CoD Warzone: This is the fastest way to level the new weapons from Cold War

CoD Warzone: This is the fastest way to level the new weapons from Cold War

 If you unlock weapons via your rank advancement in Call of Duty: Warzone , then you have to level them afterwards in order to be able to use their full strength. OkayGotcha shows you how to do it the fastest.

What is this about? In the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone you won't find the best weapons for your matches within your rounds, but build a powerful loadout beforehand, which you bring into the game with a supply crate.

In order to convert the weapons into nasty killer machines, you usually first have to bring the weapon level of the ratchets to a maximum in order to benefit from the best attachments.

After more than 30 new weapons came into play with Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War , not only newcomers are faced with the problem that a good part of the arsenal is on a low weapon level. OkayGotcha therefore shows you the best method here to bring the weapons to a high level quickly and safely in the Free2Play title CoD: Warzone.

Warzone: level weapons at record speed - with orders

What's the fastest way to level weapons in the Warzone? With "hamster" orders in the additional mode "loot money".

Starts a match of booty money or blood money. Depending on what is currently available in the playlist. Before you jump, mark one of the hamster deliveries (supply run) and immediately make sure that there is a vehicle nearby. Jump off, activate the mission and jet straight to the target point.

This is what the hamster job looks like on the map. A vehicle in the area is helpful.

For the order you have to go to a marked purchase station within 2 minutes. This can be a long way from the point of order acceptance, but it is done really quickly if you set off directly with a vehicle.

When you do jobs in the Warzone, there's always a fair amount of weapon XP. The hamster job is the fastest and when you complete it, you get 500 experience points for your weapon.

Important: Make sure that you are holding the correct weapon in your hand. The points only count for the gun that you are holding and not for your second weapon. The driver that counts in the vehicle is the weapon that you selected when you entered the vehicle.

It's even faster as a team

How can I increase my efficiency? With a few tricks you can perfect the method further:

  • Goes into a match with a team
  • Use helicopters
  • Activates tokens for double weapon XP

It is best if you do the whole procedure with at least two people. You benefit from the weapon XP even if you are not at the target point. One of you then always starts the orders and a team member immediately goes to the marked purchase station.

To get ahead particularly quickly, use a helicopter for your level adventure. The flying vehicles are the best way to get from one job to the next. In the air, however, you are also prone to missiles and with a little bad luck, you lose your flying mount.

If you have any left over, activate a "Double Weapon XP" token each time before starting a full level match. By switching from CoD MW to Black Ops Cold War , many players have lost their tokens . But if you like to play up the Battle Pass, you will regularly collect new tokens. However, make sure that the timer of the tokens starts directly with the activation and also runs down outside of your matches.

If you can't find any more hamster jobs on the map, you can start other jobs instead of starting a new match. All of them give you a good amount of weapon XP, but usually take a little longer. But “hamstering” brings the best progress.

Have you packed your favorite ratchets on the max level and in the loadout, you still have to organize them in the match. You can either buy an expensive equipment box for 10,000 cash or wait for the free boxes that come down for your team in every match.

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