CoD Cold War: The Prestige Shop is online - this is how you get rewards

CoD Cold War: The Prestige Shop is online - this is how you get rewards

 With the prestige system in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you can climb more than 1,000 levels in one season and get cool rewards. We shows you how to use your Prestige keys.

What's the matter? Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War offers a progression system that lets you advance many levels in each season - the prestige ranks . In doing so, you don't just collect level ascents, but unlock many challenges and rewards that reward you for your zeal.

The prestige keys are particularly exciting. With these keys you can unlock special business cards and prestige symbols in the shop. Most of them are cosmetic items from previous CoD games, which should be a really nice bonus for some veterans.

We shows you everything you need to know about the prestige keys and the shop so that you can convert your level progress into sparkling emblems and colorful business cards.

Important answers about the Prestige Shop

Where can I find the Prestige Shop?

Go to the "Barracks" tab in the Cold War main menu and then click on the "Progress" sub-item. Now select the tile with the image of the prestige key to get into the shop.

Will the Prestige Shop also bring me anything as a Warzone player?

Thanks to the merged progression system, you can unlock the Prestige keys, but the Prestige Shop itself is only accessible via Cold War.

How do I get the Prestige keys?

Play through Call of Duty. Every 50 season levels you will receive one of the keys for the Prestige Shop and you can earn up to 24 keys per season.

Buy symbols and business cards in the shop with prestige keys

How do I get business cards? Most of the items are business cards from previous CoD games. As soon as you have a prestige key, you can choose a card here. The key is used up with the purchase. However, you do not have immediate access to all items, but only to the "alternative cards" and a few from the "Prestige" category at the beginning.

In order to unlock more cards from "Prestige", you have to climb a higher Prestige rank. Some cards are only available from Prestige Rank 7, which is the maximum from Season 1.

Then there are the “Prestige Master” cards. As soon as you advance to 200 Season Levels in a Season, you are the Prestige Master and unlock further rewards. In this category, you will unlock the last card for purchase in Season 1 with Season Level 500.

Be careful when choosing a card: as soon as you click on the selection, you will exchange your key for the card. Cold War doesn't ask you again if you're really sure.

How do I get Prestige symbols? You only get access to the Symbol Shop if you are the Prestige Master of a season. For this you have to climb 200 steps. In return, there are interesting rewards, because you can change your prestige symbol in Cold War, which is displayed next to your rank. But that is only possible if you are currently on the road as a Prestige Master in a season.

In the symbol menu, you can also get items from previous CoDs for your keys. Each prestige level unlocks a maximum of 5 emblems, each corresponding to a prestige emblem from the four previous "Black Ops" parts or CoD: World at War from 2008.

In addition, you will receive the corresponding symbol as an emblem and sticker for your weapon. You can use them without the prestige master rank as soon as you have bought them free.

With the Prestige system, Black Ops Cold War brought back a mechanic demanded by fans, but relies on a mixture of the old Prestige system and the seasonal approach from its predecessor Modern Warfare. The changes in the rewards for such high ranks should however welcome frequent players. 

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