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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: All Major Decisions & All Unique Opportunities (Solution)

 Since Cyberpunk 2077 is a real role-playing game, your decisions in the course of the story always have consequences. These are sometimes smaller and sometimes larger, but no matter how big the effects really are, you've made up your mind , there is often no turning back.

So that you always make the decisions that suit your style of play in the 33 main missions and 64 side missions that exist in "Cyberpunk 2077", and so that you don't miss a unique opportunity during the missions, we have put together this guide for you , in which we list all momentous decisions for you.

Here you will find all the consequences in "Cyberpunk 2077", which have your actions as a result, every weapon that you can only find in very specific moments, and we give you tips on how to relate to the gentleman or lady of your romantic Choice not lost.

Cyberpunk 2077: All Consequential Decisions and All Unique Opportunities Guide

The main missions HM-01 to HM-03 are the introductory missions for the prologue . Apart from small differences in the conversations, your decisions in these sections have no consequences, the only exception here is main mission HM-03, the corporate rat . If you exhaust all conversation options in conversation with Frank , this will slightly influence his behavior in a later side mission.

Cyberpunk 2077: All Consequential Decisions and All Unique Opportunities Guide

Prologue - Consequential decisions (solution)

The Cyberpunk 2077 prologue includes the first 11 missions, HM-01 through HM-11 , and begins with the introduction of the protagonist, V. The missions include the unique opportunity to steal a piece of groundbreaking technology from Arasaka , but there are a few Precautions are necessary, for example V must first steal a military Spiderbot prototype, called a Flathead .

HM-08 (The Handover)

How you go about obtaining the Flathead has an impact on the later course of the mission. First and foremost, you have to decide whether or not to make a deal with Maelstrom . If you don't want to use a deal, but rather violence, there will always be a fight with the company, Gilchrist takes a stand against Stout.

  • Meet up with Stout and reject her infected credit chip . Now you can buy the flathead with your own money. The outcome is peaceful and Gilchrist prevails against Stout. Or you shoot Royce during the conversation, then it comes to
  • Meet up with Stout and accept her infected chip, then there are two different options. To the fight against militech
  • A third option is to go straight to the All Foods building without V meeting Stout. If you then buy the Flathead with your own money, the outcome will be peaceful. If you shoot Royce during the conversation, there is a fight against Maelstrom and Gilchrist prevails against Stout, but no Militech soldiers appear.

HM-10 (The Coup)

At the end of the mission you have to decide where the remains of your friend should be taken. If you choose his family, a new side quest will be unlocked later in Cyberpunk 2077, NM-10 (Heroes) . Instead choose Viktor as the recipient and you will have additional dialogues related to your late buddy later in the story.

Prologue - Unique Opportunities (Guide)

  • Chaos : In HM-08 (The Handover) you can take this handgun from Royce if you have made him cold during the negotiations or in the boss fight. The damage type of this weapon is determined anew each time it is reloaded.
  • Kongue : In HM-10 (The Coup) you can find this weapon on a bedside table next to the bed in Yorinobu's penthouse and put it in it. With this weapon, ricochets are possible even without the corresponding cyberware.
  • Satori : You can find this katana in HM-10 (The Coup) when T-Bug has opened the balcony door to the penthouse. Then go up the stairs to the landing area and grab the melee weapon.
  • Fenrir : You can find this MP in the side mission NM-06 (Losing My Religion), you can find it on a table near the monk you are supposed to save.
  • O'Five : A sniper rifle that can be found during NM-01 (Beat on the Brat). The weapon can be collected after neutralizing Buck.

The Search for Evelyn Parker - Consequential Decisions

After the prologue, you'll quickly find that the rumors about your death were grossly exaggerated. But with Johnny Silverhand in your head you are of course anything but good and V is sure that Evelyn can help with this problem. The search includes the main missions HM-12 to HM-15 and the side missions NM-07 to NM-21.

HM-12 (Automatic Love)

If you manage to avoid any conflict in the club and you leave Woodman alive after the interrogation, you will encounter him again in NM-28.

