CD Projekt Red Investor Meeting Details: Cyberpunk 2077 Issues, Multiplayer Release Date, and Witcher 4 Rumors

CD Projekt Red Investor Meeting Details: Cyberpunk 2077 Issues, Multiplayer Release Date, and Witcher 4 Rumors

 On December 14, CD Projekt Red held an emergency meeting with investors, where they discussed the problems of launching Cyberpunk 2077, further plans for the development of the game and multiplayer, etc. Also, information about The Witcher 4 suddenly sounded from one of the investors, which for now, nevertheless, should be taken as a rumor. You can listen to the recording of the conversation here , and a summary of what was discussed was posted on the Reddit portal.

  • CD Projekt Red CEO says "We know we have lost the trust of the players and we want to get it back."
  • The investor asks what the developers intend to do to fix the game on the previous generation consoles. CDPR responds that there won't be any changes in graphics or gameplay: for now, their main goal is simply to make Cyberpunk 2077 playable on PS4 and Xbox One from start to finish without crashes.
  • PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game were not presented to critics due to the development team working on them until the release. The developers say they worked on them literally "until the last minute."
  • Due to the pandemic, CDPR staff tested the game at home without using experienced third-party contractors. The focus was on the PC version, not the console version.
  • After about 21 minutes, the CDPR CEO says they plan to give the Cyberpunk team a break "until February."
  • The multiplayer is slated for release in 2022, but it could be pushed back to 2023.
  • It all depends on how long it will take for the development team to fix all of the current issues and complete the planned DLC and expansions.
  • Some investors are very concerned that many players are asking for money back per game. One asks how the return process is going at Microsoft and Sony stores and if he will save his money.
  • CDPR has no plans to reduce the price of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One versions, despite the disastrous release.
  • One investor asks if the development team needs to expand staff to complete the game. CDPR says the number of developers won't change anything. The CEO took full responsibility for the failure. He says their management team was in vain in rushing the game's developers without understanding the technical constraints they faced.
  • In an attempt to make excuses for the disastrous release on PS4 and Xbox One, CDPR says several times that the game will be updated for free for next-gen consoles. But they cannot clearly explain what to do for those who do not have next generation consoles.
  • The Google Stadia version of the game will only be patched once before the developers go on vacation. No further updates are planned after that, although this could change in the first quarter of 2021.
  • One investor, citing player backlash, asks why the AI ​​in the game is so dumb . CDPR replies that this is a bug and patches released in January and February 2021 will fix everything.
  • Ahead of the concluding meeting, CDPR is again told that the game will be updated for free for next-gen consoles, so they hope gamers will not demand a refund.
  • One investor asks something like, "I know you haven't officially announced this, but how is The Witcher 4 progressing and how many people have been assigned to the team?" CDPR shy away from answering.

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