CoD Cold War: Expert explains how you aim better and land more hits

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you won't get the best weapon if you don't meet. That's why the YouTuber and CoD expert TheXclusiveAce created an aim tutorial that helps you learn to aim better. You can find out how to do it here on MeinMMO.

What kind of training is that? As in the training videos on aiming in the multiplayer of Modern Warfare or Warzone , the CoD expert and YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has now also created an aim training for CoD Cold War. This is mainly about:

  • Improvement of your aim, also for headshots
  • Movement
  • Feel for the gun

So the goal of the training is to train your reflexes in such a way that correct aiming and reacting are more or less automatic and you become better players.

We have embedded the corresponding video from Ace here for you:

Training for better aiming in CoD Cold War

These are the settings for training: So that you can train undisturbed, you should start your "own game" in the multiplayer of CoD Cold War . Use the new map Nuketown ´84 in the mode "Free for All". The map offers short distances and constant action.

Then you should make the following settings in the options:

  • Time limit: Unlimited
  • Points limit: Unlimited
  • Intro sequence: Off
  • Pre-game timer: 5 seconds
  • Time before the lap: Disabled
  • Minimap: Constant
  • Health: 150
Then you set the maximum number of bots with the difficulty “recruit” as opponents under “Bots and Players”. According to Ace, the bots are only targets anyway, they shouldn't be dangerous for you and thus distract you from training.

You should use this weapon: You can use any weapon for this training, but Ace recommends a setup with the Krig 6 assault rifle.

CoD Cold War: Expert explains how you aim better and land more hits

You can equip the weapon as you want in your private game. But make sure to use the "Rapid volley 50-round magazine" because you can then shoot more and reload very quickly. Everything serves to maintain the "flow" and to maximize the training effect. Also take the “Looters” perk with you so that you don't run out of ammunition.

This is how you train properly

As soon as the setup is in place, you start the round and shoot bots down until you've had enough. To improve your aim, follow these tips:

  • Always aim at chest level, so the recoil leads to more headshots
  • Do not lie in wait for the enemy, move around and actively seek out the enemy
  • Don't shoot around wildly, even if it is tempting with the stupid bots. Rather focus on precise fire to kill enemies quickly.
The last point in particular should not be despised. As soon as you realize that you are aiming sloppily, take a step back and practice again. This is the only way to optimally achieve the training effect through constant repetition.

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