NM-09 (The Beast In Me)

There are three different endings for this mission. If Sampson leaves at the end of the last race, you can ignore Claire's request and continue your race. The lady will be angry at your next meeting in the afterlife. However, it should also be said that after NM-09, Claire no longer plays a major role in Cyberpunk 2077 .

However, if you stop the race to follow Sampson, an accident occurs and you have two options to react. Either you let Claire kill the man out of revenge or you talk her out of this endeavor. For the second way, you must have tried to talk Claire out of the matter after the Santo Domingo race .

NM-12 (Happy Together)

If you don't learn about the alcove in the Columbarium in North Oak, it wo n't end well for Barry . You can learn about the niche by asking Barry about his loss and telling him that someone who died of old age in Night City deserved a trophy.

NM-20 (The Hunt)

If you are planning to have a romantic relationship with River in Cyberpunk 2077 , it is imperative that you complete this mission smoothly, including going to the right farm in Edgewood immediately and not leaving it before you have helped and saved River. Otherwise the next side mission is not available. You will also have to either tell River later that revenge will not make him happy or at least tell him that you want to help him.

NM-21 (Following the River)

In order to start a steady romantic relationship with River, you have to select the appropriate dialogue option for the scene on the water tower. Confirm this statement the next morning or you will just remain good friends.

Finding Evelyn Parker - Unique Opportunities (Guide)

  • Plan B : You can get this pistol in NM-11 (Shoot to Thrill) by searching Dex's body in the junkyard.
  • Cocktail Skewer : A katana that V can find during HM-12 (Automatic Love) in the makeup room on the top floor of the cloud.
  • Second Opinion : This pistol can be collected in HM-12 (Automatic Love) in Woodman's office.
  • Cottonmouth : A baton found in HM-13 (The Space in Between) in Finger's bedroom.
  • Dying Night : You will receive this pistol as a reward for the shooting competition in NM-11 (Shoot to Thrill).
  • La Chingona Dorada : After V completes NM-10 (Heroes), you can find this pistol on the table between the offerings. Heroes is only available if you have given your friend's body to their family.
Convince Misty to attend the funeral service and tell your friend's mom to be nice to Misty and you will receive the keys to the motorcycle from Jackie.
  • Tinker Bell : The striking weapon is in NM-20 (The Hunt) on Edgewood Farm under the tree closest to Peter Pan's house.

In league with the Voodoo Boys - decisions with consequences (solution)

This quest line is available to you as soon as you know who Evelyn Parker's clients are and that they are related to the Voodoo Boys . While you are on the trail of these dangerous Netrunners, you follow the main missions HM-16 to HM-18, you can also complete the side mission NM-16 and NM-23 to NM-26 of Cyberpunk 2077.

HM-17 (I Walk the Line)

You must make a momentous decision when you meet the NetWatch agent in the cinema of the Grand Imperial Mall . If you accept his offer, it will end badly for Brigitte and the Voodoo Boys will be hostile to you from now on. If you refuse, the agent will not survive.

NM-22 (Sinnerman)

If you want to follow the story of Joshua to the end, you must always encourage the man in conversations. In this way you ensure that his braindance is crowned with success.

NM-26 (Don't Lose Your Mind)

You have three options to deal with Delemain in Cyberpunk 2077 . Either you destroy the core to free the breakaway Delemains, or you reset the core to restore the original Delemain, or you hack the core to merge all of the Delemains. Your decision is responsible for which Delemain will be installed in the vehicle and accordingly your discussions for the rest of this playthrough.

Teaming up with the Voodoo Boys: Unique Opportunities (Guide)

  • Sir John Phallustiff : This dildo, which is a powerful melee weapon, can only be found if you do the following in HM-08 (The Handover): Call Stout, accept her credit chip and use it to pay for the flathead without hacking the chip or warn Royce. One day later, Lady V will send a message and you can indicate that you actually wanted to examine her tattoos. She'll invite you to a motel and there, on the bed, is this gun.
  • Mox : You get this shotgun either when you start a relationship with Judy, or when she decides to leave town after HM-12 (Automatic Love).

