Cyberpunk 2077 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Cyberpunk 2077 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

 We answer the most popular questions about the game: leveling a character, improving and modifying weapons, finding vehicles, important characters and objects

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge role-playing game with a large-scale open world, so it's not surprising that players have a lot of questions related to the development and pumping of V, interacting with other characters, finding, improving and modifying weapons or armor. If you can't find the answer to your question, be sure to ask it in the comments below. We will help you!

Character Questions

How to quickly pump athletics?

Athletics is one of the branches of the Strength skill tree. You will increase its level by spending skill points on new abilities of the branch, as well as performing various physical actions:

  • Sprint (hold left SHIFT)
  • Move corpses
  • Fight hand-to-hand using bare or gorilla arms
  • Use dash / dodge (double tap W, A or D)
  • Knock down doors using force
In general, do anything that has to do with stamina depletion.

How to quickly upgrade the level and reputation?

Cyberpunk 2077 has two main experience scales that are pumped almost parallel to each other (however, if you perform side missions, your reputation should go far ahead of V's level). You get experience points and reputation points for almost everything: for eliminating opponents (at the end of the battle; when the red frame and the inscription "Battle" on the radar disappear), for completing storyline and side missions, orders, for breaking doors, locks, stealing cars, and etc. Each new V level will receive characteristic points (one) and ability points. And reputation allows you to unlock new orders and vehicles available for purchase.

How to pump a street fight?

You need to participate in fist fights. Do not get your weapon, but instead press the "4" key (it is assigned exclusively to the fists). In addition, you can install gorilla arms, which will allow you to do increased damage. Remember that skill points can be obtained not only for increasing the V level, but also for pumping one of the branches of abilities. Like athletics or street fighting.

How do I spend stat points?

Go to the "Character" screen, move the cursor over the desired characteristic and hold down the F key (a hint is given in the lower right corner of the screen). The maximum level of any characteristic is 20. Initially, you have 15 allocated points (3 for each characteristic) and 7 are given at the time of character creation. That is, only 22. Then you will receive only 1 point of characteristics for each new level of V. The maximum Vi level is 50. This means that in addition to the 22 characteristics available from the very beginning of the game, you can get 49 more. That is, in total - 71. This means that you can only pump 3 attributes to the maximum, and two others in this case, you will have to spend no more than 11 points. Finally, the higher the level of the characteristic, the more advanced abilities can be unlocked within it.

How do I change the appearance and hairstyle after character creation?

Another highly requested feature that is missing from the game. You cannot change V's gender, voice, or appearance. Can't get new tattoos on your face, get or remove piercings, dye your hair, or cut your hair. Nothing out of this! There are simply no hairdressers in the game, but a lot of rippers and prostitutes.

How to change nails and voice after character creation?

You can't.

How do I reset skills?

You need to contact any ripper in the game. But keep in mind that resetting abilities is an expensive process that will cost you 100,000 Eurodollars. If you haven't gotten that far in the game's storyline, it may be easier to load from one of the previous saves. For example, you can contact the ripper. Remember that you are only discarding abilities. You cannot return the spent stat points!

How to hide a hat?

This is impossible to do. But you can open the inventory and simply remove the headgear from the corresponding slot. Hover over it and click on the mouse wheel.

How to tackle?

While running, while holding down the SHIFT key, press CTRL or C.

How do you slow down?

By default, V is not able to slow down time, but in the future you can unlock the ability in one of the branches of the skill tree. Do this by carefully reading the conditions for activating time dilation. To understand when it will work.

How to unlock the sixth stat?

There is clearly something else missing from the character screen in the stats menu. You might have noticed it yourself. Or have now learned from us. Indeed, there is a position for the sixth characteristic, but so far this attribute is considered hidden and cannot be unlocked. He will probably appear later, in one of the story additions to Cyberpunk 2077.

Quest questions

How to win fist fights?

