Cheap Nintendo Switch Games, How to Get Them?

Cheap Nintendo Switch Games, How to Get Them?

Introduction and history

Nintendo Switch has reaped great success since its launch on March 3, 2017, although this was accompanied by only 5 games , they promised (and delivered) a great catalog of games. Nintendo has never been known for offering substantial discounts on its games, but we will tell you step by step how to get cheap games for Nintendo Switch .

Nintendo Switch , which was called Nintendo NX as a code name during its development, is Nintendo's hybrid console and the ninth of the company that has undoubtedly managed to penetrate the public, although with a concise catalog on launch day, Nintendo has worked to have a catalog extensive enough to attract the attention of any type of public.

The console of the Big N has successful titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizon , this has been the video game that, with a little help, has managed to sell in less than 2 months everything that was expected to be sold throughout the life of the console , but we are talking about a game whose RRP is 59.99 euros. Another success is Mario Kart 8 deluxe , a reissue of the Wii U game, which ranks first on the bestseller list, its RRP is also 59.99 .

Nintendo Switch has 2 ways to acquire video games, you can buy it in physical format , which includes a cover and the game cartridge for the console, or buy it in digital format , on the console itself you have the store called eShop . In the Nintendo eShop we can download it instantly and store it in the internal memory of the console or if we have already used up the internal memory, on a microSD card that we can use to expand the data storage.

Each format has its advantages (and disadvantages), in the physical format we can acquire something material that we can later resell , but we will have to go out in search that if it is launch day it will be difficult to find, or wait to be sent home if We have bought it in an online store.

In the case of the digital format, we have the advantage of acquiring it and only having to wait for it to download in order to start playing, in large releases we can even download it before the departure date and start playing it that same day at 00:00 There are games that would never come out in physical format, but if they are in both formats we usually find games in digital format more expensive than in physical format.

Another advantage of the digital format is that we do not need to carry cartridges wherever we go , it will be enough to carry the microSD where we have the games stored, plus it will not be necessary to change the cartridge every time you want to change the game. On the contrary, we will need much more storage space for this format.

Unfortunately, the Big N does not offer great discounts on its triple A games. Zelda Breath of the Wild that accompanied the console on its departure, we can find it today even above 50 euros in physical format . Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , even being a WiiU game that has been reissued on Nintendo Switch, it is difficult to find it for less than 45 euros in its cartridge format. These prices, although they are not a bargain, are below its RRP which is what it will have in digital format.

In this guide we will teach you how to save a few euros when buying games for your Nintendo Switch console , using some very simple tricks and taking advantage of the offers that Nintendo offers in all regions, let's see how to do it.

Buy cheap Nintendo Switch games in the eShop of other countries

One of the advantages of being able to buy in digital format is being able to do it at any time and at any time, we only need an internet connection and a payment method, of course. We can choose a game and start playing almost immediately we just have to wait for it to download.

For this we also need to have previously created a Nintendo account, with our personal data and to which we can associate payment methods. In Spain it is allowed to pay with a credit or debit card, Nintendo balance or PayPal.

Nintendo divides its eShop into basically 4 areas:

  • Europe and South Africa.
  • Mexico / USA / Canada.
  • Japan.
  • Latin America.

We can buy without any problem in our region, Europe and South Africa , but the other regions have their own restrictions to buy, for example, Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru) does not have an eShop like the rest. To buy in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru), it is done through the store called Tienda / Loja Nintendo, here they will give us a code to redeem on the console and be able to download it.

Most of the time, the game you are looking for is in another country's eShop at a cheaper price, taking advantage of the currency exchange. The advantage of all this is that we can buy games from that region and play them on our console without any problem, if the content is in Spanish (it is very common with few exceptions) we will play it in this language.

For this we have two options :

  • The first and least recommended is that you change your country to the one of the eShop store that has the cheapest game , if it is within your same region, you will not have a problem, if it is from another region you will need a valid means of payment.
  • You can create an account exclusively for this region and use it only to buy the games of that region that interest you, once downloaded you can play them with your main account without any problem. What many people do is have a user for each region . So we will have one for Europe / South Africa, another for Mexico / USA / Canada and another for Japan.

For the first option we follow these steps:

  1. We enter the Nintendo website and authenticate us with our username and password.
  2. Now we will have to go to Settings by clicking on the icon of our photo and clicking on Settings.
  3. Then we click on the Change button of the first Profile option. 
  4. In Country / Region, we click on the drop-down and choose the country or region where the offer game is located.
  5. We only have to Save the changes to finish.
  6. The next time you open the eShop on your Nintendo Switch, it will be the one for the chosen country.

