Call of Duty Warzone, Season 1 Black Ops: Stitch Operator Missions, List & Complete Guide

Call of Duty Warzone, Season 1 Black Ops: Stitch Operator Missions, List & Complete Guide

 Since this morning, players have been able to get their hands on the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone . The opportunity to take an interest in present challenges such as those allowing you to unlock new styles for the Classified Stitch skin.


If you've never done one before, the principle of skin missions is pretty straightforward. Each time you unlock one in the Battle Pass, there are challenges that will grant you between two and four new skin styles!

  • Win 1 duel at the Gulag

As you now know if you are on this page, death is never really final in Warzone. Here, you are therefore asked to win a fight in the Gulag after your death to return to the game on your own.

  • Kill 10 enemies affected by tear gas or gas mine

In Warzone there are several ways to ensure that your enemies will be hampered during combat and thus grant you victory in the event of duels. Tear gas and gas mines are among these types of objects . Kill 10 affected enemies and you will earn the Specter skin.

  • Get 25 kills with Tactical Mask or Hardened Perks

For this challenge, you will be able to play your games in a completely normal way, which is, we must admit, a big plus. You just have to remember to equip yourself with Tactical Mask or Hardened at the start of the game.

  • Activate 3 priority contracts

Contracts are surely the preferred method for many players at the start of the game in order to stock up on agents. Here, you are specifically asked to do 3 priority type contracts in order to unlock a new skin, Diver.

  • Make 5 kills at C4

This challenge should appeal to players who like to add a dose of drama to their games. Indeed, we expressly ask you here to do kills with explosives and more precisely C4 in order to be able to move on to the next challenge.

  • Complete 5 bonus contracts

For the second time, you will be asked to complete a certain type of contract. This time, it's bounty-type contracts that you'll have to manage in order to unlock the third skin in this series of challenges, New Guardian.

  • Make 5 kills with a Molotov cocktail

You liked doing the kills at C4 a few challenges ago, it's a safe bet that you will like the sequel where you are simply asked to cook your enemies to death using of Molotov cocktails in your parties.

  • Destroy 5 vehicles

For this last challenge, you will have to open the map and find nearby enemies moving in vehicles. Then prepare a trap and detonate the vehicle. Repeat the operation 5 times to unlock the Bands skin.

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