Cyberpunk 2077: ALL reported crimes and how to complete them

Cyberpunk 2077: ALL reported crimes and how to complete them

 We show you how to complete all reported crimes in Cyberpunk 2077. Let no one break the law while V is patrolling the violent streets of Nighty City.

The reported crimes are one of the types of crimes that we can complete in Cyberpunk 2077 . So that you understand how they work and you can complete them all, we show you how to activate them, make them and get their rewards:

How to complete a reported offense and rewards

  • When you get to the area in question, there will be enemies . The first thing is to get them all out of the way.
  • Then you have to find proof . You can scan the area to locate it, it will be blue , most of the time.
  • Now you have to find the stash . If you mark the reported crime on the map, a route indicator will appear leading you to it.
  • Your rewards will be Eurodollars, experience points, reputation and the items in the stash.

Crimes reported in Watson

# 01 - A needle in a haystack

  • It is in the western part of the northern industrial district.

Eliminate the enemies, collect the evidence and you will have to find a container , which will appear on the scoreboard.

# 02 - Don't forget the handbrake!

  • It is in the northern part of the northern industrial district.

After killing the enemies and collecting the clue, you will have to jump into the water to find the stash in a van.

# 03 - One thing led to another

  • It is in the southeast area of ​​the northern industrial district.

The test is achieved by using the computer next to the cell tower building. You will have to climb one of the water towers to complete the crime.

# 04 - Protect and serve

  • It's in Kabuki.

The proof is between the messages from the rooftop computer . The marker will take you to another rooftop , watch out for the catwalk that you can jump on by jumping over some boxes to get to the stash.

# 05 - Paranoia

  • It's in Kabuki.

The evidence is in and next to the corpse under the escalators , there are several spikes with information. After reading them, you will have to go to the stash, which is to be taken by bag . You will have to get on the Cirrus store to get to the terrace with the stash.

# 06 - Dangerous currents

  • It is in the northern part of Little China.

In this case, the test is another conversation in the box near the trunk of the car. The marker will take you to an underwater cache.

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