After the hotel event and goodbye to Jackie, you will find yourself in Vee's apartment. Moving to the elevator, you will meet Trainer Fred, who will talk about several fist fighting champions. This will begin the Blood and Bones quest. You will not be able to use weapons in such missions, and in order to win, it is advisable to unlock as many abilities as possible in the "Street Fight" branch according to the "Strength" characteristic. In addition, you can place the Gorilla Hands implant in your hands, which significantly increases the damage inflicted on opponents. Finally, take your time and do not seek to meet all the champions at once. Please be patient and keep track of the requirement level to complete the quest. You should not try to defeat opponents if they are associated with the "High ..." or "Very Hard" quest.

What happens if you betray Dex?

Even if you agree to a direct deal with Evelyn, this will not affect the further plot.

What happens if you kill the Voodooists?

I went through the game twice - once I didn't touch them, and the other time I killed everyone, including Placis. This did not affect the plot in any way.

What happens if the virus is removed from the chip?

The 10,000 Eurodollars that are on Meredith Stout's chip will be credited to your account. And you can keep them for yourself or pay Royce with them for the Bolt.

What happens if you kill Dubman?

It doesn't affect anything. Unless you can fool Dubman.

What happens if you find all the graffiti (tarot cards)

And nothing: you will get experience points and reputation from Misty. She will also give a souvenir "Music of the Winds", which V will automatically hang over his bed in the H10 Megatower suite.

What happens if you don't kill Royce?

Gilchrist will overthrow Meredith, and Militech storms All Foods. You will have to fight not with Malstrom, but with Militech. You will deprive yourself of a bed scene with Meredith, at the end of which the woman leaves V with the iconic club "Vstanislav Shishkin". But when completing the side quest "New Turn" in the Totentants club, you will be able to meet not only Patricia, but also Royce and Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum can be killed, and the iconic pistol "Dum-Dum" will drop from him.

What happens if the pills are thrown away?

The game will end on the rooftop, V will shoot himself.

What happens if you ask Panamas for help?

A long chain of final quests will begin. Aldecaldo will help V dig a tunnel in the Arasaka Tower, and at the end you can transfer Johnny's body (Panam will help in the fight with Smasher) or keep it for yourself. In the second case, V will leave Night City, along with Aldecaldo and Panama. And the girl will promise to find a way to cure the hero.

What happens if you continue to race with Claire?

The girl yells at Vi, she will be clearly unhappy with what happened. If you win, you will receive several thousand Eurodollars. And the guy Claire was after will call you back later, thank you and give you his racing car.

What happens if Brick is freed?

It's simple: during the side mission "New Turn" in the Totentanz club, Nancy will communicate with Brick, sitting on the couch. He will remember you and calmly release you from the club. There will be no skirmishes with Malstrom. As they say, debt payment is red.

What happens if you tell Dexter that they want to throw him?

Evelyn will offer to throw Dexter. This will happen during the "Sherche la femme" quest. Subsequently, V will communicate with Dex during the mission "Pass to the Major League". So you can tell him that Evelyn offered a deal, but you didn't dump DeShawn. In this case, he will promise instead of 30 - 40%. But all these are empty words, since V will not receive any money as a result. Only solid problems.

How to keep the money from the chip?

Open inventory to I, hover over the journal and select the "Chips" section. Scroll down to find the Militech chip. Hack e. 10,000 Eurodollars will be credited to Vee's account. Now go to Royce and finish him off, don't give the money.

What does the secret ending give?

We told you more about the process of unlocking it in a separate guide. What does it give? V single-handedly storms the Arasaka Tower, and no one dies! And then there will be the same choice as in the case with the help of the Beast or Panam - you can leave V's body or give it to Johnny. The whole point is that you will unlock the secret achievement, as well as face the most serious opponents in the game. That is, you need to thoroughly prepare!

How to read the archived dialogue from the chip?

This target will appear several times during the Murder Anomaly side quest, when Regina Jones asks to track down 17 cyber-psychopaths. Some corpses will have a chip with archived dialogue. To read it, open your inventory, hover over the journal and select the "Chips" section. Scroll through the list and find a chip that has the same name as the current Cyberpsychosis quest. Click on it to read the text.

How do I send data to Regina?

