Cyberpunk 2077: Manufacturing and improvement

Cyberpunk 2077: Manufacturing and improvement

 In Cyberpunk 2077 , you play as V, a character seeking to make a name for himself in the city of Night City, surrounded by gangs and corpos hungry for ever more power. You will have the opportunity to craft new items of all kinds and improve them to help you move forward in your story. Find in this guide all our tips on manufacturing and improvement.


By default, your character is able to craft common and uncommon items . By investing a few points in perks like Mechanic or Hacker's Manual you will be able to unlock new crafting levels to be able to create your own legendary items .

By accessing the crafting menu , you can sort craftable items by theme , ranging from weapons to quick hacks . You will need certain components , also classified by rarity, to craft your items. The best way to collect components is to dismantle most of the items you pick up , such as gear and trinkets. You can also Data Mining on some consoles to grab quick hack crafting components that are separate from traditional crafting components.

Some items, like iconic ones , will require you to have the base item to craft a rarity level above . So be careful when dismantling not to separate yourself from an object used in the making of an improved version.

As for the improvement, know that you can improve most of your equipment items to increase their general statistics, the DPS for the weapons or the armor for your clothes, etc. This allows you, for a few components, to remain effective even with weapons found early in the game. We still advise you to do this sparingly , except perhaps with the iconic objects , the latter can follow you a good part of the game by staying efficient all the time.

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