Cyberpunk 2077: choose Denny or Henry? Consequences in "Second Conflict"

Should you choose Denny or Henry on "Second Conflict"? We'll tell you the consequences in Cyberpunk 2077.

At the end of the side mission "Second Conflict" in Cyberpunk 2077 you have to decide whether Henry or Denny can be there for one of Johnny's band's last gig. We explain to you what consequences this decision has for the further course.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you can get together Johnny Silverhand's band Samurai for a reunion in a multi-part mission series. Besides Kerry Eurodyne ,  Denny and Henry also belong to the band. But the two have a row and don't want to play together. So you have to make the decision to go to the gig.

Choose Denny or Henry in "Second Conflict" (Cyberpunk 2077)

As soon as you reach Denny's villa at the end of "Second Conflict" and follow the tire tracks behind the property, you get to the pool area, where Denny and Henry are currently in a clinch. The latter poured cement into Denny's pool. 

The fronts are hardened here and in the end you have to decide which of the two band members you choose for Samurai's last gig.

In short:  whether you choose Denny or Henry has no far-reaching consequences. Depending on who you choose, Denny or Henry will appear with you on the follow-up mission "A Like Supreme". You will then only experience a few different dialogues and Kerry will bring a replacement for Denny or Henry to the concert.

So don't worry too much about this decision and choose the band member who is more sympathetic to you. More importantly, grab the gold-plated baseball bat that Denny swings around during the conflict. This is one of the iconic weapons in the game.

Denny will throw him in the cement-filled pool after the decision. Then collect it directly, because you only have one chance here.

After the argument, grab the gold-plated baseball bat from the cement pool.

Who did you choose in “Second Conflict”? Did you choose Denny or Henry for the last gig? Let us know in the comments and tell us the reasons for your decision.

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