After reading the archived dialogue, you will be asked to send data to Regina. Open the phone with the T key and press TAB to go to the messages section. Select Regina Jones on the left and find the correspondence topic associated with the current quest. There will be a message highlighted in blue. Click on it to send it to Regina. It is done!

How to enter the site?

If we are talking about a site, the link to which you receive through a message on your phone, then you need to use the computer in V's apartment, select "Network" and click on the corresponding site (icon). If you are going through the task "Hunting the Hunter", then again on Randy's laptop go to the "Network" tab, open the drug site and click on the image of two people to open another, hidden Internet resource.

How do I save Jackie?

Unfortunately, you cannot save Jackie as his death is part of the main story of Cyberpunk 2077.

How do I save Evelyn?

Evelyn will also die. This will happen later, and you can learn about it only during the side quest Judy Alvarez "Chain Reaction".

How do I save Joshua?

This murderer who repented of his deeds cannot be saved. The only thing you can do is decide to nail it to the crucifix with your own hands or let others do it.

How to save Takemura?

Well, at least someone in this game can be saved. When the special forces "Arasaka" burst into apartment 303, go to the corridor and notice the cross shining in blue. There is a hole in the wall to his left. Make your way through it. This path will lead to a staircase leading back to the third floor. Go up there and enter room 303, killing all the enemies. Takemura will be there. Get out together, after which V and Takemura will separate. Later, Takemura will call V. You will be able to chat on different topics. Also, under certain conditions, the character will appear in the end credits.

How do I save Barry?

You will meet with Barry during the quest "Two Comrades". The cops will tell you that they cannot reach their friend, V's neighbor, who lives on the floor below. Say you will help them, knock on Barry, and then wait a few hours and try again. In conversations with Barry, ask him about everything to find out how his friend died. Then go to the columbarium and read the inscription on the niche. It turns out it was a turtle. Tell the cops the truth and they can convince Barry to let himself in. In any other scenario, Barry dies.

How do I save Brick?

During the quest "Downfall in Maelstrom" you will be able to free the former leader of the bandits, Brick, with whom Dex agreed to buy the "Bolt". This can be done after meeting with Royce. If you decide to fight, go up the stairs and go through the conveyor belt. Kill the first enemies after jumping down. Go through one of the two glass doors and look to the left for the door, behind which will be Brick. You can hack the terminal with the code, but first find the detonator in the room to the right of the door and turn it off. Or you can blow it up to kill Brick.

How to save the Beast?

If you do not want the Beast to die at the hands of Adam Smasher, do not choose the option with her help. Instead, head to Arasaka Tower with Panam and Aldecaldo, or storm the fort on your own through the secret ending. In this case, you can leave your body, and then chat with the Beast in the bar after death.

How to save T-Bug?

Unfortunately, you cannot save this netrunner. Her death is part of the game's plot.

How do I save Mitch?

Whatever you choose during the "Passenger" quest, the pilot will not have time to shoot Mitch.

How do you save Stout?

In order for Stout to retain her post, you will have to kill Royce or pay him with money with a virus (Meredith's chip). In other cases, Militech storms the building, and at the exit you will see not Meredith, but Gilchrist.

What to do with Delamayne?

Surely the question is related to the task "Resuscitation". So, when you find the Delamane core at the end of this mission, you can reset it to factory settings (Johnny doesn't like it) or combine the intelligence of all AI into one (Johnny is hinting at this). But there is another option - you can shoot the core by destroying central Delamayne and freeing all AI. Regardless of the decision made, a Delamane # 21 car will appear in your garage.

How to become a legend?

Want to become a Knight City legend? In this case, you need to storm Arasaka alone at the end of the game. That is, to follow the path of the secret ending, having previously made friends with Johnny.

How to get to the Kabuki fight site?

An interesting question, since the game itself takes you nowhere. She points to the building, but doesn't tell you how to get to the marker. Look for the stairs on the left and various objects that could climb to the roof. Yes, that's where the enemies are. To get to them, once on the roof, you will need to bend down and crawl under the ventilation shaft.

How do I collect the reward in the "Good is Rewarded" quest?

You will receive the first part of the reward from Wakako. It's easy. And then go to the specified ripper, interact with him and examine the range of goods. One of the implants will be completely free!