Teaming up with the Voodoo Boys: Unique Opportunities (Guide)

The Search for Anders Hellman - Consequential Decisions (Solution)

While searching for Araska's leading bio-engineer, Anders Hellman , you finally learn more about the chip in your head and how you can get rid of the technology and, with it, Johnny Silverhand . This Cyberpunk 2077 mission series includes the main missions HM-19 to HM-21 and the side missions NM-18, NM-22, NM-27 to NM-33.

HM-19 (Ghost Town)

Have you got the Thorton , you have to decide whether you want to help Panam to get revenge on their former partner. If you want to help her, there will be a fierce battle in the base, if you talk Panam out of your undertaking, nothing happens and you skip this battle. Then you won't get the Widow Maker sniper rifle either .

HM-21 (Life During Wartime)

During the hostage situation, you have the opportunity to get the pilot to reveal Hellman's whereabouts. So you can find out directly from the gas station, you can go to it without detours and you only have to deal with a small number of opponents.

NM-28 (Ex-Factor)

Conversation with Maiko depends on how you behaved during HM-12 (Automatic Love) . If Woodman is still alive and you have never been provocative towards Maiko , she will tell you that he is in the building. This gives you the opportunity to fight him.

NM-30 (Pisces)

If you accept Maiko's proposal in Hiromi's penthouse office and accept her payment, she will become the new boss of the cloud. However, this prevents you from entering into a relationship with Judy .

NM-31 (Pyramid Song)

This mission is not available in Cyberpunk 2077 if you have accepted Maiko's payment and she has become the new boss of the cloud. Otherwise, this mission gives you the opportunity to become romantic with Judy.

Finding Anders Hellman: Unique Opportunities (Guide)

  • Widow Maker : Decide in HM-19 (Ghost Town) Panam to help kill your old partner and you can steal this sniper rifle from his corpse. The weapon emits two projectiles per shot, which cause chemical damage and have an increased chance of causing poisoning.
  • Tsumetogi : You can find this katana in NM-30 (Pisces) in the room where the meeting with Maiko and the Tyger Claw bosses takes place. It deals shock damage with a chance to be electrocuted and also increases your shock resistance.

Cooperation with Takemura - consequential decisions (solution)

During the story of Cyberpunk 2077 you have to work with Takemura several times and make some momentous decisions during this time. While working together, you will follow the main missions HM-22 to HM-25. This section also includes the side missions NM-13 and NM-35 to NM-53.

HM-23 (Gimme Danger)

In this mission you can strengthen your friendship with Takemura, which leads to new conversation options as the story progresses, and you will learn something new about Jackie if you have decided to send the body to Viktor at the end of HM-10 . To do this, you have to accompany Takemura after breaking into the security room at the Japantown market in the Arasaka industrial park and talk to him.

HM-25 (Search and Destroy)

After meeting Hanako, you have to decide whether to save Takemura or not. If you let him down, the man no longer plays a role in the story, if you save him, he will appear again in a possible epilogue of Cyberpunk 2077.

NM-35 (Chippin 'In)

You can get Johnny's old Porsche with the Grayson key , but more importantly, the scene at Johnny's grave where you can befriend the man in your head. This has an impact on your future conversations and provides the NM-36 side mission , Blistering Love .

NM-36 (Blistering Love)

By completing this mission, you can choose Rogue as the person of trust in the later course of the story and thus unlock Epilog 3 or 4 .

NM-41 (I Don´t Wanna Hear It)

In this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, do not react angrily to US cracks and bring the situation to a positive end so that Kerry can record a song with them in a later side quest and the side mission NM-62 , Every Breath You Take , is unlocked.

NM-45 (Riders on the Storm)

This mission ends prematurely if you do not within 24 in-game hours with Pan Am in the camp of shirring Shiv meet. Should you want a relationship with the woman, you should flirt with her at night on the Ingall farm.

NM-53 (I'll Fly Away)

You have to start this mission before you have started NM-50 , Queen of the Highway , otherwise it will no longer be available. Since NM-53 is not indicated by a marker on the map, you have to drive to the Aldecaldos warehouse and wait for Panam's call.

