Cyberpunk 2077: Brendan the machine - so you solve the mission

Cyberpunk 2077: Brendan the machine - so you solve the mission

 We will guide you through the complete mission series with Brendan the machine (Cyberpunk 2077).

Brendan the Automat is part of a relatively well-hidden mission series in Cyberpunk 2077 that extends over a longer period of time. We'll tell you what the extremely intelligent drinks machine is all about and how you can solve the story of Brendan.

You can experience several stories with Brendan in the course of the game, which take place in the side missions “I Can See Clearly Now”, “Spray Paint” and “Coin Operated Boy” . Brendan is no ordinary drinks machine, but has a highly developed AI chip.

Note:  This mission consists of 5 steps, between which some time must pass before it can continue. It is best to travel to a different fast travel point after each step , let 24 hours pass there using the wait function and then return to Brendan. If it doesn't go any further, the story continues to unlock further steps.

Step 1: First encounter with Brendan (Cyberpunk 2077)

Brendan's machine, also known in the game as the “spontaneous demand fulfillment machine” or “SBEM” for short, is a little off the beaten track in a small cul-de-sac right next to the entrance to the H8 mega-building in Westbrook, Japantown. A fast travel point is right nearby, so you can always get to it quickly.

On your first visit, Brendan is being serviced by a technician. You don't get a mission marker here or you can do anything else. However, you must have seen this scene so that the next step of the mission can start after a while.

Step 2: Move the dumpster (I Can See Cleary Now)

On your next visit, Brendan will call you when you approach. Now you can also see a mission marker on the minimap. He will then introduce himself to you and you can have a funny conversation with the intelligent machine. Eventually he will ask you to move the dumpster that is blocking his view.

Note that your constitution has to be at level 4 to move the container. Once you 've done that, this step in the series (I Can See Clearly Now) is complete. As a thank you, Brendan bought you a drink.

Step 3: Conversation with Theo

If some time has passed again, the next time you can experience Brendan having a conversation with Theo. He turns out to be a sensitive interlocutor who can give Theo good advice for her personal problems. Then speak to Brendan again briefly yourself to complete this step.

Step 4: drive away rowdy (spray paint)

The next time you stop by Brendan's house, a gang member is spraying graffiti on him. You can intervene here in different ways:

  • Take out the rowdy with a takedown from behind.
  • If you have chosen this way of life , drive it away with a street kid dialogue line .
  • You can challenge him to a fight if you choose the appropriate dialogue option. But it will also disappear if you do not say anything in the dialogue.

Then speak to Brendan to complete this mission step (Spray Paint) .

Step 5: Find Brendan Again (Coin Operated Boy)

On another visit, Brendan will suddenly have disappeared and you will only find Theo in tears. Talk to her and the mission "Coin Operated Boy" will start. Then go to the appropriate mission marker in Heywood, The Glen.

Speak to the clerk in the Softsys store and ask for Brendan. If your technical ability is high enough or you bribe him with 600 Eddies , he will let you go to Brendan without violence. If you threaten him, hack the door lock or try to open the door to Brendan by force, you should first turn off the turret on the ceiling .

Then speak to Brendan and then return to Theo for a final conversation to complete the Brendan mission series.

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