Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get Johnny Silverhand's Pistol And Car

 As the thunderstorm of all of Night City, you need to have the best weapons. If you want a really cool gun, then be sure to find the gun of the world's coolest rockboy.

To get your hands on Johnny Silverhand's pistol in Cyberpunk 2077 , you need to complete all the main missions, including Search and Destroy. At this point in the story, you can move on to the final mission and point of no return. However, you must first complete a chain of side quests for Johnny.  The quest where you get his gun is called "Chippin 'In".

Agree to Johnny taking over your body and let him talk to Rogue. Once this scene is over, you must either complete a few concerts and other side quests, or move forward 24 hours. Rogue will then call and ask you to meet her at the Afterlife Bar.

Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get Johnny Silverhand's Pistol And Car Screenshot

This encounter begins a mission in which you need to infiltrate a ship called Ebunike. Make your way or fight your way through the ship and you end up fighting a man named Grayson and two of his guards. After defeating him, you will receive Johnny Silverhand's pistol: Malorian Arms 3516.  It's a powerful weapon, but the best thing about it is how effective it shoots and reloads.

You also have the option to keep Grayson alive.  Select the "Lucky Today" dialogue option and he will give you the key to the shipping container that contains the  Porsche 911 - Silverhand's car. This is your only chance to get your hands on this car.

cyberpunk 2077 porche 911

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