Cyberpunk 2077 - Best Assault Class Skills

Cyberpunk 2077 - Best Assault Class Skills

 Cyberpunk 2077 has a complex leveling system with stats and points to spend, but you never get enough points to become a powerful all-rounder. You need to specialize in a specific area. In this guide, I will guide you through the best skills for the stormtrooper class so you can blast the Night City with meaty shotguns and devastating LMGs.

Before we dive into perks, let's talk about stats.

Cyberpunk 2077: Best Assault Class Stats

Here are five specializations you can invest in points and how they affect your overall stats:


  • Add 5 health, add 3 stamina;
  • Increases damage by gorilla fists and hands by 3;
  • Increases damage with melee weapons by 1.5%;
  • Reduces movement penalty when capturing an enemy and using HMG by 6%.


  • Increases passive evasion from enemy attacks by 1%;
  • Increases critical strike chance by 1%;
  • Increases Mantis Blades damage by 3.

Technical capabilities

  • Allows you to open doors;
  • Each point spent increases armor by 5%.


  • Increases critical damage by 2%;
  • Increases all resistances by 1%;
  • Increases hidden damage by 10%;
  • Reduces the speed with which enemies detect you unnoticed by 0.5%;
  • Increases mono wire damage by 3.


  • Increase the amount of RAM of the cyber deck by 4%;
  • Increases quickhack damage by 0.5%;
  • Increases fast pick duration by 1%.

If you don't want to open up conversation options, you can simply ignore Cool and Intelligence for this Assault build. Split your points between body, reflexes and technical ability, prioritizing body and technical ability to fuel up health and armor.

Cyberpunk 2077: Best Assault Class Build Perks

I'll first list the benefits you should be aiming for, and then I'll explain a little why. It's also worth noting that you might have to add a few points to other perks in certain categories to unlock some of the perks listed below. You must first prioritize the ones that you can immediately unlock at your current level.


  • Speed ​​Demon: the faster you move, the more damage you do;
  • Shift momentum: defeating an enemy increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds;
  • Enjoy Louder: Reduces the recoil of shotguns and LMGs by 10%;
  • Blind Spot: Increases torso damage by 10%;
  • Heavy Lead: Shotguns and LMGs knock enemies back with more force;
  • Poppin 'Off: 25% higher chance to dismember with a shotgun;
  • Deck Strike: Reduces stagger damage and knocks enemies down by 10%;
  • Skeet Shooter: 15% more damage to moving targets;
  • Bloodshed: 5% more movement speed when equipped with an LMG or shotgun in combat;
  • Bullet Hail: Shotguns and LMGs deal 4%, 6%, then 10% more damage.
  • Mongoose: increases evasion by 25% when reloading;
  • Manic: Movement speed is increased by 20% for 10 seconds upon entering battle;
  • Burn Baby Burn: Doubles the duration of Burn;
  • Massacre: Increases critical damage from shotguns and LMGs by 15%, then by 30%;
  • In your face: Reduces the reload time of shotguns and LMGs by 20%, then by 40%;
  • Bulldozer: Increases critical hit chance with shotguns and LMGs by 10%;
  • Unstoppable: Dismemberment of the enemy increases the rate of fire by 10% for 8 seconds, stacks up to three times;
  • Biathlete: the spread of the weapon does not increase when moving;
  • Bloodbath: Dismembering enemies reduces recoil by 50% for 6 seconds. Requires 20 annihilation points.


  • Regeneration: health is slowly restored during combat;
  • Multitasking: Shoot while sprinting, sliding and jumping;
  • Marathon Runner: Sprint does not drain stamina;
  • Wolverine: health regeneration is activated 90% faster during combat with a maximum of two points;
  • Divided Attention: Allows you to recharge when sliding, sprinting and jumping (assault);
  • Indestructible: Reduces all incoming damage by 10%.


Slow and steady: Armor increases by 15%, then 30% while moving.


Shrapnel: All types of grenades do 20 damage in addition to their normal effects;
Blade Runner: Increases damage to Drones, Mechs and Robots by 20%.


Assassin: Deals 15% more damage to humans.

Cold blood

  • Cold-blooded: After defeating an enemy, becomes Cold -blooded for x seconds. Increases movement speed by 2%, stacks up to 3 times;
  • Critical Condition: Increases the duration of Cold Blood by 5 seconds;
  • Veins of Ice: Reduces weapon recoil by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood;
  • Defensive Clotting: Increases Armor by 10% per stack of Cold Blood.

Obviously, the main perk pool to focus on here is Annihilation. These perks reduce recoil, increase damage from shotguns and LMGs, and there are some that increase damage based on movement speed - they pair well with perks that increase movement speed when using the right weapon or when entering combat. You will also need dismemberment perks - while the dismemberment chance seems like it's purely for show, you can combine it with other skills that temporarily increase your power when dismembering someone.

Athletics allows you to maintain speed during combat without sacrificing combat effectiveness, and also allows you to take more damage and tank yourself. The one Blades perk you need fills up your armor as you move, so it stacks well with the others you've unlocked. Engineering skills give you some grenade effectiveness and ensure you are still strong against synthetic enemies, while the Stealth perk is designed for extra damage against soft enemies. The Cold Blood perks complement your movement speed perks on Annihilation, transforming you into an irresistible ride of muscle, metal, lead and death.

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