Brawl Stars update: new brawler guides and more! Our tips to make the most of it

Brawl Stars update: new brawler guides and more! Our tips to make the most of it

 A huge update has just arrived on Brawl Stars ! Between the end of year holidays and the 2 years of the game, Supercell has put the package: adjustments on emblematic game modes and on the trophies, maps, skins, a temporary mode and especially two new characters: hang on you, we analyze everything!


Like every brawler, Byron was treated to a full analysis of his stats and mechanics, along with a list of tips and tricks for how to play him in our brawler guide . You will find there:

  • All his stats , a comparison with other brawlers and what that entails;
  • An analysis of its mechanics, its Super and its Star Power as well as some advices concerning them;
  • A long list of little-known tips to optimize the way you play Byron and ways to counter him;
  • The list of modes that we recommend with this character and why we recommend them to you.

For Edgar, the second announced brawler, we'll be releasing another comprehensive guide on its official release day tomorrow, Saturday, December 19. Still a little patience, it arrives very very quickly!


Gift Rush Mode

Christmas Provisional Mode is back! This is a fairly classic flag capture mode with a winter skin. The objective is to steal the gift from the opposing team while protecting yours. A mix between the Heist mode and the Brawl Ball mode in short . The most relevant brawlers in this mode are therefore those that are often found in Brawl Ball or Heist: favor launchers, tanks and supports focused on control! Obviously, please don't take Mortis.

Gems and Bounty Raid

In Gem Raze , a timer has been added. All games will have to end 30 seconds after the last gem appears, which makes games of 3.5 minutes at most . The team with the most gems at the end of the timer wins. If there is a tie... there is a tie. This small change makes the mode more enjoyable and increases the effectiveness of assassins. There you can play Mortis.

In Prime mode , the central star turns blue and becomes a bit more strategic than before. Killing the player who picked it up transfers the blue star to your team. The good news is that this blue star is now used to determine the winning team in the event of a tie . If there is no tie, it does not score any points. Do not take any more reckless risks at the start of the game!


Brawler resets above 550 trophies had become very painful for a lot of people around the 20,000 total trophies. Many people stagnate in these surroundings for lack of time and find themselves playing opposite and with players who are not of their level. That will change very soon.

Two details to add here:
  • Resets are no longer made from 550 trophies but from 501 trophies. It makes more sense that way. After a reset, we will drop a single trophy below the level at which we stopped . For example, if you have reached 560 trophies at the end of the season on a brawler, you will be on the level going from 550 to 575 and you will therefore drop to 549 trophies.

A new optimization strategy can therefore be put in place to guarantee you a minimal reset each month: make sure you always end the season at the very beginning of the level for all your characters. Before, we lost 25 trophies at least. Today, we can only lose one . This is great news that will allow everyone to finally play at their true level and advance on the road to trophies!


No less than 28 brawlers have had their stats slightly changed. Let's go through them quickly.


Let's start with the characters made a bit stronger. There are 21.

  • ARKAD : His Super takes a big buff going to 50% damage increase instead of 30% previously.
  • Bull : His Star Power making him shoot faster triggers earlier.
  • Colette : Her life and shield Star Power take a small buff.
  • Colt : His primary attack hits 12.5% ​​harder.
  • Crow : The poor Legendary brawler needed it badly: his gadget allowing to slow his enemies takes a big buff by increasing its duration by 43%.
  • Darryl : His second gadget slows down for a longer time.
  • Dynamike : Its cooldown increases a little bit and its "top of hand" gadget is finally useful by hitting 1200 per bomb thrown.
  • Élis @ : Did she need such a buff? His damage is all increased and his Heal Star Power is buffed by 31%.
  • Emery : His Star Power healing his ally is increased by 20%.
  • '' ' Frank' '' : Always more life for the strongest tank.
  • Gaël : He also gains some VP.
  • Jacky : All his damage increases a bit.
  • Jessie : Damage buff for her primary attack, heal for her first Star Power, and health for her turret.
  • Leon : The Star Power giving him speed is improved.
  • Mortis : His Super steals 25% more health.
  • Mr. M .: His main attack hits a little harder.
  • Nita : Her main attack becomes a bit more powerful and the life steal of her second Star Power is significantly improved.
  • Pam : Her turret heals better, her gadget heals better, and her second Star Power finally hurts a little.
  • Polly : Her Star Reloading Power is improved by 33%!
  • Ricochet : The most fragile brawler in the game takes a small health buff and his Star Power which increases the power of his balls after a bounce is improved by 24%.
  • Shelly : Nice buff of the two Star Powers from the Brawl Stars pawnshop.


First of all, note that all the powers allowing to regain life and to do damage at the same time (like the Star Powers of Nita or Pam for example) only affect the opposing brawlers. Impossible to heal by stuffing a trunk then.

  • Brock : He loses health and damage across all of his abilities. Hard blow.
  • Carl : His first gadget becomes usable again, increasing its damage by 33%. In return, he loses 13% range on his main attack and recharges his Super a little more slowly.
  • D'Jinn : The little genie loses a bit of life and his Super will recharge 33% slower than before, that's huge.
  • SPIKE The cactus now recharges a little slower than before.
  • Tara : She loses a bit of life and her vision gadget through tall grass lasts 20% less.
  • Tick : His attacks recharge a bit slower.


  • Many new skins are coming , we let you discover them in the shop!
  • The Map Creator is further improved with minor new features.
  • There are a few small aesthetic changes that can be seen in Survivor Duo and in jumping abilities.
  • Huge bugfix as usual.

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