NM-49 (With a Little Help from My Friends)

Should you let Saul in on Panam's plan, this side story ends immediately and Panam is no longer available to you as a potential relationship partner and a possible final with the participation of the lady is also impossible. If you want a relationship with Panam, you are not allowed to tell her during the mission that you are doing it for the money.

NM-50 (Queen of the Highway)

If you want to enter into a relationship with Panam , you should enter into this during this mission if Panam offers you to deepen the connection further. Follow this storyline to the end and you will have a new potential finale available.

Collaboration with Takemura: Unique Opportunities (Guide)

  • Prototype Shingen : V can find this weapon in HM-23 (Gimme Danger) in front of the longhouse in Container 667.
  • Genjiroh : A pistol that you can find in HM-24 (Play It Safe). She is on the way to the sniper behind a locked door. This is on the right-hand side when you come out of the elevator just before you reach the long ladder on the 21st floor. It can be opened with the code "2906" on the nearby terminal.
  • Jinchu-maru : A katana that Oda drops after you defeat him. Don't forget to pocket your gun after the fight.
  • Doom Doom : You can find this revolver in NM-38 (Second Conflict), you can capture it from Dum Dum in the dance of death. Of course, this is only possible if Dum Dum HM-08 survived.
  • Gold-plated baseball bat : A striking weapon that you can find in NM-38 (Second Conflict) at Denny's mansion. The bat is thrown into the pool after the argument between Denny, Harry and Kerry, where you can fish it out again.
  • Apparition : You can find this weapon by searching for NM-51 (War Pigs) Frank's body.
  • Problem Solver : This MPi is left by an enemy guarding the main entrance of the camp in NM-41 (Riders on the Storm).
  • Johnny's Shoes : You can find Johnny Silverhand 's shoes during the Family Heirloom job in the cupboard with the bootleg.

The final: HM-26 to HM-33 - decisions with serious consequences (solution)

The finale of Cyberpunk 2077 goes according to who you make your trusted partner in HM-26 . If you want to do any optional activities before the finale, you should do so before you get on the elevator to the Embers restaurant . The finals include the main missions HM-26 to HM-33 and the side missions NM-52 and NM-54 to NM-67.

HM-26 (Nocturne Op55N1)

When you stand on the balcony with Misty , you have to decide who to put your trust in. Depending on the decisions you made in the game before, you have at least two and a maximum of four options. 

HM-28 (epilogue)

The decision whether you will sign Arasaka's contract will affect all of the following.

HM-30 & HM-33 (epilogue)

The decision you make during your conversation with Alt in Mikoshi is extremely important as it will affect the nature of the epilogue that follows. 

NM-54 (Fortunate Son)

Should you spare the hospital employee or have enough netrunner skills to meet the corresponding attribute requirement, you can find out about a virus installed on the implant. This will enable you to inform Bob on your return to the Aldecaldos camp and ultimately save Scooter's life , which will appear later in the finale, if you have decided on the Panam variant.

NM-59 (Killing in the Name)

On this mission, you must choose between telling Nancy the truth or claiming that you have not learned anything. This affects later messages from the lady and people's behavior.

NM-62 (Every Breath You Take)

If you fail in this mission, Blue Moon dies.

  • The Finale: HM-26 to HM-33 - Unique Opportunities (Guide)
  • Prejudice : You can take this assault rifle from one of the tables behind the bar at the beginning of HM-29 (For Whom the Bells Tolls) in the afterlife.
  • Pride : You can collect this pistol near the spot where Adam Smasher kills a well-known character in HM-30 (Knockin 'on Heavens Door).
  • Pedel's Spade : This hammer is leaning against a tree near the conference table in HM-30 (Knockin 'on Heavens Door).
  • Johnny's Pants : With the Psychofan job, you can take this unique piece of clothing out of a pink suitcase in the bedroom.
  • Amnesty : In HM-31 (We Gotta Live Together) you get this revolver as a reward for Cassidy's challenge.
  • Divided We Stand : This assault rifle is the reward for winning the NM-58 (Love Stadium) competition. It can also be captured by the Sixers.