Among Us: How to install proximity voice chat on PC

Among Us: How to install proximity voice chat on PC

 We show you how it works and the steps to follow in order to install a proximity voice chat mod in Among Us, only valid for PC. It is totally legal, safe and simple.

Among Us continues to grow and it is not surprising, because their games are tremendously fun, but did you know that they can be even more fun with a proximity voice chat ? One of the game's community users has developed a mod for the PC version that allows us to play with a proximity chat, something that undoubtedly multiplies the fun. If you want to know how to download and install it legally and safely here we will tell you.

How to download and install proximity voice chat in Among Us?

Officially InnerSloth, the creators of Among Us, have not yet designed an internal proximity voice chat for the game. However, in the gaming community there are very skilled people and that is the case of the user Ottomated , who has created a very special mod.

Here we will explain how to legally download and install the Among Us proximity voice chat mod created by Ottomated. It should be noted that this mod is only valid for the PC version of the game.

Among Us proximity voice chat mod


Here are the steps to follow and instructions :

  • First access this link : to download the CrewLink file (with the ending .exe). Preferably download the latest latest version.

  • Once the file is saved on your computer: open it and start installing it (your antivirus may block the file, but if you have downloaded it from that website, there is nothing to worry about).

  • Once CrewLink is installed: you have to open the version of Among Us that you have on your PC through this application.

  • If everything went well: you can now use proximity voice chat in your games. To do this, do the test by creating a private game.

  • Check that the proximity chat works: by clicking the gear icon in the CrewLink window. In this options menu, activate the "Voice Activity" box. Now your character has to be surrounded by a green circle every time you speak into the microphone (if the chat is not activated the circle will be red).

If you have questions about this installation process, you can directly consult the video that Ottomated himself uploaded to his YouTube channel , where he explains the entire process first-hand, although it is in English it is quite intuitive.

Finally, remember that the proximity voice chat will only work if the rest of the players in the game also have it installed and are using it. This proximity chat works in such a way that when you are close to another player you can hear their voice clearly, while if they move away from you they will hear less and less until they are completely lost (even through the walls you can hear a little bit).

Of course this chat complicates things for the role of impostors , and that makes the games more exciting and tense. It must be said that since it is a mod it can harbor certain occasional bugs or it can crash if there are too many people using it. Many of the problems are fixed if all players are in the lobby and press CTRL + R in the CrewLink window (to refresh the application).

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