Chronos: Before the Ashes - How to Enter the Jungle Temple

Chronos: Before the Ashes - How to Enter the Jungle Temple

When you get to the jungle location in Chronos: Before the Ashes and reach the bottom level, then you need to cross the bridge. Unfortunately, there are no levers or other mechanisms to open the passage nearby. But attentive players have noticed that there are two statues on either side of the locked passage. The statue on the left holds flutes, while the statue on the right does not. In this guide, we'll show you how to walk through the two statues and what you need to do.

How to Enter the Jungle Temple

To get to the temple, you need to solve a difficult puzzle and solve 3 riddles. And only after that you will receive a flute, which you will install in the statue. Thus, the passage to the Jungle Temple opens.

Where to find a flute

First of all, you need to return to the nearest world stone. As a rule, this is the one that you found on the lower level, namely, next to the bridge. From it go not towards the bridge, but along the left side. There you will find a temple that you can enter, and there is a flute in it.

The only passage to the temple is the door, which can be found by going down the stairs on the left side. Go through it and you will find yourself in the corridor. Continue forward until you reach another staircase, and then turn left where the statue is. Push the statue and you will break the top of the wall, but this gap is not a passage yet.

Next, you need to destroy the enemies who entered the room where you dropped the statue on the lower level. The main thing is not to jump where you threw the statue, otherwise you will die. Go up the stairs. And as soon as you destroy the enemies, then go to the next corridor, and there will be a third enemy who opened the door to another room.

Kill the enemy and then take out the last one in this room. There is a tool on the table that you can take - take it. Inside the room, find the stairs and go downstairs. Then go to the room to the right, where a rope hangs on the wall - take it.

You now have two items. Travel with them to where you pushed the statue. Once you get to this position, then combine the two found items in your inventory, and then interact with this place. Thus, with the help of the grappling hook, you can go down and not die.

Three riddles and their answers

After you go down to the bottom, then go through the temple until you find a labyrinth box. Interact with this box, namely, remove it from the pedestal. In this room, a door will open leading to a flight of stairs. Go to the opened passage and on the way you will hear how Pan plays the flute.

Don't attack him! Just walk up to him and talk. At the entrance of the dialogue, he will offer you to solve three riddles and for the correct solution you will receive a flute for free.

Note: If you cannot correctly answer one of the three riddles, then you will have to fight.

Pan's riddles and their answers.

Question: I am not alive, but still growing. I have no lungs, but I must breathe. I have no teeth, but I devour everything. What am I?

Answer: Fire.

Question: I have eight spare, and I am covered in hair. What am I?

Answer: Cat.

Question: Which weighs more? A pound of wood or a pound of ore?

Answer: Neither one nor the other.

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