How to neutralize a cyberpsychopath?

You can attack these enemies with any, even lethal weapon, but at the end of the battle switch to your fists (key "4"). Even gorilla arms can be mounted on them.

How do novels affect the ending?

You can have four serious romances with Panam Palmer, River Ward, Judy Alvarez and Kerry Eurodin. Moreover, River and Judy are available for female V, and Panam and Kerry are available for male V. You can have romances with both characters at the same time. The fact of the novel as a whole does not affect anything! The ending of the game on the Panam Palmer branch depends solely on whether you have completed its quests or not. And the presence of a novel is optional. You can refuse to have sex with a girl (or it may not automatically happen if you are playing as a female character). On the other hand, having a romance will affect who you can call from the roof of V's workshop (For Whom the Bell Tolls quest) to say goodbye. Moreover, if two characters are available, you can call only one of them. Well, the presence / absence of a novel can slightly affect the fact what exactly the characters will say at the end of the game. And the fact of the very presence of characters in the credits depends on whether you have completed their personal quests.

How to complete the quest with the prophet Gary?

To activate this task, you will have to listen to the prophet Gary several times, standing in the alley next to Misty's shop. If he has new stories, then the character will be marked with a yellow marker with an exclamation mark on the radar (not on the city map!). To update the stories, you can go back to V's apartment and sleep once. Also remember that having new stories can be directly related to how far you have progressed in the story. Sooner or later, his personal quest is activated (after the fourth or fifth story).

How to get the first place in the "Aim, or" quest?

It is enough to score about 41-42 points. You can shoot multiple times at the same target, earning more than one point from it! This is what the game does not tell you about.

How to find cyberpsychopaths?

Note that there are several yellow and black markers on the map that resemble road signs with an exclamation mark inside. So they can indicate different secondary tasks. And some of them are not signed to specific tasks, but inside it is indicated that it is secondary. This is how quests are marked, which are activated only when visiting the marked places, or the location of cyberpsychopaths. But remember that some cyberpsychopaths are active only at night, which means that in order for a marker to appear on the city map, you will have to rewind the time for the night. Others can only be active at night.

How to find a biochip in a hotel room?

During the braindance, you need to rewind the recording to the first half, when Yerinobu spoke on the phone, standing to the left of the screen. In the distance, in the corner, a panel will appear that you can scan. Chip found. When directly visiting the room, you need to go to the bed on the right and press the button on the curbstone.

Where can I find River Ward?

This character will have several additional tasks for you. In addition, you can have an affair with him and see a bed scene, provided that your V is a female character. To meet River for the first time, complete the Guardians of Chaos side quest. It is activated after a certain Elizabeth Perales contacts you in the second act.

Where is the Rainbow Cadence?

This club is no longer there, and in its place you will find a descent down to the food counter. Chat with the chef to find out where all the junk went.

Questions about weapons, armor and implants

How do I get the legendary Gorilla Hands for free?

You will automatically receive these hands upon completion of the game's storyline.

How do I buy cartridges?

You can buy ammo from any gunsmith. For example, Walter's next to the elevator in V's apartment.

How do I use a ricochet?

Some weapons say their bullets can bounce off surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. If you see that the enemy is standing around the corner, try to shoot at the wall located behind him (perpendicular to him). Or shoot the side surfaces up to the character.

How do I change the scope?

First you need to make sure you have the Sight modification in your inventory. After that, go to the equipment, select the desired weapon and you will see on the left cells for its customization. You can install a suitable telescopic sight there.

How do I modify weapons?

Open the equipment menu and select the weapon you want. Pay attention to the presence / absence of slots for modifications on its icon. There may not be these slots at all, or there may be from 1 to 4 circles. Select a weapon and install it in the empty mod slots (or replace old mods with new ones). As you can imagine, first you must have these mods themselves.

How to throw knives?

To unlock the ability to use throwing knives, you will have to unlock an ability called "House of a Thousand Stillets". Clothes are modified in the same way. Implants cannot be modified.

How do I change weapons?

