Cyberpunk 2077 has made its debut very recently, and in this small amount of time it is already thrilling us a lot. Despite its undeniable technical problems, which will still be fixed over time, the final product is still stunning. All the mechanics included seem to be in-depth, and really nothing is left to chance. From a simple Brain Dance to the improvement of a single weapon, every single factor can be explored or deepened, and the research results will never bring any disappointment. Today we talk about crafting in general, so complex in appearance but, in reality, very simple in fact. We therefore invite you to take your pad / mouse in hand and follow us in this brand new guide.


Before starting with the actual guide, however, we must necessarily make some premises. If you are interested in continuing the story you can also completely omit this section of the game, but this will be at your own risk. As it has now been understood, in fact, Cyberpunk 2077 is a title that in certain situations offers challenges that are not entirely simple, and running out of ammunition in these moments, let's say that it is not exactly the best. The crafting of these elements, however, is, if we want, the simplest to follow, and therefore you shouldn't have too much difficulty practicing it. Let's start immediately, therefore, with the first reference point, for which we will need to take a look at the skill tree of this specific section.

First of all, what we will have to do to enter this world is to upgrade the skills you see indicated in yellow . Thanks to these, in fact, we can perform two really important actions, namely:

  • Junk shop: the junk will be disassembled automatically. This feature is essential to save a lot of inventory time. In the city forgotten by the gods, junk on the streets will be the order of the day, and transforming it for materials will be a very long and above all exhausting operation.

  • Mechanical: Disassembling items gives more components. If we want to craft any type of item, you will agree with us that the materials will never be enough. Combined with the perk above we will become a gear maker machine and all of that is pretty good.
  • Craftsman: p ermette create rare weapons. What else can we add?

Going forward with the development of the character, we will also have to rest our eye on two other skills specifically that can provide us with various satisfactions, especially towards this guide.

  • Master Mechanic: Lets you craft epic weapons
  • Master Gunsmith: allows you to create Legendary weapons.

Well, now that we have developed enough, let's see specifically how to deal with all the materials in our possession.


Having 20 types of pisola in your inventory will be completely useless, trust me. As you well know, all weapons have a certain weight, visible from the characteristics card, and since we can only use one at a time, inflating with garbage is really counterproductive. When you carry too much weight, the game will warn you with a message and your movement speed will drop, this is the best time to dismount.

One type of assault rifle, one pistol, one sniper and one shotgun should be enough to carry out each mission, so don't worry about destroying all the weapons you will find on the loads of enemies present. As we said at the beginning, the materials are the bread for Cyberpunk 2077 and running out of ammo is certainly not the best , but with the crafting this problem will no longer belong to you.

On the special page you can create all kinds of ammunition while the game will remain paused, so paradoxically you can refuel even in the midst of a fight to the death, not bad right?


On the crafting page you will find a series of weapon silhouettes with different colors to distinguish them. Each of these will represent a specific rarity that we are going to list immediately.

  • Gray: Common. Let's talk about most of the weapons found on normal enemies, soldiers or thugs.
  • Green: Uncommon. Slightly better weapons, found especially in random gang fights or police operations where we can help.
  • Blue: Rare. Here we begin to be more and more specific as these tools of death will be present mainly in enemy outposts or in individual missions. These will be dropped most of the time by normal enemies.
  • Purple: Epic. We now come to talk about a type that is very difficult to find. In this case we are talking about unique tools, obtainable most of the time from important bosses or by upgrading Blue weapons with fragments of different rarities.
  • Yellow: Legendary. This category will contain very rare weapons, obtainable by doing specific missions or as a reward for a really tedious leveling. The fastest way to get them is through construction, but the required materials will be very rare and finding them may be more complex than expected.

Now you are surely wondering: but if this guide is based on crafting, then why have we focused so much on finding the different types? The reason is quite simple and consists in the fact that to obtain materials of a rarity we will have to disassemble others of the same type, or buy them from retailers. Usually these will be found in the most disparate residential centers, but the prices will be really high, so investing a few points on Intelligence could help us to have access to very advantageous discounts.Speaking of projects instead, to be able to find them what we will have to do will be wandering from seller to seller, in the hope that this has it in the pantry, or by completing the various secondary missions. These will reserve, in most cases, some nice surprises, so we don't see any reasons not to make them, honestly.

Well guys, this guide for Cyberpunk 2077 ends here too. Will you also play the fresh CD Projekt Red game, symbol of the next-gen? Let us know yours about the title and this article in the comments below.

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