CoD Cold War: The best weapons with setups & tips for every class

CoD Cold War: The best weapons with setups & tips for every class

 In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is all about weapons and the next kill. We shows you the best weapons for multiplayer, with tips for all weapon classes and powerful setups to try out.

Guns are a sensitive issue in Call of Duty because each player brings their own preferences and opinions. But in general there are always guns that are seen by a large group of players as “the best” and that usually actually have an advantage over other weapons.

OkayGotcha shows you the best weapons for the multiplayer of Black Ops Cold War, which are currently considered strong in their weapon classes for many soldiers. We keep the article fresh for you on a regular basis and update it when there are major changes to the so-called meta weapons.

Update December 21st Season 1 - We have updated the list to the status of the first season. The XM4 takes the place of the best assault rifle instead of the AK-47. The AK-47 is still strong, but a little harder to play after a little nerf.

In addition, new alternatives have been added: the AK-47 and the Season 1 Groza weapon for assault rifles. The new MAC 10, the Milano and the KSP for submachine guns.

How was this list drawn up? In order to offer you the best weapons by class, we have checked out many current videos on the subject, looked at animal lists and also incorporated our own experiences into the evaluation.

We link the most important sources for current changes or assessments at the bottom of the article, right at the end of the text.

We focus on good playability. The best weapons in each class are all meta-weapons that play along above. But all the alternatives shown are also included and sometimes cause more damage, for example, but are more difficult to play.

If you are looking for a strong weapon with good control, you will find the best weapons in Cold War here. If you want the full damage and are ready to forego other benefits, then look around at the alternatives.

XM4 - The best assault rifle in Cold War

What makes the XM4 so strong? This assault rifle offers you a bit of everything and stands above average in terms of important values ​​without outstripping the others. And that's what the XM4 does so well.

Because you don't need to compromise with her. With the AK-47, you give up a bit of control to get more damage. The Krig 6 brings you outstanding stability, but weakens when it comes to damage.

The XM4 sits right in the middle, is easy to play, very portable, and a strong choice among assault rifles.

Cold War Setup AK-47

  • Muzzle: silencer
You cannot be seen on the minimap while firing

  • Barrel: 13.5 ″, heavily reinforced
Increase your range and bullet speed

  • Underflow: fore grip
Brings you horizontal recoil control with no disadvantages

  • Magazine: 40 rounds
10 more bullets in the magazine

  • Handle: air-elastic wrapping
Improves your ZV target duration and gives twitch resistance

What do I have to look out for with assault rifles? This weapon class is very popular and the assault rifles are something of the all-rounder among the CoD ratchets. The damage is pretty good, but doesn't match the MPs. Control is good, but the light machine guns are even easier to keep on target.

But their range is decent and they offer you a pleasant mix of everything. Especially good for a beginner loadout or if you prefer to put your opponents under pressure from the second row and not go for "Run & Gun".

Alternatives to assault rifles

  • AK-47 - More damage in exchange for less control
  • Krig 6 - High control, but bad TTK without headshots
  • Groza - more damage, more recoil - custom attachments for good performance

MP5 - The best submachine gun in Cold War

What Makes the MP5 So Powerful? MPs have been considered a very strong weapon class in Cold War since the alpha phase and the MP5 combines the strengths of submachine guns in a good balance. While the other class representatives are a bit more specialized, the MP5 offers strong, but not outstanding, value everywhere:

  • Milano 821 - long range
  • AK-74u - Strong TTK and high bullet speed
  • KSP 45 - Outstanding TTK, but volley shot
  • Bullfrog - Huge Magazines

So while the other MPs shine with a specialization and weaken elsewhere, the MP5 brings a strong mix of all values ​​and is at the top of the MPs, despite a nerf 6 days after release . In addition, the high rate of fire ensures that a shot can go wrong without you being at a disadvantage compared to other weapons.

Cold War Setup MP5

  • Muzzle: fire damper
You cannot be seen on the minimap while firing

  • Barrel: 9.5 ″ Ranger
Increases bullet speed (important for almost all MPs)

  • Underflow: field agent handle
Brings some vertical and strong horizontal recoil absorption

  • Magazine: 40-round quick-loading magazine
More ammunition & faster reloading, small ZV target duration penalty

  • Handle: snake wrap
Compensates ZV target duration of the magazine

What do I have to look out for with MPs? Except for the AK-74u, submachine guns have a very low bullet speed in Cold War, which you should definitely compensate with the barrel. This makes it much easier to fire up moving targets.

