CD Projekt Red reacted to the comparison of Cyberpunk 2077 with Hitler

CD Projekt Red reacted to the comparison of Cyberpunk 2077 with Hitler

 More recently, Paste Magazine published a column by Garrett Martin. In his opinion, Cyberpunk 2077 is the same GOTY of 2020, as Adolf Hitler was once TIME's man of the year.

Apart from that, Garrett listed all the known problems of Cyberpunk, and also mentioned that the game sold well only due to pre-orders, as a result of which it became the best-selling in recent years.

However, Twitter users began to protest massively against the Paste Magazine column and the author had to defend himself, explaining his comparison by the fact that he did not want to compare the game with a 20th century monster, but simply tried to show that TIME showed that “ the standard when the award is not really an award at all ”and Cyberpunk 2077 fits these words perfectly.

The excuse did not save the author and, in addition to the angry comments of ordinary users, the developers from CD Projekt Red joined the discussion. For example, this is how senior level designer Philip Weber reacted on Twitter:

I'll say it as softly as I can: fuck off.

To add context: as a German living and working in Poland, I find such comparisons to be extremely disgusting for the sake of sharp presentation.

I understand that the analogy is more with a cover than with a person. By showing empathy, however, you might realize how such headlines affect developers who don't make release decisions but get all this hate.

Senior game designer Andrzej Zawadski also decided to support the developer : 

Such comparisons go beyond disrespect and show a complete lack of empathy. Think what you want about the game, but this is too much.

After all the flurry of criticism, Garrett Martin decided to close his twitter.

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