Chronos: Before the Ashes - How to get through the axe above the door

Chronos: Before the Ashes - How to get through the axe above the door

After defeating the Red Widow in the jungle temple in Chronos: Before the Ashes, you go deep into the temple, and there you will encounter a secret passage. Below, in the depths of the temple, you have to fight new monsters and solve several traps. We will tell you about the solution to one of these traps in this guide

How to get through the axe above the door

This trap lies in the fact that when you approach the door and try to interact with it, the axe above the door drops sharply.

The first trap of this type is solved very simply - you need to visit the next room and pull the lever there. This way, you can defuse the first trap and open the door safely. But with the second, the situation is much worse, since there is no lever itself and you need to find it.


Note: As with the previous falling axe trap, the lever to disarm it was behind a hidden wall.

Where to find the lever for the second trap

The lever is in a more obvious place than you might think. Instead of being an item that you find on the ground or somewhere in the level, it should already be in your inventory. This is Queen Pan's Scepter.

All you have to do is go into your inventory, go to the far right in the menu and scroll down until you reach the Scepter. You should be able to interact with him. When you do this, the top of the scepter will separate and you now have two parts.

Use the long shaft, the wooden shaft of the scepter, as a lever to keep the axe from falling in front of the door.

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