For the second option we will follow these steps:

  1. Instead of logging in with our usual account, we will click on Create a Nintendo Account.
  2. We select For users 16 years or older.
  3. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple ID account and it is not already associated with your main account, we can create it directly by clicking on the corresponding button , otherwise we fill in the data, making sure that in Country / Region we select the country where we want to buy the games. We check the box to accept the terms and click on continue.
  4. Now we will choose if we want to receive emails with offers and click on Confirm and create account.
  5. Now they will send us a code to the email that we have specified and we must enter it to confirm, once this is done, we already have our account created .
  6. The next step is to add the user to the Nintendo Switch console.

Now that we are in the country with the offer game, we can only make the payment, since if it is in our same region we probably will not have any difficulties . PayPal supports payment anywhere in Europe free of charge, and in South Africa we can pay with our usual credit or debit card , but what if the game is in another region?

To pay in another region it will be necessary to have a credit card or PayPal account from that region , unfortunately none (or practically none) credit cards are valid to pay in regions other than Europe and South Africa, we will not be able to create an account of PayPal, as we need to add a credit card from that region.

The salvation to these problems is in the balance cards of the eShop, we can buy many of these cards in common stores such as G2A, Eneba, VidaPlayer, beaches, and some more. We can add this balance if we have created an exclusive account for this country since, if we have a balance in our account and we change the country, the balance will disappear.

By adding balance to the account that we have assigned to this country we can keep it for future purchases, if we select the USA for that region, usually the best prices are always in the same countries, so it will not be strictly necessary to change the country within this same region and thus we can maintain the balance in our account.

You can check the web eshop prices to know the best price of the game you are looking for, you can easily recognize it by the green color. We will only have to enter the title in the search engine and it will tell us the best prices available for that title. If we select Euros in Current currency, it will show us all prices in Euros.

To buy games in Latin America is more complicated, as they are only done through the portal that we discussed earlier, the only form of payment is a card issued in Latin America , it is likely that no card issued in Spain will work, like Revolut cards or Bnext. Only if we have an acquaintance there can we ask them to buy it and pass the code to us.

Nintento Switch eShop offers

The eShop is full of games of all kinds, but what is most abundant are games from independent developers or Nindies (from Nintendo Indies), and there are always specific offers where we can find games at a very good price, there are games from 1 cent and discounts of up to 90% on other titles.

But these offers are not always the same in all regions, so we can find games in the Japan eShop that are very discounted that are not in Spain or the USA, so if we have created a user for each region or country , we have half a job done.

The offers of each region are usually always the same in all their countries , in the USA, Canada and Mexico they usually have the same discounts, as in the eShop of Europe and South Africa they are also the same, if we have a user created for each region , we have this problem solved.

We can enter the eShop with the user created in each region to check the specific offers and if we find a game that interests us we can buy it at the moment, if we do not have a balance we can go to our trusted website to buy a card for the region in which we are , now we will see some websites to buy these codes.

Buy download codes for Nintendo Switch in other online stores

If we don't want to get involved with so much user, account, region, country, currency…. We have the option to buy games directly as we are used to buying them cheap for Steam, Uplay, GOG Galaxy or others , we directly buy the code to redeem in the eShop store making sure that it corresponds to the region in which we have our Nintendo Switch user, although they usually specify it when you go to acquire the download code.

In this case and most of the time we can choose to pay with PayPal, since most of the websites where we can find these download codes allow this payment, these websites are the same ones we use to pay less when buying games of PC . The main stores to buy eShop credit or download codes for different regions are:

When purchasing games through this system, in addition to ensuring payment with PayPal, which is not always available in all countries where there is an eShop, we will have immediate access to the game as if we bought it directly in the Nintendo eShop , we will only have to redeem the code and start downloading it, of course they will also give us the gold points offered by the company for each purchase.


If you are an avid gamer and want all the games that come out at a good price, we recommend that you create an account for each region , and select Japan, Mexico and Spain (which you can change to South Africa if you pay with PayPal). This way you will be able to access most of the offers in the different eShop of different regions. In addition, you can find most of the games at launch or that are more expensive at the best price in any of the three accounts.

If you prefer not to complicate your life , you can have the user in Spain, and change to South Africa to find a game at a better price than in the eShop in Spain, sometimes in Russia there are also very good prices, do not forget to look at the eshop web- prices to find the best deals, although the lowest price is in a country that is "not very accessible to shopping" we can look at the second or third cheapest site , many times it differs by very little.

If we do not want any type of complication , we can resort to the list with the download code websites that we have left linking directly in the Nintendo games section, in this case it is to buy, redeem the code and start playing as soon as it is downloaded, zero complications and safe savings.

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