Assassin's Creed Valhalla Solution: All Decisions That Can Affect the Plot Guide

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Solution: All Decisions That Can Affect the Plot Guide

 In Assassin's Creed Valhalla there are several moments that can influence the plot of the game sometimes more and sometimes less. Often the consequence is just a new cutscene or the fact that a character likes Eivor more or less. But sometimes your decisions are more serious and if you are not careful, you not only ruin friendships, but also lose clan members.

All decisions and consequences in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

In this short guide, we'll tell you all the moments when your decisions have an impact on the plot and certain details in the world of Valhalla and what consequences you have to reckon with. If you are not sure what effect your answers will have in conversations or if you are interested in what happens if you make an alternative decision, we recommend that you save the game beforehand and reload the saved game if necessary.

All the consequences for looters

During the course of the campaign , it is possible that Eivor and the Raven clan will join new raiders . Depending on the decision that you make as Eivor, it can also happen that the warriors in question do not want to follow you. Below are all the moments when such a decision is made.

  • Birna : Should you accuse the wrong person as a traitor in The Song of Soma , Birna will not join you and the raven clan.
  • Finnr : Should you later allow Oswald to fight Rued himself at the wedding , Finnr will be so impressed that he stays with Oswald and swears eternal loyalty to him. Accordingly, he will not join you.
  • Vili : Should Eivor decide to make Vili an Ealdorman, he won't join your crew.
  • Rollo : Rollo will always join Eivor no matter how you behave.

Possibilities and consequences by region

But not only the looters in Assassin's Creed Valhalla are influenced by Eivor's answers in conversations , depending on the region in which you are, there are numerous smaller and larger decisions that can be made and which rightly lead to different consequences. Below is a list of all the locations and the relevant decisions you can make there.

  • Rygjafylke : If Eivor decides to take the treasures of Styrbjorn with him before leaving for England, you will receive a Sigurd Strike . If you get three strikes, Sigurd leaves you later in the game.
  • Grantaybrycgscir : If Eivor chooses the wrong traitor, Birna will not join the Raven clan and Soma is much cooler than Eivor.
  • Legracaesterscir : Spared the lives of Leofrith and he will give you more about the zealots tell and how you can stop. If you kill him, the zealots will hunt you down from this moment on.
  • East Engla : If you spare Rued's life and later allow Oswald to fight him, Finnr is so impressed by the young man that he stays with him and does not join your crew.
  • Oxenfordscir : If Eivor loses control here and gets into a fight with Sigurd and Basim , you get a Sigurd Strike. If you have three strikes, Sigurd will leave you during the campaign.
  • Scerobescire : Telling Ubba the truth about his brother will satisfy him. Lie to him and he will appear in your settlement later and in a bad mood ..
  • Sudseaxe : All the allies you have gathered up to this point will gather and assist you in the upcoming battle.
  • Essexe : If you accuse the wrong person as a traitor during the quest in this region, this will result in Estrid being injured.
  • Lincolnnescir : The choice of Bishop Herefrith as Ealdorman results in the quest being terminated immediately and his true identity being revealed much later.
  • Snotinghamscire : If you let Trygve burn himself alive, Eivor will lose the chance to choose the new Ealdorman himself. If you choose Vili as Ealdorman, he will no longer join your crew.
  • Eurvicscire : You can decide whether Faravid should live or die. This decision has no far-reaching consequences.

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