CoD Warzone: The DMR 14 setup, strengths & weaknesses

 Black Ops Cold War brought a ton of new weapons to Call of Duty: Warzone, and a few of them are really strong. The DMR 14 tactical rifle, which can knock out enemies with 2 shots, is currently considered a pioneer. OkayGotcha shows you everything important about the new high-flyer.

What kind of rifle is that? The DMR 14 is based on the US M14 self-loading rifle and is a further development of the World War II rifle M1 Garand. It was developed by the arms manufacturer Springfield Armory in the late 1950s and is still used in the US armed forces today. ( via Wikipedia )

Due to its greater range and penetration compared to comparable modern weapons, the M14 continues to be an important pillar in the US arsenal and is currently also showing its strengths as DMR 14 in Warzone, the Battle Royale of Call of Duty.

Why is the DMR 14 currently so strong? With the start of Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War , more than 30 new weapons came to the Warzone. It took a few days, but then players realized the potential of this weapon, which is basically due to 3 strong properties:

  • Good Time-to-Kill (TTK) on chest hits - Outstanding TTK on headshots
  • Strong range values ​​paired with controllable recoil
  • The tactical rifle uses assault rifle ammunition

Thanks to their fantastic TTK values ​​and good handling, you can send your enemies into the knockout phase with just a few well-placed bullets. OkayGotcha introduces you to the DMR 14, shows a strong setup, as well as the strengths and weaknesses.

Warzone: DMR 14 setup delivers performance at all ranges

What does a strong setup look like? Surprisingly, the DMR 14 competes with all-round rifles in the Warzone, such as the Kilo 141 assault rifle or the FiNN light machine gun . Such weapons are particularly strong at medium ranges, are very stable and bring you success even on short and long distances. So for the DMR 14 you need a balanced setup:

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
  • Barrel: 16.3 ″ titanium
  • Visor: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underflow: field agent fore grip
  • Handle: snake wrapping

Warzone: DMR 14 setup delivers performance at all ranges

What does this setup bring? Contrary to the description in the game, the Agency silencer and the titanium barrel bring you bonuses to your ball speed. This is an important value for "Cold War" weapons and these two attachments will bring you to almost 900 meters / second.

The silencer hides you on the minimap when firing and gives you a little more range. In addition to the bullet speed, the barrel also increases your rate of fire, which further reduces the potential TTK. The titanium barrel of the DMR 14 is very strong because it gives you all the advantages without any disadvantages.

The field agent's grip is available for many weapons from Cold War and is also a strong alternative for the DMR 14 in order to significantly reduce the recoil of the weapon. With the "snake wrapping" handle you can aim more quickly, which gives the weapon a comfortable speed.

What else could I try? Depending on whether you want to use the weapon for short to medium or medium to high distances, you can focus on other strengths of the weapon.

At shorter distances, the 3-way visor changes to a smaller version or omits the visor completely. A larger magazine is available for this, which provides you with 40 rounds. If you want a visor and magazine, then do without the handle.

For longer distances, it is better to use the "air-elastic wrap" handle. Here you still get "twitch resistance", which helps you aim when you are shot at yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DMR 14

The DMR 14 is so popular because it can be played at all distances, offers high damage, and good shooters have a 2-shot kill potential. At the important distances up to 150 meters you only have 3 TTK values ​​for the DMR 14 for enemies with full armor:

  • 5 rounds only hit the chest - 498 ms
  • 1 headshot and 2 chest hits - 249 ms
  • 2 headshots - 124 ms

However, these values ​​only apply if you push the rate of fire of the single-shot rifle to the limit. This is also where its major disadvantage lies - the DMR 14 is a single-shot rifle. Not all players like this and it is a matter of getting used to it.

If you can cope with it, you currently get a damn strong alternative to the normal all-round weapons of the Warzone with the DMR 14, which can lay down enemies faster than the usual fully automatic rifles and offers controllable handling.

  • 2 headshots for a kill
  • High accuracy and range
  • Strong TTK values, even over long distances
  • Uses ammunition from the assault rifle

  • Single shot rifle
  • High precision required over short distances
  • Inferior to snipers at long distances
  • Is currently considered an OP, small nerf could be pending

DMR 14 - new surgical weapon or the shooting iron for professionals?

Is the gun really OP? Especially for good shooters, the weapon is a blessing in Call of Duty: Warzone. With the DMR 14, but also the "Cold War" alternative Type 63, there is currently nothing better among all-round weapons.

And this is exactly where there could actually be an imbalance. Normal players benefit less from the outstanding performance of the weapons, because they don't go for headshot damage and handling individual shots is quite difficult. Because the headshots knock down an enemy in record time even at great distances and you only use a small amount of ammunition from the assault rifle reserve, the DMR 14 clearly stands out from the direct competition in some situations.

On the other hand, this skill advantage could also be part of the balancing that the developers want to use to support good gameplay. At the moment the weapon actually looks a little too strong and could become a victim of a nerf in the future.

The CoD expert “Drift0r” suggests in its YouTube video about the weapon, for example, that the DMR 14 could use sniper rifles from the ammunition reserve. As a result, the CoD soldiers would have to deal with their ammunition reserve much more tactically, which would make it even more difficult to cope with the single-shot rifle without taking the excellent TTK potential out of the game.

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