CoD Cold War & Warzone: Unlock new weapons MAC 10 and Groza - Here's how

 Right at the start of Season 1 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the Battle Royale CoD  Warzone  , two new weapons come into play: the MAC 10 submachine gun and the Groza assault rifle. Here's how to unlock it.

What's going on in Call of Duty right now? Today, December 16, is an important day for Call of Duty . With the start of Season 1 , the new CoD Cold War really gets going for some. In addition, with the launch of the first joint season, it will finally be fully integrated into Warzone . And the Battle Royale itself is getting numerous changes and new content - including the new Rebirth Island map .

In this context, however, 2 new weapons come into play, which you can unlock immediately and then use in Black Ops Cold War as well as in the Warzone. But how do you get there?

The MAC 10 in action

How to unlock the 2 new weapons from the Season 1 Battle Pass

In total, five new weapons will be added to Cold War and Warzone in the course of Season 1 - two of them right at the start. But first they have to be unlocked.

It's all about these two new weapons: Right at the beginning of the first season, the following weapons are available via the new Season 1 Battle Pass :

  • the MAC 10, an SMG
  • as well as the Groza, an assault rifle

Both come via the free reward branch, so they are completely free and can be played for free. The weapons can also be obtained relatively easily, even if it still takes some effort and time.

The MAC 10

How to get the MAC 10: To unlock this new submachine gun, you basically only have to do one thing - play.

Because you unlock the weapon without special challenges or tasks at level 15 in the Battle Pass. So you just have to diligently collect XP and level the Battle Pass. Even players with limited time should easily achieve this goal as the season progresses.

The Groza

This is how you get the Groza: It's no different with the Groza - just that you have to gamble a little more for this weapon. Because this assault rifle is unlocked at tier 30 (level 30). Even that should be easy for almost everyone to cope with even with moderate but regular commitment in the course of the new season.

This is also quicker: You can also get to the two new guns less time-consuming, but then it costs.

This option is to get the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CoD points. This already includes 20 tier skips, i.e. 20 increments, with which you can at least secure the MAC 10 immediately.

Then there are only 10 steps to the Groza at Tier 30. You can also buy this if you wish. An animal skip costs 150 CoD points, i.e. the equivalent of € 1.50. So if the time is too bad or too short for you and if you are willing to spend money on it, you can buy immediate access to both weapons. Whether it is really worth it and is really worth it - everyone has to decide for themselves.

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