You can switch between different types of weapons using the mouse wheel, keys "1", "2" and "3", provided that at least some weapon is assigned to them. That is, without going to inventory, you can switch between a maximum of three types of weapons. In addition, the "4" key allows you to switch to fists (or the implant installed on them - monofilament, mantis blades, gorilla hands, and so on). Finally, if there are no weapons in any of the three slots, then pressing the key assigned to it again causes the appearance of hands.

How do I hide or hide a weapon?

The game doesn't say anything about this feature. V will automatically hide the weapon if you move around with it for some time without doing anything - without shooting or aiming from the butt (RMB). But you can hide the weapon manually. To do this, press the ALT key twice. A single press on ALT allows you to switch between weapons in three slots.

How to get the Samurai jacket?

Complete the side quest "In the Footsteps of the Past", which will be available towards the end of the game, during the quest "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Vee will receive the jacket automatically.

How do I get Johnny's gun and car?

Complete the quest "In the footsteps of the past." You will take the pistol from Grayson when you catch him on the ship Ebunike. But the car is hidden in a suspended container. Grayson tries to bribe you with this memento by offering a map and information. But you can kill him and take the card, which is what Johnny wants. And then find the terminal on the left that will lower the container. Open it with your map and find Johnny's Porsche.

How do I add a car to the garage?

You will receive some transport vehicles for completing storyline and side quests. Other cars can be bought through fixers. Just wait for them to post messages. A separate category of quests related to cars and motorcycles will appear in the journal. Stolen cars cannot be added to the garage!

How to choke with a mono string?

Very simple: a mono-string is an implant placed in V's hands. That is, instead of bare hands, you will have this item. And you can beat opponents, and then, in the course of the battle, choke them. Or sneak up from behind and grab as you normally would.

How to upgrade / upgrade a weapon?

Open the inventory with the I key, and then select the "Crafting" category. There will be blueprints for weapons not yet made, but you can also go to the category of already available items and pump them using common, rare, epic and legendary components. You will receive these components from enemies, especially drones, cyborgs and Minotaurs, as well as from dismantling weapons and other items.

How to mark an enemy?

Open the scanner with the TAB key, then point the crosshair at the enemy, and then click on the mouse wheel.

How to disassemble items?

Open your inventory, go to the backpack, select any item and use the hint in the lower right corner of the screen to disassemble it.

How to improve the hands of a praying mantis?

This is a cyber-implant, so you can't directly upgrade your hands. But you can buy new hands from other rippers or get them for completing certain tasks. Or even craft through the "Create" menu.

How do I get Johnny's pants?

You need to fulfill an order called "Psychophane".

How to find Gudkov's pistol?

It's about a weapon called Skippy. This smart pistol can talk and was voiced by Gudkov.

Transport questions

How to change a car?

You cannot change a specific vehicle, but you can replace it with another available vehicle. To do this, hold down the V key. A menu similar to the phone will open, and there will be a list of vehicles available in V's garage.

How to tune cars?

Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 lacks vehicle customization. But if you liked a car from the street, run up and steal it.

Where to pick up Jackie's motorcycle?

To do this, you need to go through the task "See you in Afterlife", and it is activated only if you did not send Jackie's body to Vic. Upon completion of the quest, at the very end, Mother Wells will give you the keys to the motorcycle. It will appear in V's transport list (hold V while standing outside).

Where is the car park located?

When you are told to pick up your car from the parking lot, exit Megatower H10, where V lives, and cross the road to the left. There will be a parking lot with Vee's car.

How to honk a car?

It is enough to press the left CTRL while driving the car. I only needed it once in the game, during a side quest related to a certain Ozzo. Read his message as soon as it arrives on your phone. You will meet with a rather unusual guy who has a grenade instead of a nose.

How to find the Batmobile

The mock-up of this vehicle is hidden in a container inside the Barren Wastes Tunnel.

How to fix a car?

Vehicles in the game are automatically repaired. Even if it was blown up. Just exit it, hold V and select another car. And then, through the same menu, select the first one. If the damaged car doesn't disappear, just move to another part of the city using the fast travel point.

How do I get a Porsche?

