Cyberpunk 2077 - How To Avoid Overheating | Features of the combat system

Cyberpunk 2077 - How To Avoid Overheating | Features of the combat system

 The guide covers ways to avoid the Overheating effect that is applied to V in any intense firefight (by an enemy netrunner).

Features of the combat system

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that has implemented an extremely complex combat system, when most of the shootings take place in an enclosed space with no natural light. At the stage of early passage, difficulties may arise regarding the saturation of the battle: you will need to simultaneously fight off approaching enemies, throw grenades, hack opponents and surveillance systems, and also have time to pick up ammunition and resources located in the location.

Overheating is a hack modification that causes V to literally burn. Periodic damage is inflicted, which is capable of dealing a lot of damage and creating problems at any difficulty level. Overheating occurs when the hacking status reaches 100%: the hacking is performed by an enemy fighter who is at a certain distance from V. It will not be possible to quickly determine it if you do not adhere to tactics or pump the appropriate skill.

How to prevent the overheating effect

Overheating is especially felt when V is in cover, trying to fire back from approaching enemies. And suddenly, an unknown person begins to hack it, causing significant damage to health.

Initially, V can scan cameras, enemies, objects. Enemy characters - NPCs - have a similar ability.

Ways to Avoid Hacking and Overheating:

  • Proactive zone scan. It is recommended to scan and access cameras. After that, you should scan all the enemies in the zone, identifying a potential burglar among them. It is also recommended not to forget about the option to turn off the camera, which often "fills" V's location;

Important: to stop scanning, you will need to start attacking the fighter performing the hacking.

  • Leveling the corresponding perk. In the "Quick Hack" section, there is a special perk called "Spy, get out!" If you pump it in time, then when the enemy hero breaks V, he will be highlighted in yellow.

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