Cyberpunk 2077: Attribute points, advantages and their levels, how does it work?

Cyberpunk 2077: Attribute points, advantages and their levels, how does it work?

 In Cyberpunk 2077 , you play as V, a character seeking to make a name for himself in the city of Night City, surrounded by gangs and corpos hungry for ever more power. In order to customize your character's skills, you will be able to use their attributes and related benefits at will to make your experience unique. Find in this guide all our tips on attribute points and their advantages.


You have five different attributes, Constitution, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Compassion and Intelligence. Each of its attributes governs different statistics from V and is directly linked to perks , which in turn open up skill trees . You earn one attribute point per level that you can place in the attribute of your choice up to a maximum of 20 per attribute. Each point increases certain stats allowing you to improve the skills of V.

Here is a quick overview of the different attributes:

  • The Constitution: It determines your strength and your health . It increases your health, melee damage, stamina, movement speed while grabbing an enemy, and the duration of that grab . The related advantages are Athletics, Destruction and Street Fighting.
  • Reflexes: They determine your capacity for action. You run faster, dodge more easily, increase your critical chance and increase your damage with Mantis Blades. The related perks are Handguns, Blades, and Onslaught.
  • Technical Ability: This ability is special because it is directly linked to the craft and the use of certain doors or technical weapons. The higher you climb it, the more you will have access to hidden rooms or different paths in certain buildings. In addition, each point increases your armor . The related advantages are Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • Intelligence: It reflects your talents as a Netrunner and is geared entirely towards hacking . You increase your RAM, your damage and the duration of your hackings. The related advantages are Hacking Protocol and Fast Hacking.
  • The Cold Blood: It mainly plays on your abilities by being stealthy but also on fast fights . It increases your critical damage, with single cables or while being stealthy, all your resistances and your ability to remain stealthy . The related perks are Merciless and Stealth.

In addition, it is possible that during certain dialogues, choices are possible by having a certain number of points in a particular attribute , freeing up new possibilities for discussion.


Skills represent your character's effectiveness in specific areas. Each skill is linked directly to an attribute and can level up by doing actions directly linked to it . The maximum skill level corresponds to the current number of points in the linked attribute . For example, if your Intelligence is 8, the maximum level of Hacking Protocol will be 8. Each skill level unlocks rewards that you can find under the related perk tree , such as new perk points. or stat increases.

The benefits are represented as trees and are related to skills . You need to level up the attribute to unlock new perks. Each benefit tree is specific to the related skill which itself is related to an attribute . The skills and what they contain are as follows:

  • Constitution - Athletics: Mainly affects survival in combat and the weight you can carry.
  • Constitution - Obliteration: Mainly affects the proficiency of shotguns and light machine guns.
  • Constitution - Street Combat: Influences mainly blunt weapons.
  • Reflexes - Handguns: Mainly affects pistols and revolvers.
  • Reflexes - Blades: Mainly affects the blades.
  • Reflexes - Assault: Influences mainly rifles and assault rifles
  • Technical Capacity - Manufacturing: Mainly influences crafting and material recovery.
  • Technical Capacity - Engineering: Mainly influences explosives and technical weapons.
  • Intelligence - Hacking Protocols: Improves general hacking and unlocks new Daemons
  • Intelligence - Quick Hacking: Influences mainly on fast hacks made on people.
  • Compassion - Stealth: Influences your ability to remain stealthy and gives you advantages while being stealthy.
  • Cold-Blooded - Ruthless: This skill is special. You must first unlock the Merciless advantage which will allow you to gain charges with each kill you make. Each charge will increase certain stats for a certain amount of time and each perk unlocks new stats for those charges. This skill will be perfect for those who want to chain the killings during a fight to quickly become unstoppable.

Finally, know that you can reset your benefit points by purchasing a Tabula E-RASA from a Charcudoc.

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