You will receive one "Porsche" during the quest "In the Footsteps of the Past" if you lower the ship near the ship "Ebonike" and open its key located in Grayson's pockets.

How do I find a garage?

There is no garage itself in the game, but you can see a list of available cars by holding down the V key. Moreover, through this list you can switch active vehicles. It is possible to collect all transport in one place: just switch and call it.

Other questions

How to deal with overheating?

After the first few battles, you will begin to notice how the rapidly filling “Overheating” bar appears on the screen during the battle. This happens for one simple reason - there is a netrunner among the opponents. He can hack V's cyber-implants if he is in line of sight or comes under the lenses of surveillance cameras. The easiest way to stop overheating is to interrupt your line of sight and make sure that no surveillance cameras are pointing at you (look at the radar). Better yet, kill the netrunner as soon as possible. In the future, you will be able to hack the Intelligence perk in Quick Hack, which allows you to resist hacking attempts by netrunners (Vee will automatically send a virus to them, and they will be highlighted on the radar).

How to run on walls?

This feature was announced during the announcement of the game, but subsequently, in order not to break the gameplay and level design, CD Projekt Red decided to abandon it. However, you can still "break" the level design by installing a double or reinforced jump implant on your legs (each costs 45,000 euros and is sold by any ripper).

How do I use scripts?

At some point in the game, after another visit to the ripper, I found that when scanning any objects, all the scripts were simply missing. It took a long time to figure it out. And the cyberdeck somehow magically disappeared from the page of V's implants. The point was that instead of the operating system that installs the cyberdeck, I chose another one that provided other bonuses. So visit the ripper and check the operating system (cell at the top right). And then you can customize the cyberdeck and choose any unlocked scripts. Then scan items through TAB and choose which script to use.

How do I change the difficulty?

At any time during the game, press Esc, go to settings and select "Gameplay". There will be a graph of the difficulty level.

How to make a 3rd person view?

You can only switch to another camera while driving a car or motorcycle. Provided that V is driving. To do this, press the Q key.

How to watch Wirths and Brandsans?

Unfortunately, you can only view the storyline brands that are related to the main and secondary missions. As for Wirths bought in the same sex shop, they clearly read - "Incompatible with your current software." You can't do anything about it.

How to wait in the game?

In some of Cyberpunk 2077's story and side missions, it becomes necessary to wait until morning, afternoon, evening, night, or a specific period of time. In order not to return to V's apartment, where you can sleep and automatically (at a time) rewind the time 6 hours ahead, you can use another function. Open your inventory and pay attention to the "Wait" button in the lower left corner of the screen. The current time is also indicated there. Here you can rewind the time by 1-24 hours.

How do I get my phone?

Use the T key.

How do I open locked doors?

There are several ways. The door can be opened with an access card that one of the closest opponents has, using the terminal's local network, or by checking with the skill of strength or technology.

How to activate equanimity?

First you need to unlock the abilities associated with this equanimity (according to the "Composure" characteristic line). There are many interesting skills that expand the effects of equanimity themselves, as well as unlock new triggers to activate it.

How to get out of braindance?

Press the X key. It will be possible to exit the plot braindances only after a complete study of all segments on the scale at the top of the screen. These can be segments on the image, temperature and sound layers.

How to restore the memory of a cyberdeck?

Just wait a while. The memory is restored automatically.

How do I enter Photo Mode?

Press the N key. The Spacebar will take a photo and ESC will exit Photo Mode.

How do I find Kojima?

A cameo by a renowned video game developer can be found inside a bar at the Arasaka Hotel during the Major League Pass story mission. Jackie and Vee will stop by the bar right after check-in at the front desk. Say you will drop into a bar and look for Kojima surrounded by friends to the right of the bar.

How to find your home?

All V's houses on the map are marked with a "white building" marker. The first apartment is located in Megabower H10. Subsequently, by completing assignments to Panam Palmer and Judy Alvarez, you will gain access to the tent in the Aldecaldo camp and Judy's apartment, respectively. Moreover, both there and there will be everything the same as at home - a bed and a common cache. This cache is identical to that found in any vehicle.

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