Best stats and abilities in Cyberpunk 2077

Best stats and abilities in Cyberpunk 2077

 A detailed description of all the main characteristics of V and the abilities available to choose from

At the very beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, at the character creation stage, the game will offer to distribute 7 stat points among the five main attributes. The number of these attributes will not increase as the game progresses, so each time you level up, you will be investing points in one of the following indicators:

  • Strength . Affects physical abilities, including opening locked doors. Starting from the third level of strength, each point invested will give constant bonuses: +5 HP, +3 stamina, +3 damage from gorilla fists and hands, + 1.5% damage from melee weapons, -6% to penalty when moving with a captured enemy or a large-caliber machine gun, +5 seconds to the time of movement with a captured enemy and the time of capturing the enemy.

  • Intelligence . Affects non-runner abilities. With an increase in the level of intelligence, you will receive the following bonuses: + 4% to the cyberdeck memory, + 0.5% to damage from scripts, + 1% to the duration of scripts.

  • Reaction . Increases the character's maneuverability, including his movement speed. With each new level of reaction, you will receive permanent bonuses: + 1% to the chance of passively evading enemy attacks, + 1% to the probability of a critical hit, +3 to damage from mantis blades.

  • Technique . The characteristic directly affects the possession of technical skills. Affects door unlocking and the use of electromagnetic weapons. With each new level of technology, the armor value will increase by 5%.

  • Composure . Endurance, composure and efficiency of covert movement depend on this characteristic. With each new level you will receive a number of bonuses: + 2% to critical damage, + 1% to all types of resistance, + 10% to damage from stealthy attacks, -0.5% to detection speed when moving stealthily, +3 damage from mono strings.

In addition to the passive bonuses listed above, each new level of the characteristic will expand access to the abilities hidden in it. The higher the level, the more advanced perks you can get. For each new level of the character you will receive 1 point of characteristics and 1-2 points of abilities. Let's figure out what abilities are hidden under certain characteristics and what of all this should be downloaded, depending on the chosen play style. The most top-end abilities require a 20 (maximum) stat level.

Strength abilities

There are three categories of abilities according to the Strength characteristic:

  • Athletics . Here you will find skills that increase defense (resistance to different types of damage, armor), improve close combat (decrease stamina consumption, increase impact power, etc.), regulate stamina consumption (you can completely eliminate stamina consumption while running). The main skill is "Incredible Cool" (level 20). It can be improved indefinitely. The first level at the beginning of the battle for 10 seconds increases all indicators of armor and resistance by 10%. With each subsequent level - by 1%.

  • Destruction . These skills focus on improving the use of shotguns and light machine guns (not to be confused with heavy machine guns, which can, for example, be thrown off turrets). You can also get bonuses for dismemberment, increase damage when shooting while running or at moving targets. The main skill is "Bloodbath". After dismembering an enemy, recoil is reduced by 50% for 6 seconds. Each new level increases the recoil reduction by 1%.

  • Street fight . These skills are related to the use of shock weapons. They increase the damage done, reduce the consumption of stamina, increase protection when blocking attacks (or, for example, provide a bonus in the form of HP recovery). In general, you will be able to derive the maximum benefit from the use of strike weapons. The main skill is "Partizan". At the start of each battle, critical damage increases by 60% every 10 seconds. Each new level increases the bonus by 2%.

Reaction abilities

In total, there are three categories of abilities according to the characteristic "Reaction":

  • Rifles . Here are collected all the abilities related to the strengthening of assault and sniper rifles, submachine guns. The main skill is "Destroyer". Unlocks at level 20 characteristics. After destroying the enemy with a rifle or submachine gun, the weapon does not tremble and the spread of bullets does not increase for 10 seconds. With each new level, the time increases by 0.2 seconds.

  • Short-barreled . These skills are geared towards using pistols and revolvers. The main skill is called Good, Bad, Ugly. After a critical hit when firing a pistol or revolver, damage and armor are increased by 30% for 5 seconds. With each new level, the bonus will increase by 1%.

  • Blades . Here are collected skills that enhance the use of bladed weapons. The main skill "Dragon Strike" increases critical damage from bladed weapons by 25%. Moreover, with each new level, this indicator will increase by 1%. A very useful skill, as it gives a permanent, not temporary effect!

Technique Abilities

There are three categories of abilities according to the "Technique" characteristic:

  • Creation . Abilities related to crafting and dismantling, using consumables. One of the best skills will allow you to create legendary items! The main skill "Crazy Science" increases the sales value of crafted items by 10%. With each new level, the parameter increases by 1%.

  • Engineering . Everything related to the use of explosives, as well as modifications for weapons. There are also skills that enhance the use of electromagnetic weapons, provide protection from electricity, and so on. The main skill "Upgrade" increases the damage from electromagnetic weapons by 25%. Supported attacks of any weapon capable of charging are increased by 10%. The percentages increase with each new level (by 1). The most useful skill that gives a permanent bonus.

Intelligence abilities

There are three categories of Intelligence abilities in total:

  • Hacking the protocol . It's all clear without further ado: these skills focus on enhancing hacking skills. Provide access to new scripts, improve existing ones, and so on. Your scripts and daemons will be much stronger. In addition, you can open a skill that automatically highlights the nearest access point. The main skill "Transmigration" increases the duration of breaking the protocol by 50%. For each level of the ability, the time increases by another 5%. Moreover, to increase it is enough to level 16 characteristics.

  • Fast hack . Improved cyberdeck and quick hacking scripts. The ability to create epic cyberdecks can be unlocked. The main skill “Accelerated Replenishment of Memory” increases the speed of memory recovery by 50% + 1% for each next level of the skill.

Composure abilities

In total, there are three categories of abilities according to the "Composure" characteristic:

  • Stealth . Skills associated with stealthy passage of the game. Enhances stealth attacks, give a bonus for headshots, and provide access to throwing knives. You can find an ability that increases damage to people, or restores health with various stealthy actions. There is also a skill for enhancing poison damage. The main skill "Toxicology" increases the duration of poisoning for enemies by 5 seconds. For each skill level you will receive +0.2 seconds.

  • Equanimity . These abilities are aimed at enhancing defense, armor and various V resistances. And also on using the effect of "Equanimity", which, in fact, is one of the available abilities (the rest enhance it). The main skill "Ruthlessness" increases the chance of a critical hit by 10%, and damage - by 25% during the effect of "Equanimity". With each new level, the probability of critical damage increases by 1%, and the value - by 3%.

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