Cyberpunk 2077: Fast Travel Explained & Unlock More Fast Travel Points

 Like many large open world games, Cyberpunk 2077 also has a system for fast travel. In the following we explain to you how to use the fast travel and unlock further fast travel points.

If you don't want to drive through Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, you'll miss  the city's radio stations , but you can get to your desired location faster. For this you have to use the fast travel. However, the system is not explained from the beginning, we will help you out. By the way: If you want to unlock all trophies and achievements , you have to find all fast travel data terminals in the game.

Unlock & use fast travel

The fast travel function is not available from the start. In order to use it, you must first complete the main mission "The Joyride". The fast travel is then activated.

However, you can not choose from the menu . To make a fast travel , you have to go to a fast travel data terminal or an NCART metro station and interact with it. They are marked on the map by a bluish symbol.

We have marked you on the following picture how a fast travel data terminal and the symbol looks like:

This is what fast travel points look like in-game and on the map.

However, under certain circumstances, fast travel is not available, such as when you are in a fight or on a phone call.

Get new fast travel points

There are a total of 137 high-speed travel data terminals in Night City. To get more fast travel points you don't have to do anything else except drive past them or walk. If you approach a fast travel point within about 20 meters, it will automatically be activated on your map.

All fast travel data terminals are located in the roadside or near roads. So if you don't have enough fast travel points on the map for your taste, just get into your car and drive through the streets of Night City. After a little jaunt you should have more fast travel points. However, as long as you've been in an area, you should have a few fast travel points in that area.

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