Call of Duty Warzone, Season 1 Black Ops: Rebirth challenges, list and complete guide

Call of Duty Warzone, Season 1 Black Ops: Rebirth challenges, list and complete guide

 That's it, after an exceptionally long season of a few weeks, the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone has just made its appearance. To celebrate the arrival of this new season, we are going to have the right to a series of challenges.


The principle of these Rebirth challenges is simple, you are going to have a list of 16 challenges that are overall pretty easy to complete and each time you get there you will earn a reward. You will find the list of all the challenges, as well as the rewards in this guide. Be careful, all these challenges are to be done on Rebirth Island!

  • Drive a vehicle for 20 minutes

Let's start smoothly with this challenge that requires us to drive vehicles for a total of 20 minutes in order to win a “Everyone” business card. Of course, we are not talking about 20 consecutive minutes here!

  • Complete 30 contracts

Contracts are the way to quickly earn money at the start of the game and therefore inevitably invoke an airdrop to equip yourself. Therefore, it's a safe bet that this challenge asking you to finish 30 contracts to win an "Experimentation" business card is just a formality for you.

  • Buy 30 rounds of eliminations

Elimination streaks are powerful weapons at your disposal that can be purchased through the Supply Station. To succeed in this challenge, you will therefore need to save money and go to stations to buy 30 sets of eliminations. You will then win the "Corrosive" lucky charm.

  • Open 100 cases

In Warzone, you're not really ready to fight until you've been able to recover your drop. However, at the start of the game, you have to do well without. The most effective way to equip yourself and earn some money in the process is surely to open chests. This is what we are asking you here to unlock a "Bear" emblem.

  • Collect 200 stacks of money

You know the expression which says that money is the sinews of war. Well, in Warzone that's very true, and that's why we're entitled to a challenge here asking us to collect 200 stacks of money . As a reward, you will receive an "Encore!" Sticker.

  • Collect 20 times your equipment

It's a safe bet that you won't have to change your playstyle much to accomplish this challenge. Indeed, the equipment drops are one of the central points of the gameplay of Warzone. From then on, all you have to do is accumulate the $ 10,000 needed to purchase it 20 times to win a "Shooting Star" emblem.

  • Finish 5 times in the Top 30%

Before, we were allowed to have challenges asking us to finish in the Top 15. For this season, the title of the challenge has changed a bit, but the objective remains the same: to survive! Once you have managed to do it 5 times, you will leave with a "Renaissance" emblem.

  • Get 30 kills with a standard weapon

For the next challenge, you will not be given a weapon with which to kill. Indeed, you will be free provided it is a standard weapon. Once you have successfully completed the requested 30 kills with it, you will be awarded a "Heroic Sacrifice" business card.

  • Get 30 kills with a legendary weapon

For this challenge, you will first need to find a weapon of legendary rarity. These are recognizable by their golden color. Once you have one in your possession, you will have to use it to do at least 30 kills in order to get your hands on a sticker "Warning danger!".

  • Perform 2 kills or assists from a vehicle

Not sure that this challenge enchants many Call of Duty: Warzone players. Indeed, it is quite frowned upon to kill people in vehicles in the game. However, this is precisely what this challenge will ask you by requiring that you participate in the death of 2 people from a vehicle in order to win. a "Soviet Space Program" business card.

  • Destroy a vehicle carrying enemies

For the next challenge, you will be able to relax. Indeed, the vehicles are surely the point which crystallizes the most the frustration of the players since the launch of Warzone. Well, good news, today you will be able to vent that frustration and win an "In Progress" business card.

  • Use 50 armor plates

One of the things that makes Call of Duty: Warzone unique is that enemies take very little time to kill you. Therefore, it seems crazy to deprive oneself of the armor plates that will allow you not to die instantly. For this challenge, you will have to use at least 50 of them. You will then win a sticker "The red bear".

  • Reach the Top 30% 15 times

For the second time in these challenges, you will have to survive, but this time the task will be a little more difficult since it is not 5, but 15 games where you will have to reach the Top 30% to be able to win a card. "Familiar Fortress" tour.

  • Reach the Top 30% 30 times

You know what they say, never two without three… and this has just been confirmed again with the presence of a third challenge directly linked to survival. This time, it is thirty times that it will be necessary to reach the Top 30% to win a Harmful machine gun.

  • Eliminate an enemy before the first circle closes

To succeed in this challenge and win the "Eclairs" emblem, there is no secret, you must play with a minimum of aggression. Indeed, you will have to eliminate at least one enemy before the end of the first circle to validate this challenge.

  • Eliminate 100 enemies

For this last challenge, the title is quite clear, you will have to do carnage by managing to eliminate at least 100 enemies during your games. Once you have succeeded, you will be able to win the last reward, a "Reincarnation" lucky charm.

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