdat Radio (nightclubs)

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