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Cyberpunk 2077: Finding James, Josie and the Garage - The Highwayman (Solution)

Cyberpunk 2077: Finding James, Josie and the Garage - The Highwayman (Solution)

 We guide you through the side mission "The Highwayman" and show you where you can find James and Josie. (Cyberpunk 2077)

In the side mission "The Highwayman" from Cyberpunk 2077 you have to find Josie and clarify what happened to her. In our solution we will guide you through the entire mission and show you the location and the code for Josie's garage so that you can put a brand new motorcycle in the garage.

At the end of the mission "The Highwayman" you can find the motorcycle Arch Nazaré "Itsumade" in Josie's garage . But before that happens, you have to find Josie and talk to her boyfriend James. In the following post we will guide you through the entire mission and show you the location of Josie's garage:

The Highwayman: Mission Start Point (Cyberpunk 2077)

This side mission is extremely well hidden and starts in a garage at the foot of the dam in the southeast of Rancho Coronade (Santo Domingo). Open the garage door of the building on the corner and examine the motorcycle and laptop inside. As a result, V automatically takes a photo of the couple Josie and James and the side mission "The Highwayman" officially starts.

The side mission "The Highwayman" starts in this garage.

Finding James (The Highwayman)

The next task is to find out what happened to Josie and you should find James . A look in the journal for the corresponding quest reveals that he is probably somewhere in Japantown .

You can find it a little south of the fast travel point "Japantown West" near the red colored bridge on the map. Here he is sitting alone on a park bench. You can recognize him from the photo by his noticeably red hair.

James is sitting on a bench near the river bank to the west of Japantown.

Talk to James to unlock the next step in the mission.

Find Josie (The Highwayman)

From James you learn that Josie is stressing the Tiger Claws and you now have to find out what happened to her. Travel to the fast travel point "Metro: The Glen North" south of Corpo Plaza.

Then walk east along the street to the right and after two cross streets you will find a pink hotel logo . To the left of it, you can scan the traces of blood on the ground, which lead into the narrow side street. There you can find Josie's body behind the dumpster.

In this alley you can find Josie's body behind the dumpster.

Scans the corpse, then returns to James, who will now be marked on the map to confront him. Which dialogue option you choose here is up to you and has no further consequences.

However, look at the grafitti on the bench to the right of him and note the first four digits , because this is the code you will need in the next step for Josie's garage.

Make a note of the first four digits "0214" by the graffiti on the park bench.

Find Tyger Claws Bike in Josie's Garage (The Highwayman)

In the last step of the mission you should now find the stolen Tyger Claws bike in Josie's garage . To do this, go to the “All-Foods Factory” high-speed travel point in Watson (Northside) , where you dealt with the Maelstromern in the main mission “The Handover” .

From the fast travel point, you can discover a greenish facade on the opposite side of the intersection . Josie's garage is right next to it.

You will find Josie's garage near the fast travel point.

Now enter the code "0241" on the terminal to the right of the garage door to open it. The mission is then successfully completed and with the Arch Nazaré "Itsumade" you get a new motorcycle for your garage.

As a mission reward for "The Highwayman" you will get the Arch Nazaré "Itsumade".

Do you still have questions or problems with the side mission "The Highwayman" in Cyberpunk 2077? Then please let us know in the comments and help each other to successfully complete the mission.