Brawl Stars, guide of Edgar: how to play the new brawler?


Brawl Stars, guide of Edgar: how to play the new brawler?

A huge update has just arrived on Brawl Stars ! To see our complete analysis and all our tips to make the most of it (Byron's guide included!) We redirect you to our article dedicated to it . Today is the official release day of Edgar, a new powerful assassin ... and free!


Like every brawler, Edgar was treated to a full analysis of its stats and mechanics, as well as a list of tips and tricks for how to play it in our brawler guide . You will find there:

  • All his stats , a comparison with other brawlers and what that entails.
  • An analysis of its mechanics, its Super and its Star Power as well as some advice concerning them.
  • A long list of little-known tips to optimize the way you play Edgar and ways to counter him.
  • The list of modes that we recommend with this character and why we recommend them to you.

How to get Edgar for free in Brawl Stars

The path to the biggest question mark of all Christmas in Brawl Stars is Edgar's status until he establishes how it can be obtained for free in the store, a promise set for December 19 that seems to be extended until January 7.

The next member to step on the arena of Brawl Stars is a kid prepared to change the rules of combat to melee in each game mode and although everyone waits for him only during the 24 hours of December 19, the latest theories affirm that Supercell you will not risk having it only one day available.

The free brawler par excellence of this close of 2020 is one of the 13 gifts marked by the second anniversary of the game and according to the calculations of the Brawl Talk it should appear this Saturday in the store, but it seems that being such a special prize is not there would be only one day left.

Although it is not an official source in itself, we could almost say that content creators with Supercell permissions usually have a privileged position in terms of game information and in this case Lex has been chosen to reveal that Edgar will be available until January 7.

The content creator of Tribe Gaming has not hesitated to make the statement even without Supercell having gotten wet in this matter in question, but the reality is that this extension is more dedicated to specific players who do not enter the game daily.

The logical thing is that with the hype for Colette's partner in the Starr Park store, the vast majority of users enter on the morning of December 19 to pick it up and upload trophies as quickly as possible, something that should calm down with the passing of the weeks.

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