Otherwise, pay attention to your distance to the enemy with the MPs. You only have an advantage if you catch your enemy in the first damage area. You lose a duel with the other primary weapon classes if the opponent starts to fire at the same time. But that does not mean that the MPs are unusable over long distances. Just don't let yourself get caught first.

Alternatives with the MPs

  • AK-74u - Better TTK, but slightly less range than the MP5
  • Milano - Long range and good handling, but high TTK
  • KSP - volley MP with low TTK & high range - But the first volley shot must be right, otherwise you are at a disadvantage

M16 - The best tactical rifle in Cold War

What makes the M16 so strong? With the M16 you get a balanced 3-shot volley rifle that gives you an excellent time-to-kill and keeps it even at greater distances.

Because in the first damage area, the 3 volleys are fatal and you knock down your enemies in just 132 milliseconds. A value that otherwise only one-shot weapons from the sniper or shotgun category can crack. In addition, the weapon is pleasantly stable and it is often no problem to sink the 3 bullets directly into the opponent.

Cold War Setup M16

  • Visor: Hawksmoor
Helps to get the volley completely on the enemy

  • Barrel: 20.5 ″ special command
Increases rate of fire, range, bullet speed

  • Underflow: field agent fore grip
Brings some vertical and strong horizontal recoil absorption

  • Handle: air-elastic wrapping
Improves your ZV target duration and gives twitch resistance

  • Stock: SAS combat stock
Improve your mobility

What do I have to look out for with tactical rifles? All weapons in this category are either volley or single shot rifles and none offer an automatic fire mode. This gives you more control over the individual shots, but is not particularly popular with many players.

The pure single-shot rifles offer a long range, while the volley-shot weapons convince with high damage. What they all have in common, however, is a rather slow style of play. Avoid sprinting, then you have a chance against MPs.

Alternatives to tactical rifles

  • AUG - volley rifle with a long range but stronger recoil than the M16

Stoner 63 - The best light machine gun in Cold War

What makes the Stoner 63 so strong? LMGs are particularly known for their large magazines and tend to lack a bit of liveliness. This weapon class can best be compared with assault rifles, but they are more sluggish, but offer significantly more bullets and a long range.

From the LMGs at Cold War, the Stoner 63 comes closest to an assault rifle in terms of feel and delights you with huge magazines to suppress a whole squad on the way to the mission goal or even to completely eliminate it.

In particular, the good controllability of the recoil, coupled with a long range, make the LMGs really strong in the CoD of 2020.

Cold War Setup Stoner 63

  • Visor: Hawksmoor
Brings you even more security with your hits

  • Muzzle: SOCOM eliminator
Enemies only see you briefly on the minimap after firing and bring some recoil control

  • Barrel: 21.8 ″ special command
More range, more bullet speed

  • Underflow: field agent handle
Brings some vertical and strong horizontal recoil absorption

  • Magazine: 100-round quick-loading magazine
Larger magazine and faster reloading, with a 5% ZV target duration penalty

What do I have to look out for with light machine guns? Avoid direct close combat duels. Here you can crack something with your hip fire, but in general you are at a disadvantage if you are not surprising your enemies from the side or from behind.

Rather, it puts enemies under pressure at medium or long distances. With a few attachments for better recoil control, you can build the LMGs into real lasers that allow you to hit precise and easy hits even at great distances.

Alternatives to the light machine guns

  • M60 - Lower rate of fire, but even greater range
  • RPD - Slightly more pointed than Stoner 63, but also less damage

Pelington 703 - The best sniper rifle in Cold War

What makes the Pelington so strong? A sniper in Call of Duty usually doesn't sit forever on one point and wait for his target to approach. Rather, snipers are very mobile players who travel a lot and try to flank their opponents and send them into the kill cam with their one-shot kills.

The Pelington does the best job here. Of the 3 sniper rifles when Cold War was released, it is the fastest and easiest weapon, which makes it ideal for Quickscope operations. In addition, the M82 is a bit out of place because as a semi-automatic weapon it does not have the same one-shot bonus for chest hits as the Pelington and LW-3 Tundra.

