CoD Warzone: Players demand melee nerf because hits are harder than bullets

CoD Warzone: Players demand melee nerf because hits are harder than bullets

The Call of Duty Warzone has inconsistencies and problems with hand-to-hand combat. Some players are calling for changes, because melee attacks are sometimes more effective than weapons there.

What's going on in the Warzone right now? Even if so some players are now more likely to cavort in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War , the popular and very successful Battle Royale Warzone is still played by many.

And there will be some changes with the integration of Cold War and the start of the first joint season . Currently, some players are encountering a problem that they hope will change soon - namely the melee attacks.

What's the problem with the melee attacks? This problem is currently being lively discussed in the community. In short: Melee attacks are inconsistent and sometimes overpowering compared to other weapons. According to many players, the balance is simply not right here.

In a direct confrontation, even armed with an assault rifle, you quickly lose out. Here is one of the most prominent examples currently on Reddit - and this is not an isolated case:

Dear devs look at this video and ask yourself, is the melee part balanced? from r/CODWarzone

Some melee weapons such as the cali sticks or the Kodachi swords would sometimes only need one hit with full health and armor, the range of the melee attacks is sometimes extreme, according to comments and reports.

What do the players say? Calls for nerfs or changes to melee attacks and weapons are therefore loud. Players are asking the developers to at least take a closer look at the whole thing. Because it's not the first time that such problems have occurred .

The balance is often simply not right here if you pump half a magazine into the enemy and he knocks you down with just one blow in full health and maximum armor - that's the basic tenor. 

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