Cyberpunk 2077 is officially among our gamer hands. We, to make you understand how much we love you, we prefer to help you before diving completely into this new world. The trophy we are going to talk about today will be able to restart the JoJo flashbacks, trust me. To be precise we will show you where to find all the graffiti to get the Mad Wanderer silver , not one of the most complex, but for certain reasons, one of the most particular to find. Why did we talk about JoJo though? Each of these particular designs will in fact represent a card taken directly from the tarot deck. All of us nerds, therefore, will have no difficulty in understanding the ones we are missing, so we will help you in this brand new guide for the newborn Cyberpunk 2077.


Let's start by saying that each of these can be found in the most disparate areas of Night City, starting from the most hidden alleys, to the most visible buildings. We will tell you the area they will be in and the precise steps to interact with them. In fact, it will not be enough to find them in front of them to add them to our collection, but you will have to use the interaction button or the scan to save them in the collection. We have made too many premises, however, so let's start without further ado.

  1. The Chariot:  Once you have taken the mission, just zoom in on Little China, precisely in the southern part. Here you will notice the icon that will show you the position of the first tarot. To get it you will have to follow the tips of a character we know very well by now, no spoilers and let's continue.
  2. The Empress : The location is always in the southern area of ​​Little China, only this time we will have to go to the Ghost Town building, the same place where we will have to talk to Rogue, so to speak. Now we'll just have to turn around 180 degrees to scan the graffiti.
  3. The Fool : This graffiti will appear on the map and will be north of the previous one. So take your car and go to the foot of the building, park and take the lift. After arriving at floor 07, that of the Services, follow the indicator and that's it.
  4. The Sun : To the southeast of the building you will find another marker, this will take you to a fairly hidden road. Now there will be a tunnel to go through, but before this on the left you can appreciate this fourth graffiti.
  5. The World : ZA WARUDO , uh, sorry .. A brand new indicator will appear towards the south central area of ​​Little China. The latter will lead us to a sort of ghetto where we have to follow the objective to find an elevator. This will take us to the ninth floor, that of the roof, above which, on the left, you will find the graffiti.
  6. The Magician : This marker can be found in the east-central area of ​​Kabuki. At the side of the road, on the base of the bridge above our head, we will be able to see this fantastic graffiti.
  7. The Emperor : for this illustration we move to Arasaka Waterfront, in the southernmost building in this area, Konpeki Plaza. Next to the entrance a glitched sign will show us this new graffiti.
  8.  The Hanged Man : For this card you will have to go to the trailer area, always following the marker. Above a cistern will be the eighth tarot.
  9. The Hierophant : West of Japantown just zoom in on the bridge that connects the area to Little China. Going down under the bridge with your car, near a pile of waste you will find the tarot, also in this case follow the indicator to avoid making a mistake.
  10. The Lovers: For this tarot you will need to head to the island east of Westbrook. At this point the marker will take you to an apparently off-map spot, so what you need to do is go behind the building in front of you. When you are in front of the grate you will have to scan the indicated point and you will get the drawing.
  11. Temprance:   South of Westbrook, on another island you will see the 11th marker. Follow it and you will find the eleventh graffiti for Cyberpunk 2077.
  12. The Moon : East of Westbrook at the end of a road you will find the marker for the graffiti. In this case the drawing will be very atypical and will depict two wolves howling at the moon.
  13. Death: Now let's head to Heywood, more precisely in the central area, under the great circle. At the foot of the indicated building, on a billboard, there will be the drawing.
  14. The Tower: North of the previous one, above the circular building. In the chaos of Night City, just follow the indicator and take the path towards the circle, when it appears. At this point, this poster can also be scanned.
  15.  The High Priestess: Also in Heywood, let's head towards the east area, near Vista del Rey. The indicator will take you inside a building, where you just have to go up the stairs. At the end of these, the tarot will be yours.
  16. Justice: North of Westwood, on the border with Santo Domingo, you will notice the 16th marker. Follow him and climb up to the ruined building that will appear in front of you and enter. At this point, turn around until you notice your target on a tank.
  17. Strenght : North of Santo Domingo, in the Rancho Coronado area, you will find the seventeenth marker. Follow it and you can scan the graffiti without too much difficulty.
  18. Wheel of Fortune: East of the city, as you may have noticed from the maps, will be a series of streets. At the beginning of these, you can also find this tarot in a motel.
  19. The Hermit: At this point we're almost done guys, don't give up. In the center of Pacifica, following the marker, you can also find this graffiti without problems.
  20. The Star: to the south-east of the map there will be another unidentified area where you must go. Here, in the middle of a field, you will find the last magnificent graffiti.

Well guys, this guide was tough, but it was definitely worth it. As usual, we advise you to continue to follow us on social networks  and on the site so as not to miss any new content for the fresh Cyberpunk 2077.

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