Cold War Setup Pelington

  • Muzzle: silencer
Do not show yourself on the enemy minimap when shooting

  • Barrel: 26.5 ″ tiger team
Reduce your ammunition, but bring big bonuses to many other important values

  • Underflow: infiltrator handle
Gives you better movement

  • Handle: air-elastic wrapping
Faster aiming and high twitch resistance

  • Shaft: Looters Pad
Also improve your movement

What do I have to look out for with sniper rifles? Do not sit down at a good point on the map and wait for your opponents, but actively look for enemies and knock them down with one shot.

However, always be careful not to let the opponents get too close. With a certain distance you can also win in close combat against MPs, but you have your greatest strengths at medium to long distance.

Alternatives to snipers

  • LW-3 Tundra - Slightly more sluggish, but has a slightly larger one-shot area

Hauer 77 - The best shotgun in Cold War

What makes the Hauer 77 so strong? This shotgun gives you powerful one-shot kills that can go as high as 10 meters with the right attachments. This gives you a strong melee weapon that can bring you lots of fun and satisfying kills, especially with a run & gun style.

Cold War only offers 2 shotguns at release and in this class it depends a lot on your own preferences. If you play a match with a shotgun as your main weapon, the Hauer 77 is preferable. If you are looking for a strong secondary weapon that you always pull out when your main weapon runs out of breath at short range, the Gallo SA12 is probably a better fit for you.

Cold War Setup Hauer 77

  • Finish: fire flash damper 12 GA
You can only be seen briefly on the minimap while firing

  • Barrel: 25.2 ″ special command
Brings significantly more damage and one-shots in the second damage area

  • Body: Mounted light
At a 60 ° angle in front of you, enemies within 20 meters have a mark above their head

  • Handle: Tempo tape
Better ZV target duration without disadvantages

  • Stock: shotgun stock
Better sprint / fire pace with no downside

What do I have to look out for with shotguns? Shotguns are the melee monsters in Cold War and are terrifyingly powerful in that area. If you like to be very close to your opponent in your firefights, the shotguns should be your first choice.

Be sure to use the “Sonderkommando” barrel with the shotguns. In the case of the Hauer, it also brings you one-shot kills up to almost 10 meters in the second damage area (in the setup here from 5 meters). With the Gallo, it ensures that you have a chance of one-shot kills at all, but only in the first damage area up to 5 meters.

Alternatives to the shotguns

  • Gallo SA12 - Semi-automatic fire, better for pursuing when enemies are shot

Cigma 2 - The best rocket launcher in Cold War

What makes the Cigma 2 so strong? The Cigma 2 is preferable to the other RPG because you can put the scorestreaks under pressure. Due to the new scorestreak system in Black Ops Cold War, which does not reset your counter when you die, you often see many of the cheap scorestreaks in the course of the round, which you can get from the sky quickly and uncompromisingly with the cigma.

But that also applies to the bigger streaks. Many of them have missile defense measures and the first shot often goes nowhere. But if you don't use your second weapon anyway to compensate for the empty magazine of the main weapon, take the cigma with you and help your team to get rid of the nasty air supports. Before they completely ruin your match.

By the way, you can fire this rocket launcher at your opponents without target acquisition. The RPG-7 is better suited for this purpose.

Magnum & 1911 - The best pistols in Cold War

What makes the two pistols so powerful? With the small handguns, it all depends on your taste. Magnum and 1911 are both strong replacements when your main weapon can no longer provide enough firepower for an intrusive enemy. The most important distinguishing features:

  • 1911 - Less damage but larger magazine and higher rate of fire
  • Magnum - Heavy damage, but small magazine

The Magnum gives you 75 damage to your hand and can also kill enemies with full health with 2 shots. In addition, there is a higher ball speed. The 1911 takes 3 shots, but can fire faster and is generally a bit livelier than the Magnum. However, when it comes to range and ZV target speed, both are on the same footing.

When it comes to choosing the right weapons in Black Ops Cold War, it's often about preferences and how you play. With the weapons here on the list, you are well equipped for the corresponding play styles. But also try the alternatives and other weapons that you often see with the enemies. Often times, the guns that get on your nerves the most in a match are also good choices for your loadout.

The same goes for the attachments and setups. The builds suggested here support the strengths of the weapons, but do not have to be the optimal solution for you. The more you try out and rebuild, the more you know about the game's weapon mechanics and can use them to your advantage and optimize the weapons.

If you come into the game as a beginner, it's best to choose a weapon that suits you right away. Because you have to play the individual guns for a long time until you get the good essays.

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