Among Us: PP Cheat Mode (09/12/2020)


Among Us: PP Cheat Mode (09/12/2020)

Among Us PP Cheat Mode (2020.12.3s).

A working free cheat for the Steam version of Among Us PC. Archive password: 123


- Change of roles

- Change of speed

- Change the range of inspection

- Show impostors (text in the menu for 1 impostor or 2)

- No recharge kill Insane Report Distance

- Maximum allowable kill distance

- Become invisible

- 10000 encounters

How to use:

- First opening among us and after opening it, check the "Enable cheats" box. After that, everything is ready.

- If you want to use the imposter disclosure button, just click it, and if you want it to update, just press the "C" button next to it and click the open button again.

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