Cyberpunk 2077: how to get one of the best cars in the game for free


Cyberpunk 2077: how to get one of the best cars in the game for free

Discover how to get one of the fastest cars in Cyberpunk 2077 without having to pay to buy it.

After the long wait, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally available. Millions of players have already thrown themselves on the work of CD Projekt RED to enjoy Night City and all it has to offer. A few days ago we already brought you our analysis detailing the entire video game and now, to help you on your adventures through Night City, we bring you a small guide in which we explain how to get one of the best cars in the video game for free.

How to get one of the best cars in the game for free

The Cyberpunk 2077 map hides many secrets hidden in different recesses. And among them is a spectacular car that ranks as one of the best in the work. And we can get it totally free. We only have to do one thing: find it.

Requirements to get the car

The car is in the Badlands area, but being able to reach it is not enough for it to appear in the designated location . We have to advance in the main story until we meet Takemura and in the missions of the Aldecaldos faction until they give us the motorcycle of one of them (to give you an idea, in our game we were level 18 at this point) .

Once this is done, you will simply have to go to the location that we leave you detailed below to find the car, which you can claim at no cost for your garage.

Car location

The car will is, as we said, in the Badlands . Specifically, it is inside a tunnel under a mountain, something hidden and away from the roads and missions that we will have to carry out in that area. Therefore, it is difficult to come across it if we are not looking for it expressly. Here is an image of the map that shows the entrance to the tunnel as well as a screenshot in the game.

The entrance to the tunnel is on the arrow that indicates the player's position

This is how the entrance to the tunnel appears once we arrive at the location

Once inside this tunnel, just go a few meters until we find a large container like the one we leave you below. Inside it will be the car, which is enough for us to get on to be added to our garage . In addition to the car we will also have some useful objects such as a legendary shirt.

This is the container that we must see when advancing a few meters through the tunnel

Here is the car that we will get

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